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    Klipsch 'The Sixes' Heritage Series Bookshelf $497

    Great price on these. $599 from Roberts LP -17% coupon attached to listing below brings the total to $497 in cart.
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    Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti $619 shipped @ Jet

    Decent deal, grabbed a couple of these myself. Pay by debit/opt out of free returns + the coupon code SPRING15 (good for first three orders) brings the total to $619. Link is right here
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    LG 55EF9500 (OLED) ~$2300 Delivered

    Figured I'd post this here, fairly warm deal. I just picked one of these up from Cleveland Plasma (authorized LG dealer) for $2300 delivered. Beats any other retailer by a lot, even most sketchy eBay resellers. LG warranty IS honored with these guys. I didn't check prices on the 65" but I'm sure...
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    Warm? 840 Evo again.. $210 @ Newegg

    500gb evo. not the lowest it's been, but that's still a pretty good price. ended up getting one to have for my new build.
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    Free Cisco Meraki AP

    for those of you in the IT field (i'm sure there may be a few :p) with an organization email address, and some free time to watch a webinar. been meaning to try out meraki gear for awhile now. should be a nice upgrade for the office.
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    fcs & recieve errors on cisco gear

    safe to assume this is a cable/optics issue? having all kinds of issues with this switch. can't make it to the thing until tomorrow.
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    dell switches 50% off

    ..for those of you that happen to be making any poweredge orders. ordered another R620 from my rep today, and he tried pretty damn hard to sell me a switch. 50% off switches with a server purchase, just call them. sucks, i just grabbed a 3750X the other day too.. :(
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    semi-affordable 10gb switch?

    i'm in the process of moving away from softlayer, and into a locally owned/operated datacenter with my own gear. have ordered most of the stuff, but am left wondering what to do about the network. negotiated a 10gb handoff for a ridiculously reasonable price, via fiber or ethernet. i have two...
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    looking to replace fiber transceiver..

    ..but i'm lost, hah. don't have enough experience with fiber to even google the answers i'm looking for, so hopefully someone can tell me. my isp has me set up with a single mode 10/100 startech transceiver (ET90110WDM). now, i've got a big vmware box i just set up for myself, and what i'd...
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    Chassis/Board swap

    I've been through two power supplies at SoftLayer now.. so they're finally going to take care of me tonight. Are there any precautions I need to take for ESXi? I realize my nic's will be different, but anything other than that? Licensing?
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    Intel Quick Sync

    going to start another thread for this. i just switched from amazon web services to my own machines for my wowza media server installs. i really like amazon because it's obviously so scaleable, however bandwidth costs were really starting to add up. i've since put together a ESXi box and housed...
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    ESXi Evaluation?

    so i just installed esxi 5.1 on one of my new production machines. new to esx btw. it started up with the evaluation license. i was expecting it to use the free one.. what happens after these 60 days? can i not run VMs any longer or does it revert to the free license? don't want to be in a...
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    i'm setting up a new box for work.. could use some input. i've done plenty of web servers in my day, but i've never really ventured into VMs yet. with huge machines with so much processing power available for cheap these days, it only makes sense to virtualization my applications. so. i'm...
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    Free Humble Bundle Key-Take it!

    hope somebody can use it :) 63QDI-33C0Y-89H95
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    laptop display integrated with desktop machine: possible?

    so i've started a mATX build, and i've decided to integrate a display within the side panel of the machine itself. this is going to be a production video switcher, so mobility is the key here. carrying around a huge monitor in the field has been declared an inconvenience. i've found all sorts...
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    Lian Li PC-TU200B

    has anyone done a build with this case? i saw a thread on it but it doesn't seem to be very popular. i like the handle, and it looks very sturdy. i'm looking at buying one for a mobile video production rig with a 3770k and a blackmagic card. essentially, i'm doing this for 6 grand less :D...
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    building a live stream workstation, advice needed

    hello all. i'm putting together a box at work for our live stream guys (local sports, events, concerts, etc). i have a budget of around $3k. after the blackmagic card i require, i've got about $1800 for everything else. couple of questions. what's the most mobile/easy to lug around case...
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    civ5 players?

    i've just recently gotten into it pretty hardcore. is anyone game for a retardedly long epic drunken civ festival one of these days?
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    Company of Heroes Complete Pack (3 games) $12 on Steam

    for anyone that doesn't already have them. $12 bucks is a steal. TODAY ONLY. 20 hours left as of this post.
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    BeamNG 'Soft-Body' Physics didn't see a thread anywhere.. correct me if i'm wrong, please. this looks great though. i wish i had their tech demos, i could entertain myself for hours just like when gtaIV first came out :D supposedly to...
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    ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe + GTX680 Hang

    alright, so i've been driving myself fucking crazy with hard locks and shit for the past two months. ended up backing my overclocks way back to try and fix it.. seemingly worked, until i fired up borderlands 2. more hard locks! so i go check the asus support site for a bios update.. yup, sure...
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    Lightning in stock @ newegg

    grab em n growl! ordered my pair.
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    promedia 2.1 repair

    so i just sat down to crank some tunes up and chill out for a little bit and it finally hit me. i love my pro media's right to death, but my sub sounds like shit. these speakers are getting to be really old now, so it's of no real huge surprise i guess. anyway, does anybody have experience...
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    need help with a webcam project

    alright, so this is the deal. at my work, we've got a 20/1Mbit ADSL2+ connection, and it's not cutting it for our webcam anymore. it gets quite a bit of traffic from the locals, as it's a pretty decent view of the town. but anyway, we've worked up a deal with a local isp, and they're going to be...
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    DFI 790FX-M2RS Overlcocking..

    Alright, well I recently decided to be different and put together a Phenom rig, and everything has been great so far except for the overclocking. It seems like DFI uses completely different terms for everything compared to what I'm used to on the Intel side of things, so I've been fairly...
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    Where to buy?

    So I'm looking to get a 4870 to replace my GTX, but everyone is out of stock and I'd like to get it ordered before the weekend. Are there any places that have/will have some today or tomorrow? :confused:
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    Free Obama Bumper Sticker

    For all you Obama supporting democrats.
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    Astaro NAT explanation

    Could someone please post a proper example of a NAT/packet filter rule for say port 80? I'm looking to replace my Smoothwall distro with Astaro, as I really like the features it offers, however this NAT/packet filter system has me completely confused at this point. :confused:
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    Vista + BitTorrent = No More Internet

    This is getting to be a pain. Every single time I fire up uTorrent and start connection to peers, it completely hoses every other application that requires a connection of some kind. This is an issue locally, on my Vista machine. Network is fine, all other computers work. So it's not a router or...
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    Image persistence? How is this happening?

    Fairly recently, and very suddenly, my 2007WFP(s) has come down with a case of what appears to be image persistence. Am I right? Sorry about the crappy iPhone picture, but you get the idea. I didn't know what the hell could be causing it at first. Then I realized I'm in Firefox browsing...
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    SR MBP + Vista sleep

    Just got Vista Ultimate installed via Boot Camp on my new SR MBP, and it's working great except for Vista's sleep function. It doesn't want to come out of sleep. No matter how I put it into sleep, it won't wake from it. I'll open my lid up and the keyboard will light up, but that's about it. I...
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    eVGA 680i + 2.2v Crucial Ballistix = bad?

    Would the 680i have any problem booting up for the first time with 2.2v memory? I don't have a store for miles in which to buy a crap stick to get things rolling. Should I be safe? :confused:
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    e6300 or 6400?

    Getting stuff for my next build. Should I just go with an E6300, or the E6400? There's a $40 price difference @ newegg right now ($180 vs $220). I could probably use that $40 to get myself a nice heatsink to go along with the E6300. Either way, I plan on overclocking the crap out of whatever I...
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    Need Opinions

    I've just acquired some cash, and I feel the need to order something for my PC, but I'm having a hard time. I've been leaning back and forth between an eVGA 7900GT KO, and a Dell 2007FPW, which happen to be on sale right now. I can't afford both. :( I realize DX10/G80/R600 is right around...
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    Koolance PC3-426

    I've been looking in to a new case for myself. I love the looks of Lian Li, and have wanted to go water for awhile. Stock air cooling isn't cutting it during the summer, especially with my overclock. I found this Koolance over at the other day, and it would work perfectly for me...
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    Thermal pad vs. AS5

    Just got my new 3800+ popped in. Using the stock HSF w/ the thermal pad that comes with it. Is there much a difference between AS5, and this pad? Should I bother with the AS5? At 2.5Ghz, stock voltage, I'm getting 32 idle, and around 51 under load. :confused:
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    A friend brought in his old computer today. It's pretty messed up. I can't even get in Windows. I tried the whole repair from CD, and it's a no go. So I've decided to just reformat it. I called and told him what I was planning on doing, but he explained to me he NEEDS his documents and music...
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    IPCop question..

    EDIT: Nevermind.. delete this, if you would. :)
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    WinXP x64 Boot

    What the hell is up with this.. loading bar? It takes 20-30 seconds to do whatever it is that it's doing, and then it goes on loading Windows normally. I just reformatted with x64, and I like it quite a bit. But if it's going to take me 40 seconds to even get IN Windows, then I'm going back to...