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    Just ordered T-Mobile g1

    Seems the concensus is fairly positive on this phone, so I ordered one on a new contract. Now I see HardOcp has a mobile phone category(I just noticed it). Any G1 owners here? Whats your experience like?
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    Netbook and cellular card

    I don't know enuff about netbooks, and a freind is asking if there is a netbook that can use her Verizon cellular pc card. I looked at some but they don't seem to have the slot needed. Does anyone use this combination?
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    Ordering in the Am 2/13/09

    never mind
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    3 way sli with 260?

    Maybe a stupid question...but can you do the above?
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    Blinking on and off

    I've had an Msi 260gtx card for about 2 weeks, and have been very happy with it. Just today I see my Monitor, a Westinghouse 24 inch l2410nm, blinking off and on at variable intervals. Gpuz says my temp is 46 idle, and it's doing it even as I type this. Any ideas?
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    My watercooling and a question

    I snapped the red tab on my MCP655 there a way to take the cover off without draining the system?
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    how to 3850 crossfire?

    This may sound stupid, but I've seen pics with one bridge and with 2 bridges. There is space for 2 on my cards. Do I use both? Does it matter which dvi port I use? Thanks
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    8800gt sli or 1 more 8800gts

    I currently have a EVGA 640-P2-N821-AR GeForce 8800GTS running in my *old* Intel bx2. Planning on upgrading to (maybe) 780 Nvidia. Does it make sense to buy 2 8880gt's, or buy one more gts for sli?
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    This may be a stupid question, but are you able to use the above motherboard without watercooling for the northbridge?
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    Reliable Nvidia Sli board? (for Crysis)

    I sure would like to get 2 8800 gt's in SLI for Crysis, but I don't want to go thru the hassles everyone seems to have with their 650/680 boards. Even the (seemingly) best one, the A1 revision, is not available on Newegg. Is there any one board that is better than the others? The one that has...
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    GA-G33M-DS2R not working

    built the titled motherboard about 2 months ago, 2 gigs ballistix memory, 160gb hdd, evga 8800gts video, Thermaltake 600 watt power, e6600 proc. It's been working fine. Got home from work this am, computer powers up, fans turn, no startup screen, then powers up, then powers off. Of course, my...
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    new sff build

    Just built a sff and the nt06 ain't cutting it performance wise. Any suggestions for a good low profile cpu cooler? GIGABYTE GA-G33M-DS2R Thermaltake Purepower RX W0144RU ATX12V 600W SILVERSTONE NT06-LITE CPU Cooler Thermaltake VF1000BWS...
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    temp monitor in Vista

    What program can I use to monitor processor temps in vista?
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    zipzoomfly vs. newegg

    First time I ordered from Intel Bad axe 2 MainBoard, and some other stuff totaling $1500. At the exact same time, I ordered another $500 worth of stuff from the Egg. The Newegg stuff will be here tomorrow, and the ZZF stuff is still in "processing". Both ordered with the same credit...
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    Bad axe 2

    I'm gonna build another Conroe, based on the 6700 chip. Has anyone tried the Badaxe 2 board?
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    What Fan controller?

    Just ordered a Mozart TX, with the capacity of 10 120mm fans. Not that I'm gonna use them all,(lol), but I'm looking to see what fan controller everyone is using.
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    Loudest/Fastest fans

    Despite the trend for "silent" pc's, I want to go in the opposite direction. I want the fastest, high cfm fans available, and I don't care if they drown out a 747 on take-off. Anyone with recommendations for highest cfm fans for me, please post. I need 3 120mm, one 92mm, and 2 80mm.
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    p5b deluxe memory timings

    I looked in the manual, and examined the bios, but for the life of me can't figure out if I am able manually configure the memory timings on my MB. I want 1:1 and 4-4-4-12 for my corsair 6400c4 memory, but cpuz reports it as 2:3 and 5-5-5-18.
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    Newegg and corsair

    lock this now...I had obviously gone to the Newegg site when they were updateing their search database
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    conroe and Koolance Exos

    I would like to use my exos and KOOLANCE CPU-300-H06 block with Conroe. Any negatives?
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    hdmi to dvi adapter

    I've seen several sites that sell the above. Are these compatable with the dvi port on a video card?
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    pc compatable hdtv

    looking to get into hdtv in the next month, and was wondering what I should get. I don't have a big budget, so I'm probably limited to rear projection if I want to get my target size of no less than 57 inches(to replace my ten year old Toshiba). Budget of 1500-2500$$. Any in that price range...
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    hdtv computing

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    best case for dual 120mm radiator setup

    More specifically, I'm looking for a light weight aluminum case, large enough to place a black ice extreme 2 and a 1/2 inch water cooling system, have a side window, and be able to manage the wire tangle neatly. I currently have a Koolance Exos al, my first foray into water cooling,
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    koolance gpu cooler and gf6800

    I'd like to mount my GPU-180-L06 onto my pny 6800gt. Before I take off the stock fan, has anyone done this? Will it fit? Thanks
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    unpartitioned hard drive file recovery

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    aerocool dp-102

    Is anyone using this HUGE heatsink? If so..on what motherboard/chip combo will it fit? Thanks
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    First Koolance exos

    Just installed my first watercooler...Koolance exos al with 300 ho6 cpu block and 180 lo6 video block. Works great and does what I want it too.. cooler temps and quiet operation. Temps with Coolermaster jet 4 while playing Farcry reached the motherboard diode temp is 40c at full load...