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    rMBP has an A-TW polarizer?

    So I've been reading up on A-TW polarizers that the NEC displays used to have, and found that in addition to reducing the IPS glow, they also introduce some red/green hues when viewed off angle. This sounded a lot like what I see on my rMBP display, so I decided to compare it to my NEC 20WMGX2...
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    Make OSX not treat HDMI devices as a TV

    Does anyone know if it's possible to get OSX to see an HDMI display as a normal monitor rather than a TV? I bought that $400 27" display from Microcenter, and I'm trying to drive it at 2560x1440 over HDMI. I know the hardware is capable. If I boot into Windows, I can select 2560x1440 just...
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    Render content with one video card, output with another?

    Hi - Currently I have a 5870 1GB. As some of you may know, this video card has issues with some displays. Notably the display port doesn't work with Apple displays, and apparently it has trouble displaying BIOS content on that $400 27" Korean display. I want to get myself one of those...
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    [Hot] HP LaserJet CP2025dn $225+tax - Staples Clearance - B&M Only - YMMV

    Hey guys, I just bought this printer at my local staples, and thought I'd share the deal with you. The printer is an HP LaserJet CP2025dn. It's a color laser printer; can print at 21ppm b&w and color, and supports duplex printing. Full specs here. With this deal, the printer is listed for...
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    Caviar Black (WD1001FALS) Crossflash -> RE3 firmware. Success... Sort of.

    I noticed that dell has firmware updates for various enterprise WD drives available on their FTP, so I decided I'd give it a shot. The firmware included in the MD3000/MD3000i package on Dell's website have the ".df" extension. These are pretty much the straight binary firmwares with a header...
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    RE3 and Caviar Black together in RAID?

    I currently have 4 TLER capable Caviar Blacks that are in a RAID 10 together. One of the drives failed and I'm in the process of warrantying that. I doubt the new drive will be TLER capable. I do have access to an RE3 of the same generation. From what I've read, the RE3s are pretty much the same...
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    Anyone here have experience w/ Lightscribe CD/DVD duplicators?

    I've got an ACARD ARS-P2053A SATA duplicator controller along with a few Lite-on IHAS424b drives and a harddrive (which I've crossflashed to Plextor PX-L890SAs. electrically the drives are identical, but the plextor firmware apparently has some better write strategies). For those who aren't...
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    Any glossy CCFL 27-30" IPS displays? Looking to replace 20WMGX2

    So, I'm thinking my 20WMGX2 might not have so much life left in it. I got it about 7 years ago iirc, and have consistently used it 6+ hours/day during most of those years. While the backlight still works, the color isn't really uniform anymore, etc... Only reason I haven't replaced it up until...
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    Poor IQ in Arcsoft TotalMedia theater with hardware acceleration?

    Not sure if this is the right forum to ask, but.. Hi guys, I'm trying to watch a BluRay movie (Inception) via Arcsoft TotalMedia Theater. The problem is when I have hardware acceleration enabled, the colors look... weird. It seems like it's running at 16bit or possibly even less. It also looks...
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    FS: 1G and 2G iPod Touches (32GB) & 2G iPod Nano (8GB)

    edit: I'm an idiot, wrong forum. please delete
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    Glossy 24"+ IPS Display

    Hi I've currently got an NEC 20WMGX2, and I love the display, but I think it's time for a new display since the backlight of this is not uniform at all anymore. I figure if I'm getting a new monitor, I may as well get a larger one. So far the only glossy 24" IPS display I've found is the Apple...
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    Monitor doesn't go into powersave with 5870

    Does this happen to anyone else? When the computer is supposed to turn off the display, the screen goes blank, but the backlight doesn't turn off. I'm pretty sure it's not an issue with the monitor, since it went into power save mode just fine w/ my previous graphics card (a 9800GTX). I've got...
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    Hyper-V causes sluggish performance?

    I recently installed Server 08 with the intention of using it as a workstation. I was playing around with Hyper-V, but I notice that by simply having the role installed, and not even running a virtual machine, the use of the main OS becomes very sluggish, anything that might be *slightly*...
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    iPod touch video playback problems?

    Hi, I just got an iPod touch and really like it, but I noticed that on quite a few videos, there are multiple points which cause the video player to crash. At this point if I try to restart the video, it starts from the beginning rather than the crash point. Has anyone else had this problem and...
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    Vista Busines DVD

    Hey, I have Vista Business Edition, and every time I try to play a DVD with WMP, I get error code C00D116A, which states "Windows Media Player cannot play DVD video. You might need to adjust your Windows display settings. Open display settings in Control Panel, and then try lowering your screen...
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    Looking for a new monitor

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a 20" widescreen LCD, I've read the stickies, and other posts on this forum, but I'm still not sure what would be a good monitor to get that's currently on the market. I was looking at the Dell 2007WFP, and the LG204WT. The dell seems to be pretty popular, but the LG...
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    PC-G70 Questions

    Hi, I recently bought a Lian-Li PC-G70B and was wondering, if the PC-75 side panel would fit on this case. Also, I plan on modding it for use of either a double or triple radiator on top, so if I completely botch up the job, would I be able to use the top panel of a PC-7X?