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    Compact Flash - best performance

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    MySQL bytes per record

    I am trying to do some calculations as the amount of hard drive space I am going to need. Basically I am looking to create a 318,934 x 8 array. The IEEE Standard 754 is common to C compilers (so I read). The numbers are real numbers small enough to use the single data type which occupies 4...
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    Visual C++ .Net 2003 Book Suggestions

    What books would anyone suggest for learning Visual C++ .NET 2003 or Visual J# .NET 2003. Sorry if the below is somewhat of a dumb question, I have done a decent amount programming mainly Visual Basic & Pascal (HS computer science) on Windows so I have very little knowledge about writing code...
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    AMD Stock - How Much Money Have You Made

    With the possibility of Dell using Opterons AMD share price has went up about $4.00 in two days. So how much money have you guys made? And how high do you think it is going to go? I bought stock on May 7th 2002, March 1st 2004, and May 3rd 2004. I don't have that much money so my total...
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    Are all USB 2.0 devices backwards compatible with USB 1.1

    Are all USB 2.0 devices backwards compatible with USB 1.1? I am going to be getting an external hard drive enclosure. The notebook I have only has USB 1.1 ports. So will a external hard drive enclosure, such as this BYTECC ME-740U2FB, with a USB 2.0 interface work with my laptop? I looked...
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    Future Mobile Technology

    CPUs AMD Athlon 64 Mobile (Oakville) is the 90nm successor to the Mobile Clawhammer core, and was released on August 17th. The new AMD part is around half the size (84mm2 versus 145mm2) of its 130nm counterpart and consumes around half the power (35W versus 62W). The initial versions of...
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    HTML tags in vBulletin Version 3.0.1

    I noticed the HTML tags you can use when posting. How does this feature actually work? I have tried experimenting around but haven't really gotten anywhere. <P>MXM (Mobile PCI Express Module), the result of a joint design effort between NVIDIA and the industry’s leading notebook...
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    nVida MXM Graphics

    Does anyone have an idea or information on when we will start seeing laptops with this technology? MXM (Mobile PCI Express Module), the result of a joint design effort between NVIDIA and the industry’s leading notebook manufacturers, provides a consistent interface for mobile PCI Express...
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    PeerGuardian replacement

    Now that PeerGuardian is gone what other programs is anyone else using?
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    AMD Athlon64 radio commercial

    Anyone else her this commercial (97.9 the Loop ~ Chicago). I was really suprised because AMD hardly does any advertising. The commercial was basically a back to school commercial, it was actually kinda funny. I think it was done in conjunction with HP, because it mentioned $150 off on HP...
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    L - Laptops: What do you think.

    If you haven't been there yet check it out: They are pretty cool machines, but outragously expensive. The other thing though is that Maxium PC reviewed a computer, the computer they reviewed was lacking alot of the features that they advertise. In the June issue of Maximum PC...
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    SAS SCSI vs. SATA Hard Drives

    Since SATA and SAS SCSI drives will be using the same conection interface, will the SAS SCSI drives require a raid card or will they be able to be used like any other SATA hard drive? Thanks
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    External SATA for a laptop

    Has anyone heard of any laptop manufacture that is going to offer external SATA ports? I know there were some issues with SATA-I not being shielded well enough, conector not robust enough, but I had also heard that they were trying to fix these problems in the SATA-II spec. Anyone have any idea...
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    How do you think Intels Yamahill will affect AMD's share price

    Intel might be showing off its Yamhill technology at its Developer Forum in San Francisco next month. How do you think Intels Yamahill will affect AMD's share price? Wallstreet tends to not pay attention to technological advancements until they contribute to the companies bottom line. So my...
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    Compact Flash - best performance

    I am going to get a digital camera (Canon Powershot S400) and I am looking at Compact Flash for it. I want to get 512MB and I am looking for the best ram. I have looked at these: $135 - Transcend 512MB Speed: Maximum Host Data Transfer Rate: 16.6M byte/sec $143 - Sandisk 512MB Ultra...