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    samsung 840 pro 256GB not recognized any longer

    I've had this 840 pro 256GB as a secondary drive housing steam game installs for some time now and noticed it went missing today after never giving me problems. it shows in BIOS as 1GB in size but windows and magician refuse to see it even as external device. is this what happens when SSD's...
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    VMware storage migration with virtual mode RDM - insufficient space

    I posted this on the VMware community forums and even opened a support case to no avail. Hoping someone here has experienced this before and i'm not crazy We're having trouble storage migrating a VM that has a 36GB thin provisioned VMDK disk and (2) 1TB virtual mode independent-persistent...
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    wireless headset recommendations for onkyo receiver?

    I have a Onkyo TX-NR717 and love it for movies and gaming but having a hard time deciding on a wireless headset. Bluetooth, RF, etc doesn't matter so much as I believe the 717 does not possess optical out which limits my selections. Anyone using brand/model they'd recommend?
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    guiter hero 3 on PS3 question

    picked GH3 up the other night, and curious if i can play the PS2 versions of GH1 and GH2 with my current setup? google searches claim that the PS2 guitar controllers have issues since the interface is different, but can i use my GH3 wireless controller to play the older titles? thanks.
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    safe to run a cathode and inverter thru a rheobus?

    searched and couldn't find an answer a while back i put a 12" cathode light and inverter in my lian-li and while it looked nice, it was just too bright. i didnt want to just switch it on and off, so i run the power to it from my rheobus to adjust the brightness. the bulb broke while...