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    How can I change F@H power level based on idle?

    I want to fold at "medium" when I am using my computer, and at "full" when it is idle. I can't see a way to do that?
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    Looking for something like the J5040-ITX, but available now

    I really want to build my new NVR/NAS box using the Asrock J5040-ITX board, but it hasn't been released yet. Can you guys help me find the next best option that would have equivalent or better performance without breaking the bank? I'm less concerned about the power draw, but keeping it low...
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    Best 4-bay hotswap case for NVR/NAS?

    I'm looking to build an NVR/NAS setup, and I want to get either a short-depth 4-bay 1U chassis or a mini-ITX cube formfactor for it. There seems to be many options, but with a wide range of prices and potential issues. I've been looking in particular at cases from Chenbro, Supermicro, and Norco...
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    What RAID to use for a new NVR/NAS combo?

    I'm building a new NVR that will also do some light NAS duties. Obviously this is a write-intensive application, but I also need decent seek performance for playback. I want to build a 4-bay hotswap setup, and I would like to know what you guys recommend for the RAID type? I've heard of a few...
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    Need recommendation on replacement laptop

    I've got a few specific features that I need, but they aren't usually the sort of things that you can 'filter by' when searching manufacturers' websites for new machines. I'm replacing an awesome Asus UX32VD ultrabook because it has one main bad problem - the charge port has gone bad for the...
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    Fanless firewall based on Astaro/Sophos UTM

    I'm looking to save on some hardware, and was hoping someone might be able to suggest a solution. Right now the cheapest I can find for the SG105 appliance is about $350, although for that price you do get a very capable machine. I'm hoping the folks here might be able to help me pick out a...
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    Flash-backed RAID cards - consumer level?

    Hey guys, I recently suffered a failure on my SSD RAID 0 that likely wouldn't have been as bad if I would have had a RAID card with some kind of BBU. Currently, I'm just running off my consumer level ASUS mobo and I had write-back caching enabled and buffer flushing turned off. My bad. What I...
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    Storage recommendations for my Mini-ITX build

    Hello [H], I'm building this little tiny beast: All I need now is to figure out my storage subsystem. The mobo has 4 6gbps ports, and the chassis can support any combination of the following: 3.5" x 3, or...
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    Fastest possible video card in smallest possible space

    Hello [H], I'm building a mini-ITX system with this chassis: I am currently looking at this video card which should fit: Do you guys know of anything faster that...
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    Unmanaged client hypervisor?

    Virtual Computing's nxTop was purchased by Citrix, leaving Windows 8 as the last remaining client hypervisor that doesn't require a server to manage it (like XenClient). However, Windows 8 won't really help me with this if I want to go the dual CPU route with a bucketload of RAM, since as far as...
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    Windows Server OS with Hyper-V, as a workstation - performance questions

    I'm trying to figure out what to expect if I build a new virtualization rig running Hyper-V, and do my daily work from a virtual machine. As far as I can tell, Hyper-V is the only major platform that allows me to use a VM from the server's attached keyboard, mouse, and screen. I do not plan...