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    Blizzard Employees Walk Out, Fans Rebel After Company Bows to China

    The company behind “World of Warcraft” has been vilified by its fans and its employees have walked out in protest after it banned a professional gamer for supporting Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters...
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    Get Ready for Targeted Ads on Your Smart TV

    If they give me a free TV and free streaming service then I might be inclined to accept. I have all dumb TVs in my house. Two with Roku devices and one with a RaspberryPi connecting to my server via emby and kodi, respectively. I see no reason for me to change anytime soon.
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    The End of Blu-ray

    Just when MakeMKV was coming out of beta :)
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    NASA Rover Opportunity Succumbs to the Martian Weather After 15 Years of Operation

    Now that's some bang for your buck. Hats off to the engineers.
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    Microsoft Fights Fake News with New Edge Browser Feature

    Sounds fine to me:ROFLMAO:
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    Automation Will Change Every Job, but Only 25% Are on the Chopping Block

    How many jobs do we have today that we did not have in the 80's or 90's? How many were lost since then? typewriter repairman. How many jobs were lost because of the steam engine? The steam engine was the start of the industrial revolution and changed the workforce dramatically. It created more...
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    Amazon Enters the Ground Delivery Robot Market

    Can it do multiple deliveries or does it have do got back "home" to get a new delivery?
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    The Original Ghostbusters Cast Will Return for New Movie

    I thought Ghostbusters 2016 was insulting and a cunt move. Why do women have to try and take over? Star Wars, Ghostbusters etc. Why don't they make their own thing?
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    FDA Chief Threatens to Take E-cigarettes off the Market

    They didn't say they quit nicotine. They said they quit smoking. Had they said they quit nicotine then your sugar comparison would make sense. Smoking is from a combustible. Vapor is from evaporation. If you exhale vape into a heat source it will quickly return to a gas state and disappear. That...
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    Robomart Is an Autonomous Grocery Store on Wheels

    When I lived in Philadelphia my car window was broken and my work pants and shirt were taken. My CDs were still there and other things of some value were left behind. I quickly located my pants on the sidewalk at the end of the block. I guess they didn't fit. I don't know who did it, but I...
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    California Lawmaker Wants to Move toward E-receipts

    Ahh I see. The government protects everybody and the environment. Good to know. By the way, I live under a rock:ROFLMAO:
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    California Lawmaker Wants to Move toward E-receipts

    You must be one of those gun toting rednecks. Fracking deplorables!;)
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    California Lawmaker Wants to Move toward E-receipts

    Why is the Government involved in this? Let the market decide and change naturally if that is the direction consumers wish to take it.
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    Roku to Launch Premium Channel Service

    The free Roku Channel with ads isn't bad. This might be worth it if at a competitive price.
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    Amazon is Reportedly Tired of Selling Low Cost Items

    I guess you can always go to for your CRaP needs.
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    Mobile Apps Track Your Movements and Its All for Sale

    Or be smart enough to setup near a water source.
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    The Witcher TV Show Casts Anna Shaffer as Triss Merigold

    Forget Triss! Check this out. That doesn't look good.
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    [H]ardOCPer to the Rescue!

    Now that's a good neighbor! You can be my neighbor anytime.(y) Zaida Burton seems like a very nice sweet lady. What kind of monster would do that to her after she was so nice to them. Makes me weep.
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    Drones Work Together to Open a Door

    I more impressed with the technique the drones used to open the door. But the video was like
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    China to Launch an Artificial Moon

    I wonder how this nocturnal lighting will affect wildlife. Especially species that use celestial navigation like birds.
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    Liven up the Office with UpTown Spot

    And that's why they are going to kill us. How robiliating!
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    Google Drops Bid for DoD JEDI Program

    Google hasn't been doing well lately with the security breach, closing Google plus and refusing to testify at the senate hearing. Dropping out of JEDI is a way for them to save face. They knew they wouldn't win and now they can say that they weren't interested.
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    Smart Clothing Is Becoming Better at Collecting Our Data

    Great, now I need to worry about my t shirt and underwear getting updates along with that security patch so I won't get hacked. You do NOT want your underwear to get hacked! AND, I'm definitely not supporting Levi's after they gave 1 million to Michael Bloomberg's gun control group.
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    Valve Renames Artifact Card with "Racist Connotations"

    They could have used nigrum or negro instead. The latin and spanish words for black.
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    Valve Renames Artifact Card with "Racist Connotations"

    What a bunch of crackers. I would have never thought of it as a racist statement had I read that card "crack the whip". Indiana Jones maybe
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    Spotify Increases Offline Song Limit to 50,000 Tracks Across Five Devices

    That's about 4,166 albums/CDs Figuring avg album has 12 tracks. 4,166 !!!! That's a lot of music.
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    Crashing Into Fake Cars for Science

    Can I get one that looks like a Lamborghini so I can put it in my driveway? I like the low-profile motorized platform so they can test moving vehicles.
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    Google Slammed for Chrome Change That Strips Out "WWW" from Domains

    That takes too long something shorter and faster accelerated online keywords ;)
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    Google Slammed for Chrome Change That Strips Out "WWW" from Domains

    Google should just have a word that you type in so it will take you to the site. Like a keyword or something that goes right to the site. No need to remember long URLs. They can call it something like accelerated online keywords.
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    Neil Armstrong Biopic "First Man" Leaves Out American Flag in Moon Landing Scene

    I wonder if they left it off the Saturn V rocket as well. What about the astronauts suits? Did they remove the American flag there too? I heard they removed the flag so the movie would have good sales in the international market. How America advanced mankind.
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    3D-Printed Gun Advocate Given Green Light to Distribute Plans to Others

    Antifa called, you are late for the meeting.:ninja:
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    3D-Printed Gun Advocate Given Green Light to Distribute Plans to Others

    Oversimplified ideologies, like everyone being civilized to everyone. Why not ask for world peace. And we all know that civilized people can never do evil. I agree, let kids fail, let them learn from their mistakes and how to fight/work for success. Don't just hand them success or the illusion...
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    3D-Printed Gun Advocate Given Green Light to Distribute Plans to Others

    You can 3D print in Metal. I'm not saying it's better than the real deal, but, definitely stronger than plastic.
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    3D-Printed Gun Advocate Given Green Light to Distribute Plans to Others

    1. Respect life, Defend life, All life. All life matters The rest will fall into place after that.
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    Tesla Drops $35,000 Price From Model 3 Page

    You are assuming that the local materials are cheaper and can meet the demand. Tariffs are a tax on the people. “Fair trade, you see, is raising taxes massively … on everything you purchase that has steel, aluminum, or lumber in it. That, they say, is fair trade ’cause it will punish the...
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    Tesla Drops $35,000 Price From Model 3 Page

    Those new tariffs can't be helping.
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    Facebook Removes Zuckerberg Messages From Recipients' Inboxes

    He called Hillary up and asked her how to clean his server.