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    I microwaved a R9 390X gaming and now my pc won't run after 3rd time

    1 Microwaved graphics card for few minutes, because it has the overheating issues. 2 Plastic around pins were melted and some plugs around interface sockets, the metal part, had some burning coming out. 3 Removed the graphics card, installed it, failed to show anything on the display at all. 4...
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    Could someone explain all the video values in the registry ?

    I have an AMD card and I had Radeon mod installed and I couldn't understand most of the unexplained values within 0000 and UMD keys, so I googled, haven't find any definitions. Please, I need them explained
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    why C++ is required for gaming? and should i install c++ X86 versions if i have X64 bit windows 10?

    I recently installed new windows 10 N Home on my gaming pc and btw it has no media so running a game like quantum break which has in-game video streaming it gives an error saying MFPlat.dll was not found. back to topic. I currently have c++ X64 versions installed and no x86 c++ is installed. so...
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    Far from Windows 10, which OS is for gaming?

    so, I started to get bored of windows 10 since it's not a light OS by default and gaming is my what I do on my pc all the time and that makes me wonder and look for a light OS and NOT just light but also has good performance with gaming AAA games. As far as I searched, there are several options...
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    Can someone Explain to me 0.1% low FPS

    I want to know what it is and why it happens and is it a problem always or can sometimes happen as a result of bad rig optimisation?
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    Gpu has exceeded temperature threshold

    Hi all,, I have this rig Intel core I5-4440 3.1GHz 16GB RAM 1600MHz Gigabyte B85-HD3 AMD R9 390X gaming MSI 8GB Seasonic 850FX focus 80+ Gold 120GB ssd for system I just bought the PSU like a month ago then after some days the gpu started to have normal gaming temperature from 90 to 95 which...
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    how to control the hdd part of commit charge??

    hey all, i have RTSS, been using it for a while. i noticed when i enabled both ram and commit charge that commit charge it hugely bigger than physical ram usage. i got 24gb physical ram, disabled pagefile for gaming only, also disabled sysmain for same reason. now, after reading about commit...
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    how to use RTSS scanline sync

    i haven't used this program for long time, now it got this function. i read articles about it and how it works and how to use it. but i don't see it working on my pc. i use AMD VSR on 2k downscaled to 1360×768 cuz i use 768p TV. vsync off, frame limits off and i also turned off AMD enhanced...
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    pagefile on external HDD

    hi there, i have been thinking on ways to further increase the storage performance on my pc. i had this idea, if it will actually work. if i foreverly attached a USB 3.0 hard drive to my pc to work as pagefile seperate drive to ease the main drive usage as well, is this supported by windows 10...
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    1080p downscaled to 768p

    i got lg 32 inch hd tv. the best resolution for it is 1360x768, though windows recommends 720p. but it is blurry, not sharp at all. I have msi r9 390x. when I use VSR it downscales 2k for example to 720. I wanted the main resolution to be downscaled to 768p or 1360x768. I don't think the v has...
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    increase USB voltage

    i bought a 10m usb extension and it doesn't read anything i connect to it saying device is unrecognisible. i read about it on google and i found someone saying it is volt shortage. but i do not know the way to increase it. gigabyte b85-hd3 rev 2.0 please help
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    MSI R9 390X GAMING ON 520W??

    i just bought this card as an upgrade from r9 380. so.. my psu had a multiple times to shut off the pc with a black screen. now, that is caused by the watt shortage. so, the graphics card can be controlled 50% power consumption up and down from radeon wattman settings. firstly, i'd like to know...
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    new rig upgrade

    hi there, i have this rig INTEL I5-4440 3.1 GHZ 24GB RAM 1600MHZ COOLER MASTER K380 SEASONIC 520W 80+ BRONZE MSI R9 390X GAMING 8GB GIGABYTE B85-HD3 REV 2.0 WD HDD GREEN POWER 1TB+WD HDD BLUE 500GB i was thinking of upgrading the motherboard and the processor. $250 budget. is it possible now?
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    how to run ffxv windows on opengl?

    as the question says, i've been wandering if ffxv windows edition could run on opengl as the ps4. i tried a launch option to -force-opengl and i think i did nothing different. is there another way that you guys know?
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    is there a way to optimise pc graphics to be like ps4?

    i've been into the internet for a while. i have noticed many things that other pc gamers complain about, that are all related to pc games. one of these are LOD and draw distance, which i face in my rig. some objects in all the games i have appear at a specific distance and when you go further...