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    Cryorig C7

    Anyone own this? How's the noise? I've been looking at either this or the Noctua NH-L9i; looks like the C7 might perform better, but I've been unable to find a noise comparison between the two. Cheers
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    Jonsbo U2 mini itx build

    Case: Jonsbo U2 (silver) PSU: Silverstone ST45F-G Motherboard: MSI Z87i RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport Very Low Profile 8GB SSD: Samsung EVO 250GB CPU: Intel Core i5-4570 CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-L9i GPU: MSI GTX 760 Gaming ITX Case Fan: Scythe GlideStream 120 PWM Notes: My first build in over 10...
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    intel stock fan noise?

    I recently put together a machine and I'm using the Intel stock hsf, however, it is making this ridiculous harmonic/whining noise. If there is any amount of activity on the machine, it sounds like a miniature airplane, pulsing and whirring as it flies through the heavens. This is exactly what...
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    cpu is scratched after installation

    I recently installed my cpu and followed the directions exactly. I now have scratched/gashes on both sides of the processor, caused by the loading mechanism (see below). Is this normal? :confused:
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    Is my motherboard fried?

    Just installed an asrock z87e mini itx motherboard in my case. I didn't have the power switch installed correctly at first, and the system wouldn't power on. I fixed that and the system powered on, but I got no display (gpu). Ok, so I powered down, plugged into the integrated gpu, still no...
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    Screwed up and bought the wrong mobo/CPU

    I haven't built a machine in about a decade and I think I just screwed up on my build; I ordered a i5-3350p CPU and a the asrock z87e mini itx motherboard. I just realized that they are different sockets. Do you guys think I should stick with this motherboard and get a haswell CPU or refuse...
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    Choosing a PSU for a smallish mini itx case

    I'm going to be receiving a Jonsbo U2 sometime before the end of the year and I'm having trouble deciding what kind of PSU to throw in this thing. This is going to be my little gaming machine with a GTX 760. I was originally going to go with the silverstone 450W sfx unit, but since this case...