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    Update me on new router technology...

    Make sure you configure some sort of wireless security (WPA preferably), and change the admin password. Thats about it.
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    Help me pick a router for PS3/gaming... error code 8002ad23 if you dont want wireless.
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    DIR-655, having problems using QoS

    It looks fine. Did you uncheck the auto speed sensing box? Find out what your upload cap is without powerboost on, and manually set it to that. and other online speed tests are NOT a good estimate of your actual upload cap. If you go by the cap listed on the comcast website...
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    DLink DIR-855 recalls

    This happened back in Feburary, and the DIR855 has yet to go back on sale. Seems like an awful long time for just a simple "Wiring Defect". They also pulled the DAP 1555 dual band media bridge from market at the same time.
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    DIR-655, having problems using QoS

    You probably set the upload limit too high. If you have comcast or another ISP that does a powerboost type deal (the first 10mb of a file are uncapped) then the auto speed testing that the router does will not work. It could also be encrypted torrents messing with it. Try making a default...
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    Help with 2 Wireless Routers on same network.

    The WRK is a stripped down version of the already stripped down WRT. I highly doubt it has the ability to act as a wireless ethernet bridge (what you want to connect the devices in the other room). If your lucky, your WRT54G might be old enough to accept ddwrt or tomato which adds the bridge...
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    Bandwidth limiting on home router?

    Chances are your belkin does not support OoS. If you have an old computer lying around with 2 ethernet cards, this would be the perfect situation for IPCOP, m0n0wall etc. If you dont want to go that route, have everyone cap uploads at something reasonable (go to and test your...
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    Reliable router for long term torrenting

    Easy way to find out: Plug your computer directly into the modem.
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    Reliable router for long term torrenting

    Firmware Emulator for the DGL-4500 Emulator for the DIR-655 You can see for yourself what kind of QoS settings they have.
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    Reliable router for long term torrenting

    4500 also has thier gamefuel QoS engine (worthless), radio that does 5ghz N, and some other differences switch itself. Really, just stick with the 655 if you dont want 5ghz N band.
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    Reliable router for long term torrenting

    I dont think the DIR855 is back on the market yet. Its also a dual band model, so if none of your wireless devices support 5ghz N its probably not worth the wait or extra cash. Look into the DIR655 or DGL4500 if your set on d-Link. I can personally vouch for my 4500 remaining stable under...
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    Need a cheep router

    If cheap is the main concern, I like the asus WL-520gU, can be had for $40 after MIR, has a USB port and can be flashed with DDWRT or Tomato (Be sure to use the buffalo WHR125 builds).
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    I need a STRONG G class Wireless Router.

    Any WRT54G/GS in the store now is going to be one of the later revisions that support DDWRT micro only. My personal experience with N has been that it dosent really seem to penetrate walls any better, but if I leave the doors open, its better speed than my old WHR-G54-HP. You can always...
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    Wirless N battle royale... Need Help deciding winner. Which rouer is best?

    if you want n and g at the same time, skip the 4500. G dosent work on the 5ghz band, and you can only have one band activated at a time, since the router uses a single radio. It sounds like the 655 is what you want. On another note, if your thinking N is going to be better going through a...
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    Free Raffle from and MicroTemp

    Welcome, and count me in!
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    Count me in!
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    ups should die

    Uhh, yes they are. Everyone but managment is union. This does not vary. The loaders, and especially the drivers. And the amount of control the union has in that place is sickening. In fact, the union controls who gets to drive. Technically, if your non union you cant touch a package for UPS.
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    Upgrade advice needed.

    Background: I traded a laptop to my friend for his motherboard, CPU, ram and some cash. I dident get hosed on the deal, but its not exactly top of the line stuff. Current system: Asus A7N8X deluxe, axp 2400+, 1gb of unidentified mushkin PC3200, ATI radeon 9000 pro, good copper...
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    ups should die

    UPS IS UNION. Thats why there are threats of strike every few years. Fedex (where I work) is non union. Also, at fedex express, rough handling of packages is not tolerated, I have seen people fired on the spot for that. Ground (my end of the biz) is a whole other ball game, and for...