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    Consolidated Builds - Spare parts

    May be OT, but general hardware seemed the most applicable - just had one of those evenings of tearing apart a couple builds and pulling out the random parts that were sitting around "about" to be used. Ended up with a little more than I expected, and figured I'd share with my fellow [H]:
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    HP 48 port Managed Layer 3 PoE Gigabit Switch

    Model A5120-48G-PoE http:// Thanks for looking!
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    Looking for a home lab managed switch (Possibly PoE)

    So, I know there's plenty of threads on this, but I was actually looking for a quick bit of advice from those in the know. I'm considering getting a "decent" managed switch for my personal use, wouldn't mind some extras more to play around with, and PoE could be useful in the future. Originally...
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    Fibre FC Attached Datastores for esxi

    I'll begin by apologizing a) for my ignorance and b) if this is a little more networking forum than vm'ing. That out of the way, I'm looking to have a zfs nas/san that will host datastore(s) for 2 esxi hosts that are sitting in the same rack (so distance isn't an issue) in my home lab. I'm...
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    Win DNS for a home lab with router

    I'll start off by apologizing if I'm asking an incredibly dumb question, but hopefully I can get this sorted out. I decided to play around with some 2k8 Server vm's on my esxi host recently to try and get some hands on experience (i.e. break things in a safe environment) with AD as well as some...
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    Deduplication and cloned vms

    So, forgive me in advance for still being somewhat new to this field. I'm toying with the idea of running several similar vm's that would either be direct clones or clones with minor changes. I am only using a single esxi host as this is limited to my home setting, so no external san or anything...
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    2011 Motherboard with confirmed VT-d support?

    As I've seen it seems countless numbers of mb's and mb manufacturers claim vt-d support that ends up being broken or half-way implemented, I was hoping someone out there may have experience with a desktop board that they can confirm vt-d working properly on socket 2011. As an aside, I'm...
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    Socket 2011 VT-d -- 3820 or C2 3930k's

    As the C2 steppings for the 3930 and 3960, as well as the 3820 have only been out a short time, there doesn't seem to be a whole bunch of information out there about actual vt-d support on the 2011 platform. So, crossing my fingers that someone out there has first-hand experience, or could...
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    AMD Desktop IOMMU/VGA Passthrough Board

    I've been having some issues with a E3-1230 + X9SCM-F-O setup that I've been trying out lately, and feel pretty limited by the 8x slots and lack of 16x's. The board in particular is pretty good, but I've had really odd peculiarities with which slots work with what card, and it did not want to...
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    Few Questions for Virtualizing newbie

    Ok, so basic premise is I am considering rebuilding/building a new server (home, not corp) to consolidate a few functions, and would like to run esxi on it both to have some flexibility, and also to get some hands-on experience. Some random questions that have come up as I have skimmed through...
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    Indigo Xtreme

    Anyone have any experience with this stuff? I found a couple places off the beaten path that reviewed the stuff and had a noticeable drop over the usual suspects for TIM, but it still looks very foreign to...
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    Compression fittings

    Best place to get them, pricewise? Anything other than jab-tech, sidewinder, and frozencpu? Any experience with shipping from these places? Only have used frozencpu in the past, but it's been awhile.
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    New keyboard help me thread

    Yes, I know, another one. I've been using a G15 v1 for the last several years, and my replacement ebay G15v1 from last year died last night in a blaze of glory...or rather...a slurp of spilled pop... So I've decided to move on. My first reaction to find a quick fix to my lack of keyboard...
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    Contemplating new WC loop

    Just in the prelim planning stage and considering certain options... Thoughts on something like the black ice rad's? I was thinking about using a 560mm rad across the bottom of my case, and then potentially adding an additional 120mm with p/p fans where there's a spot on the top. This would...
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    Asus Maximus Extreme or wait?

    So, its not that I necessarily need this...but, I'm considering going tri-fire in the somewhat near future; however, there's no immediate rush to get there. To that end, I was considering picking up a Maximus board and selling my P8P67 Pro board that is currently in use. Would I be better off...
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    H60 saturation

    *Before I begin, yes - i know corsair's closed loops are not real wc by any means, so please don't flame for that =) I've run custom loops in the past, and I picked up the H60 for convenience, minimalistic block, and temps that could compete with the best air coolers while not having the same...
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    New to folding

    Looking around at some of the FAQ's and other posts, I was hoping just to get a sense of the best current practices. I have a 2600k and 2 6950's I'd be happy to fold with when the rig is just sitting idle (which is unfortunately too often). I downloaded the V7 client as that appears to be the...
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    MSI 6950 2gb Twin Frozr II $229 AR

    Not an amazing steal, but Fry's has MSI Twin Frozr II 6950 2gb for 259 in-store - 30MIR = 229 before taxes. I just picked one up and was able to unlock it pretty painlessly and got a good starting clock out of it, so could be a decent pickup for someone trying to find an unlockable 6950 out...
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    20-30-20 vs 3x24

    So, hoping to get some thoughts from others that may be running on a 20-30-20 setup. I have run dual monitors for the last 6 or 7 years and had gotten very used to being able to have a full screen app on one screen and secondary docs or web browsers open on the other screen. Recently I...
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    I3 2100 + MSI H61 Motherboard at Fry's 130 after rebate

    Not sure if it's already been discussed, but I hadn't seen a 2100 combo up recently so hopefully this is helpful. Motherboard is MSI H61M-E23, bundle is 154.99 - 25 MIR = $129.99
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    6950 eyefinity multiple displayports

    So - here's the situation. I have a xfx 6950 2gb currently, running 3 u2412 monitors eyefinity and running into the common "flicker" issue on the one monitor that is hooked through dvi instead of displayport. Most of what I read said that the only real solution was having all 3 hooked up...
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    Gigabyte M8600 Aivia mouse

    Has anybody had any first hand experience with this mouse? Only major drawback looks to be the ridge down the middle, but since I typically use a fingertip grip I'm not sure it would even matter. Otherwise, it seems to be a natural successor to the old logitech g7 that I love. If anyone has a...
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    3xU2311H or 3xU2410 for DP Portrait Eyefinity

    So, as the title says - I'm really leaning towards one of these two monitor setups for running display port portrait eyefinity. I'd either wait to find the U2311H's on sale direct from dell for ~250, or I can get the U2410's from craigslist NIB but without warranty for $200-225. The price...
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    Crucial C300 128gb SSD $190 @ BHPhoto

    This drive seems to pop up on sale for around 200 every few weeks. 190 seems pretty reasonable for the reviews this drive gets. Edit: free shipping
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    3x23 - portrait? DP flicker?

    So I've been reading around and a few different things have come up in my preparation for my latest endeavor. I'm considering going from 2 landscape 24 tn samsung panels to a 3 monitor setup, potentially eyefinity. First off, for practicality, usability, and just sheer desk space, running...
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    Replacement for my trusty G7

    I'm sure people had their complaints about this mouse, but I simply loved it. Sleek, good fit, and hot swappable batteries, and I personally never noticed any lag. Only thing they were honestly missing was a forward button. I've been looking for a replacement for some time now, but haven't...
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    OC Stability Testing Programs (Prime, Linx, IBT, Aida64...)

    **Sorry in advance for the long-winded post** So, while there's been discussion sparsed throughout various threads I was hoping to have a little bit of feedback consolidated here and get some ideas on what people think actually is a fair judge of stability (if this has already been hit, I...