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    Rant: The issue as I see it.

    A GTX 1070 with a 2500K will net you MIN 55+ FPS on almost every gaming title available @1080p high or in most cases, ultra settings. Want more? That leaves either 120/144/165Hz monitor gaming and/or 2K/4K gaming. Want to play 144Hz @2K? Oh you gotta get Nsync please drop $700 for a new 27"...
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    Button on the Right

    Hey all, So I recently purchased a RedDragon 104-Key blue MX knockoff keyboard and so far I love it. I also grabbed a SteelSeries Rival 110 mouse... it's okay, but I've been a Microsoft Intellimouse 1.1A user since forever. I miss the 5 button mouse with a button I can click with my ring...
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    Ring Doorbell w/chime pro $164 OTD w/code FIVE4U

    I think this is only for 24 hours but Amazon has just the ring by itself for $150+... spent an hour watching reviews and basically the unit is as good as your wifi, so if you have a big house like me seemed a no-brainer to get this deal...
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    Will Z370 bring anything new?

    Are manufacturers leaning toward U.2 now or is it still M.2? More USB 3.1 (10Mbps)? Or is it a repackaged Z270? What's new or different?
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    Plantronics Wireless over-ear $13 shipped

    Egg has the Plantronics GameCom P80 Wireless Gaming Headset - PlayStation 4 & PC EDIT SORRY THESE ARE NOT OVER EAR THESE ARE ON-EAR. Makes no difference to me but understand it does to some folks. $13 shipped for those who get the prmo code e-mails: EMCRKRC39 Some people don't like them and...
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    Seasonic 760w Plat PS $80 w/promo+MIR

    Seasonic SS-760XP ATX 12V/EPS 12V, 760W, 80 plus PLATINUM certified PFC Power Supply –
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    AMP! 1070 GTX - Weird GPU Z 0.8.9 Power Consumption?

    As title indicated, I'm maxing power consumption at 84% and avg in the mid 70s. Saw in the [H] review they got it up to 112.4% I've never been able to hit 85 and that's with increasing power in Zotac Firestorm to 120%. Could one of my 8 Pin cables be bad? Apologies, but what am I not seeing here?
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    Corsair 750w PS 80+ PLATINUM refurb $75

    25% off w/ promo code EMCEGFM33, ends 2/21 Refurbished: CORSAIR HXi CP-9020072-NA/RF 750W ATX12V / EPS12V 80 PLUS PLATINUM Certified Full Modular Power Supply -
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    [H]hgregg 4k 60" smart LG7300 $798

    It's $848 but there's a $50 coupon (I just had to mention it to the saleman, not produce the coupon) on hhgregg main page, it's their President's sale promotion and good through 20 Feb. The shipment is coming in to my store tomorrow, so can't report more (yet)... but the saleman showed me the...
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    Z270 chipset and Caby Lake

    Okay.... So I'm still running on a 2011 motherboard and CPU, Z68 MB and 2500K. I don't think I've ever gone that long without upgrading those components and I started out on a Cyrix 686 series P 166+. I love it when I somehow manage to upgrade at the right time and am able to keep my core...
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    [W]arm Asus R9 Direct CU II 290X $310 / $280 after MIR Use promo code on page. Looks like it include Civ Beyond Earth and Space Bundle (3 more games) I have this card, it's clocked @ 1050 / 1350 default clocks. I have not been able to overclock mine at all without the "black...
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    Arkham Origins $3.99 Digital Download

    $5 here 20% off coupon ($1) EMCWWPW22 Total for me came to $3.99 Just activated via steam
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    yeah yeah 970 this and that... considering 290X

    EDIT: Snagged an Asus R9 290X for $252 shipped. Assuming it works, Done. Sell my 7950 upgraded for $150 and call it a day. I had an eVGA SC 970GTX ACX 1.0 but it was unstable out of the box. Now I'm reading all the coil whine issues... Actually thinking about a 290X for the...
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    Colorblind... help me choose a monitor!

    As the title mentions, I'm colorblind.... I'm looking for the following 1. 26" - 29" 2. No backlight bleed around edges/corners, etc. 3. A monitor that is calibrated decent for use out of the box 4. Height adjustment or VESA 5. Any other specifics that make a monitor good for us...
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    2500K - Got my 4.4 O/C Back

    Well it gave up the ghost a few months ago coincidentally after I upgr.... er, downgraded to Win 8.1 64 bit. I just didn't have the time to tinker and finally this morning was working on it to see if I could do better than stock turbo boost. Here's what I changed from auto This is a on a...
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    Bang for buck worth it?

    My 2500K won't o/c anymore, just standard turbo boost to 3.9Ghz. I haven't been keeping up on what's out there as.... well, 2500K has been meeting my wants for a long time now. Is there a nicely priced AMD CPU (or APU) out now that can exceed 2500K speeds for gaming? Current card is...
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    Video card prices gone up?

    Okay first I wanted a new MB/CPU, then I realized there's really no reason for me to upgrade. Then I wanted a new monitor, then I realized there's really no reason for me to upgrade. So now I'm on to GPU..... I got my boost 7950 for like $240... 7950s are like $450 now, and the R900 series...
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    PS3 AC4

    Anyone else notice the controls are a bit glitchy on the PS3 version? Like you sometimes get stuck or you can't make an obvious jump? Also, sometimes the camera angles get really bad, like when fighting you can insta-die because you can't see what's going on. Mostly these happen to me...
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    3rd Gen I5 Laptop $500 ** Warm?

    DEAL IS DEAD//// Basic laptop, but it has USB3, its new (not refurb), decent styling, Intel 4000 graphics, 2.5 / 3.1 turbo, Asus brand, HDMI, etc. Not bad for a basic laptop considering 3rd gen i5. Anyways, I just picked one up shipped free (but I had to pay tax $35) and thought I'd...
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    Diablo 3 Story Thread **MAJOR SPOILERS**

    So where did Leah's mom run off too and anyone else think she'll be in the expansion? I'm also wondering if Leah will get resurrected... she got hosed pretty hard. Looks like the Prime Evils are well and truly dead.... thoughts?
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    2500k o/c intel gaming Q

    For single monitor 1920x1200 gaming, is there a real world benefit for getting anything faster than proc in my sig? (2500k @ 4.4) Thanks
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    More Amazon PC downloads 12/29

    $5 dead space 2 / dead space $6 dragon age 2 $9 dragon age ultimate edition $5 mass effect 2 $6 medal of honor $7.50 crysis maximum edition and more...
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    New to Apple, just got iTouch 32GB

    Hello all. So I've been playing with youtube, setup mail and an apple account. Set the weather, etc. Surely there must be more than this? I looked at the top 25 apps/games and was like... really? So I am having buyers remorse, but before I give up on it I'd like to know what apps or...
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    Rage worth $15?

    It's on sale on Steam.... if, in reality it's not a better game than say Quake 4 then I'd think no. So, is it a better game than Quake 4? Quake 4 was decent when it came out.... I'm debating on waiting until it's 75% off or hits the under $10 bin somewhere...
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    More Amazon PC downloads [W]arm

    I know most of these have been posted in the past, but they are still ongoing and some (Witcher 2) have actually fallen in price. $5 - Metro 2033 $5 - Darksiders $20 - Deus Ex (which I hear is a steamworks, can someone confirm?) $16 - Witcher 2 Super Duper deluxe 2.0 edition there are more...
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    A pass on BF this year....

    Anyone else pass this year on BF? Other than a few under $5 on steam (Orcs must die, because of other [H] member’s recommendations and .99 cents FONV gun runners pack) I haven’t grabbed anything. There have been a few temptations… but overall…. Meh. Newegg deals were bust, etc. New Vegas for...
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    Z77 vs. Z68

    So is native USB 3.0 it? Just wondering if there will be a reason for Z68 owners to bother upgrading their motherboards.... assuming it's IB compatible.
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    Still playing Dragon Age

    I've taken a couple months away, and now I'm working on my third play through. Granted, I didn't get it until Ultimate Edition... I'm still finding new codex's (or actually reading them this time). They really did a lot to ensure each race/faction does make the game *just* different...
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    Z68 and Lucid Virtu

    Okay, probably a dumb question, but... Physically, how does this work? Do I use the HDMI port from the Z68 MB out to the monitor, or can I continue to use the DVI from my video card? If the former, I'm assuming the HDMI port is the best option? board has four video outs, DVI, HDMI...
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    Dragon Age... just wow

    Okay I know this game has been out for awhile... I never picked it up before now because, well, it was an EA game. Never thought anything EA did was good. Yes I know it wasn't made by EA, but still, it was an EA game. At any rate, I have been playing RPGs since Ultima III and was totally...
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    Just crossed 100 hours in Fallout 3 GOTY

    Okay.... granted I like to turn over every rock, but I'm now really wanting this thing to end. I've done everything but Point Lookout and Broken Steel, and have all areas explored / done EXCEPT SE corner across the Potomac. I loved the first 80 hours, now I just want to be done... I think...
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    MSI 570 GTX $301 shipped / $281 after MIR Use code for 15% off EMCYTZT352 Free JC2 + Mafia II included
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    Fallout 3 GOTY Perk Question

    Warning: long post only for those intimately familiar with this older game I had the original on PC when it first came out, but got pissed off and uninstalled it when I hit the “surprise” level cap. Being capped and probably only half way through the game, along with multiple bad perk...
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    Video card upgrade... opinions?

    See rig in sig. 1900x1200. Can't make up my mind between GTX 560 SLI and 6950 w/6970 bios. My board can't do xfire otherwise I'd go dual 6870s. The thing is I like to run native rez with minimum frames that don't dip below 40 fps, and am looking at Metro 2033, Crysis 2, etc gamer quality...
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    SB at 1920x1200

    [H] review was great, but what are the gaming differences when we up the resolution and add AA, etc? ... and what about overclocked Q9450/9550/Q6600 procs? Assuming everything is the same except the CPU, with say a GTX570 or 460 SLI are we talking 30 FPS or 70 FPS difference at 1920x1200...
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    [W]arm? Linksys E3000 $117.59 Shipped comes with $10 promo card. Use code: EMCZNZV74 Looking into this myself for the ability to hook my 2TB HD and stream to the PS3. Thoughts?
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    Is there gonna be a Steam sale soon?

    I seem to remember one around x-mas last year... anyone know if they usually have a T-day one as well?
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    250 GTS SLI thoughts

    Okay... was holding out to see Fermi before making a final decision... in the end, went with another Gen 2 (small PCB, one 6-pin power connector) 1 GB GTS 250. both cards clock 738/2200 on the ram. Opening this up for comments and any constructive criticism. My thoughts are, I was able to...
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    MUST READ for Nvidia MB owners and G2 Intel SSD

    Have your shiny new silver SSD installed? Can't run the Intel Toolbox? Your SSD in device manager is showing as a SCSI drive is why... go here: Sorry if this is a re-post but I couldn't find it. This is a MUST for 680/780/790i MB...
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    Intel X-25M 80GB

    Should be here tomorrow. Can someone list some steps for me with this SSD drive? I plan to install Win7 32bit fresh on it. I'm running a Q9450 on a Nvidia 790i MB. I read something about ensuring Microsoft controllers....?? Do I need to setup anything or can I just enter on everything...