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    Rocket League Going Free-To-Play This Summer

    Sometimes being cheap pays off. Haha. I've been putting off spending $25 on this for years....Reality is, I've gotten old. I know damn well if I buy a game I'm never sitting down to play it more than an hour. Thanks for news. I'll look forward to being part of the F2P n00b plague.
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Have a code for for Cities: Skylines. Base game, no DLC. PM me for info Code Taken
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    Used SAS Drives for Dell Server

    Wanted to do a sanity check with everyone here. Trying to discern if I'm a dumbass for buying used SAS drives for my home NAS. Between the absurd price of new NAS drives and the recent SMR drama, I wound up buying 8pc of HUS726060ALS640 from an ebay seller. These are recycled / refurbished...
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    HOT: Samsung 2018 55" "BFGD" 120hz @ 1440p with HDR CHEAP @ 799.99 or, Open Box $679 Best Buy ht

    Man, I picked the wrong time to get in the market for a new TV. Too bad the RU8000 series is a downgrade from the NU8000 Stock levels at stores appear to be wiped out. How about the last remnants on eBay? I am eyeballing this listing, maybe getting the square trade coverage just as insurance...
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    Google Buys Mastercard Data to Link Targeted Ads to Online and Physical Sales

    One thought: Their push or Google+ was to make sure their brand stayed dominant in the internet landscape, and to ensure they kept a direct line to user data. They did not want Facebook to get as big as it has gotten. When Google+ failed, the market share envy grew to new heights to the point...
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Any members have an invite you could throw my way? I've had an account there before with nearly 10:1 ratio. Then I moved a few years back and it was a few months before i had my network and systems setup to get back to seeding. Lost my account.
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    AI Powers Windows 10 April 2018 Update Rollout

    Insinuating there's some level of intelligence at MS these days. Especially when it comes to updates on Win10.
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    Upgrade target for an Ivy Bridge system

    I'm pretty out of the loop on video cards anymore. Although my aging 7970 has stood in quite well for the past 4 yeras, I have no interest in returning to AMD anymore. But, at this point, I don't know if I should aim high (1080) or midrange (1070 / 1060). I primarily game @ 2560 x 1440 @ 85Hz...
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    So what's the best 16:10 nowadays? 24 inches under 400$ please

    I just got the 2415 at work, and it's pretty nice. I have no complaints. But I'm not gaming on it or doing photo editing. Just CAD & email. At the time I got it, 27" 1440p monitors were still too pricey. Then like a few weeks later, the 27's get a price drop and I could have had one of those...
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    Skyrim Paid Mods After Fallout 4

    I guess mod piracy will become a thing....Then modders can claim "lost revenue" I agree. I wouldn't even bother installing graphical enhancements if I had to "buy a license" to them. Texture packs and things may be nice upgrades from the game that shipped 5 years prior. But it doesn't really...
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    Skyrim Paid Mods After Fallout 4

    People are spending money in fallout shelter?'s not even a good game. I have it on my phone to take up a few seconds while I'm on the crapper. Spend money on it? My faith in humanity is challenged by this thought.
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    Skyrim Paid Mods After Fallout 4

    Sometimes I feel like, growing up as a gamer, the games series we love seem to exist by the grace of a double edged sword. Either way, their fate is never good. Favorite games of mine: Half-Life 1. Small company hit's huge success. Followed up by HL2 many years later. Decent story in HL2 but...
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    Windows 10 Installed 75M Times In One Month

    User preference. Doesn't matter What version of window's since vista hasn't included a photo viewer? A featureless but fast browser A 3D graphics API that won't see hit its stride for years. I will admit, I like 8.1 better. But I am not fan of the AppX programs either on Win10 or 8.
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    Windows 10 Installed 75M Times In One Month

    Couldn't agree more. Windows 10 is dead to me with the forced update shit. Hopefully they pull the heads out of their asses some time this year. At the very least, allow server 2016 and WSUS to be the end-all-be-all on updates and data mining.
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    any IT guys here? Are you upgrading to Win 10?

    Honestly, MS would love to strong arm game devs with that slogan...."don't develop a linux native variant of your AAA game because linux has a 50% priacy rate. Being exclusive to us will get you more revenue." Not that there's much loss. I haven't been excited for a AAA game since Skyrim...And...
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    any IT guys here? Are you upgrading to Win 10?

    As far as vista goes, I thought the performance improved substantially with SP1. Like 8 to 8.1 and 98 ->98SE, it was pretty shaky at release. A year (give or take) after initial release, MS finally had the OS they intended to release. Win7 was more like Vista SP3... Seems to be a pretty...
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    any IT guys here? Are you upgrading to Win 10?

    We were slow at work for a while and I made Windows 10 my main OS for 3.5 weeks at work. I spend most of my day in a parametric 3d modeling environment and drilling into network shares in explorer. Windows 10 was sufficiently stable. Nvidia's Quadro drivers were still in need of some...
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    Windows 10: Your thoughts so far?

    Probably forced updates more than anything. You have to take all their marketing BS down to lowest common denominator. In reality, it's more secure but also more broken. But it's new and shiny!
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    Big stack of Win7 keys, any way to turn them to Win10?

    Interesting. So they are maintaining a giant hardware database...I guess that makes sense considering I noticed in my account that I could "remove devices" from those assigned to me, ala Android. In the case of MS, all the more reason to use fake info to make your MS account. you'll...
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    Windows 10: Your thoughts so far?

    The CPU wouldn't be the issue. But, if that WD Blue HDD is his boot drive, that could be interesting. I've not tested it much. But I'm suspicious Win10 chugs the boot drive a little harder than 8.1. On an SSD, this make a relatively small difference.
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    Windows 10 now and gaming performance

    I remember that being that case back in the 90's. Man I miss the days of Glide and OpenGL on windows.
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    Big stack of Win7 keys, any way to turn them to Win10?

    One thing I havne't looked into home system has windows 10 insider preview installed and activated with an ms account to get insider upgrades. To test installing 10240 RTM, I did a clean install to another SSD (all previous drives unplugged). As it so happend, windows was activated by...
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    Windows 10: Your thoughts so far?

    I've been using Windows 10 since it's first TP in October. When build 10162 rolled out, I loaded all my machines with it and have had a relatively smooth experience. Some small workarounds required for some more out-of-the-way pieces of software. But that's been far and few between. I LOVE the...
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    ESXi, ZFS, VT-d, questions.

    Thank you for the thoughts everyone. Looks like I have a good number more angles to consider... Windows shares are soooo easy. Why must I be burdened with this drive to learn new things? :p
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    ASUS - our 5 year warranty is really only 3 years

    Not surprised to see a thread like this, really. My nephew had an X79 board he was trying to RMA with them. It was only about 2 years old at the time. Turns out, they forgot to put serial number stickers on some of their motherboards circa 2011. No SN sticker....good luck getting a warranty...
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    ESXi, ZFS, VT-d, questions.

    I'm preparing to make the transition to ZFS very soon and I'm still mulling over how I would like to approach this. Ideally I would like to host my ZFS server within ESXi using PCI-passthrough of my H310/9211 HBA. I just rebuilt my server with a xeon 1246 V3 and a supermicro X10SLL-F...
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    Descisions....descisions...X79 or X58

    Alright, Thanks for the info. I was totally unaware that there was that much IPC difference. I really thought they were neck & neck. Looks like I'll be giving x79 a go.
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    Descisions....descisions...X79 or X58

    So, I've got some hardware on my hands and some of it is collecting dust. My day to day rig for a while now has been an 1155 based core-i5 system...It's plenty fast for a good bit of what I do at 4.6GHz. But, I've recently come to regret not having VT-d. Since I have two aging HEDT base...
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    If win 8-> 8.1 keeps failing, will I have problems going from win 8 -> 10?

    Just another thought to add to the fun.. I've had one motherboard start giving me data corruption and random crashes when the BGA under the south bridge started having a marginal connection. The BGA needed to to be was a old out of waranty board which I finished killing by trying...
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    If win 8-> 8.1 keeps failing, will I have problems going from win 8 -> 10?

    You didn't have any such issues or symptoms when you were on win8? To be 100% clear, you're trying to install win8.1 from scratch, not win10? If you didn't have these issues on win8, I would question drivers first..and where you sourced them. Most of the time windows default drivers are good...
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    If win 8-> 8.1 keeps failing, will I have problems going from win 8 -> 10?

    You can't not wipe the drive that steam / origin / gog is on and restore pretty much seamlessly on the new OS?
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    If win 8-> 8.1 keeps failing, will I have problems going from win 8 -> 10?

    Perhaps I'm ignorant...but I always wonder why people stress so much about upgrading windows from a current install instead of just doing a clean install.... I mean, it's a pretty painless process 1) Backup anything crucial (app specific) using fucitons within the app. If none are provided...
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    Ebay has samsung EVO 850 500GB drives for $150 again

    Any concerns dealing buy/rakuten even with ebay as a middle man?
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    Is my 5820K this crappy or am I missing something?

    Just some oddities I've run into in the past... I've built systems with motherboards that were very picky on one or more fronts. I've seen memory incompatibility (compatible to JDEC standard but some fine grained signaling incompatiblity) cause things like disk drives to randomly unmount and...
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    Is my 5820K this crappy or am I missing something?

    You haven't mentioned... Temps PSU model Does your mobo have VMM probe locations? Can you verify stable voltage? You're sure you didn't bend any socket pins when installing the CPU?
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    Do all Windows key shortcuts work in Windows 10

    Here you go I have yet to see a key combo that hasn't worked in win10
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    PNY GTX 980 Ti $634

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    X-FI Titanium Replacement

    Are you using speakers or headphones for listenting? If headphones, I've really enjoyed my O2 DAC & amp combo. My Titanium HD card has been collecting dust. I need to sell it.
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    27" for gaming

    16:10 would be 1920x1200 not 1920x1080 16:10 vs 16:9 is more apparent on screens that are 1080 vs 1200 pixels high. Going to a higher resolution 16:9 won't feel as cramped. Going 1920X1080 on a 27 inch is going to have pretty atrocious pixel density. But 2560x1440 is substantially harder to...
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    The [H]ardOCP Mini-Giveaway Sponsored by ASUS

    Smaller is all around more efficient. So, GENE on the next x99 refresh?