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    Do I need a soundcard?

    if you think it sounds better, but aren't sure, then you probably need new headphones. There's really 2 main components here: sound card and headphones. You improved the sound card with minimal change in quality, so you probably need to improve the other. I have the same card you bought. For...
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    Will FiiO E11 improve car sound with Zune?

    My desktop has the E9 amp, Asus Xonar, and pair of HD 555's and the sound is great. I use my Zune a lot in the car (but also portable when working out, etc) and I'm wondering if running it into an E11 portable amp will make a difference. Reviews say it works well with cell phones and mp3 players...
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    Which Tablet for Xmas?

    Well the current one is dual core I think vs quad core of the model coming out. Battery is extended to 18 hours from 12 hours on the current device, I believe. Depends what you want and if you can wait. I thought the new model will be selling for $500, so let's assume the current model drops to...
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    Which Tablet for Xmas?

    Problem solved. That thing is a BOSS. 32gb quad core, thin as the Galaxy Tab for $500. The Galaxy Tab is still $500 and only 16gb single core. I love my Tab but if I didn't already have a tablet I'd buy the Transformer hands down. Plus it's Honeycomb 3.2, upgradable to 4.0 vs all other tablets...
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    Tweaking Skyrim Image Quality @ [H]

    Just curious, whats the huge drop in fps for all the testing?
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    Subaru: Official Escape Vehicle of the Zombie Apocalypse?

    This. I'll tell ya right now, if there's a zombie apocalypse, you sure a shit won't survive in a Subaru....give me a break.
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    Microsoft Ought to Kick Off Search for Bing Buyer

    I think Google should buy it and then hit the delete key lol.
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    computer wont turn on, sets off breaker, makes bzzt noise

    Ok found it, here's what I had... 3 year warranty and I bought it January 2008 and the invoice says I paid $170 for it...over 3 years ago...guess that answers that!
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    computer wont turn on, sets off breaker, makes bzzt noise

    Good question, I don't know what the warranty is but I'd have to find the receipt first as proof. I believe the PC P&C I just bought is 7 years. The problem with cleaning a psu is you have to take it out to open it. If its modular it may not be a huge hassle but this one isn't and there's no...
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    computer wont turn on, sets off breaker, makes bzzt noise

    Well I'm back up and running. BAD PSU....I went with the 760w PC P&C. Overkill I know but at least I have a solid PSU for future upgrades. I lost my Windows installation and it couldn't be repaired, did a clean install. I think it was completely wiped. Also 1 of 5 drives aren't showing up. Kind...
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    computer wont turn on, sets off breaker, makes bzzt noise

    ...for 5 hard drives, 2 burners, and a gtx285? Dunno about 450w lol.
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    computer wont turn on, sets off breaker, makes bzzt noise

    Yeah it was definitely a decent psu. This puppy trucked over the years, old indeed though. I think they were underrated but it was great modular technology for the price.
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    computer wont turn on, sets off breaker, makes bzzt noise

    Its the BZ series model bz700. The cap looked swollen. I mean what else would it be?
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    computer wont turn on, sets off breaker, makes bzzt noise

    Well it definitely looked blown open. Is it supposed to be open like that? I bet kyle would know after all the psu reviews hes done. Its the one in my sig ABS tagan 700w. I found a corsair or pc p&c locally i might get.
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    computer wont turn on, sets off breaker, makes bzzt noise

    The mobo looks ok. The caps are silver with blue paint so it would of been pretty obvious if one was blown. What i did notice is after taking out the psu and opening it up, the big cap appears to have blown! The top of it has a manufactured perferation in the shape of an S and it was blown...
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    computer wont turn on, sets off breaker, makes bzzt noise

    So i always put my computer in sleep mode. Well today it didnt wake up and instead it set off the breaker, the computer made a bzzt noise, and i smelled something burning in the computer. I tried resetting the breaker and other rooms on different breakers and it set them off too. I had used the...
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    Revolution or Thunderbolt

    Thunderbolt hands down. Just upgraded a few days ago from the Incredible. Same CPU, but more ram and much bigger screen. It also looks a little more vibrant and seems to run smoother than the Incredible. I looked at the Revolution and went with the Thunderbolt for a couple reasons: 1. I...
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    Color Nook owners: Let me know if you've heard this one before Yes! I did hear this and the update to 2.2 should come mid-April for those who bought it from HSN. Hopefully late April for the rest of us. Features will of course be Flash as well...
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    Nook Color - I love it!

    Sorry, I meant not rooted. I used video playback in Skyfire and it works as well. I haven't tried standalone playback yet, but I use RockPlayer on my phone. It's probably not the best but it plays different formats. Question, how and where do I enter these lines of code to make things work...
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    Nook Color - I love it!

    The Nook with version 1.0.0 has 0 video playback and I found that some webpages that have moving stock tickers and things like that don't quite work right. I manually updated it yesterday to 1.0.1 and now it indeed does have some video playback ability, The Wall Street Journal has a video...
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    Nook Color - I love it!

    I'm gonna try to do this today. Gonna root it and then probably try and put on 2.2. I'm really interested in the improved battery life and wifi for 2.2. Gotta get a damn SD reader. Putting 2.3 on this would be pretty damn slick. And I thought the Galaxy tab was $600? For a tablet that simply...
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    Nook Color - I love it!

    The guide I read said that by rooting it, I might not get the OTA update for 2.2. Of course if I can root, I can just put 2.2 on myself. I believe some have already put 2.2 on it, if not all. This 600mhz cpu does piss me off though from time to time.
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    Sears, Kmart Launch Online Video Store

    It's also 'powered' by Roxio...extra double fail.
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    Sears, Kmart Launch Online Video Store

    Last time I used s-video! Is that seriously the most advanced technology Sears and Kfart can get a hold of? No wonder they suck.
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    Nook Color - I love it!

    I read a guide on how to root the Nook and based on what it said to do, I have no clue what I'm doing and I'm sure I'd brick my Nook if I tried it. If I rooted my Nook, will the Nook interface still work the way it does now or will be essentially gone?
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    Nook Color - I love it!

    I got one for Christmas and its even better than I thought it would be! Nice color screen, plays music, Pandora, basic (but pretty good imo) browser, and it runs off Android 2.1. In addition to reading books of course. The only beef I have is the slight lack of accuracy of the touch...
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    VZW users: who else is jumping ship when iphone comes to us?

    That's pretty much where I'm at. The only reason I can justify being happy for the iPhone coming to Verizon is the potential increase in Verizon's stock price. Other than that, the iPhone can stay away on AT&T's shitty network. I as well expect the iPhone to cause a flock of users leaving ATT...
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    Windows 7 Crashes After AVG Update

    I haven't had this problem yet but the AVG toolbar in Firefox 4 Beta causes it to crash and causes a jacked up script. If you're running FF4 and have the toolbar, turn it off. Other than that, I haven't had this problem, but thanks for the heads up.
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    High-Tech LED Hourglass Traffic Light Concept

    I like it but I guarantee you people will gun it to make the green light since they know how much time is left. Then you'll have people intentionally drive slow up to a red light so it turns green right when they approach it.
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    Incredible HD 4G and Verizon 4G coming soon?

    So we know pictures have been leaked of the Incredible HD coming to Verizon and that it will be 4G (LTE). Most think it won't appear till 2011 but one source says Nov 23rd, right before Turkey Day and Black Friday. Has anyone heard that? Verizon is working on bringing LTE to 38 cities around...
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    Japanese Hologram Rocks Sold Out Concert

    I give credit for the technology....but....That is beyond pathetic....paying to see a holographic pop star is ridiculous. I bet they all go home and jerk off to her too.
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    New phones in 2011 ?

    ...How cool the Nexus Two will be is irrelevant. What is relevant is what medium will Google use to sell it? If they try the same bullshit they did last time by selling it only online, then it's guaranteed to fail, regardless of how good the phone is. I hope Google learned that the phone won't...
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    The official spelling is Swype, those who spell it Swipe are ignorant. I have the beta version of Swype on my Incredible (Android). Its no longer available but I found a torrent for it (hint....). I think it will eventually become available because of growing popularity but not in the short...
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    Hulu Plus Going 50% Off This Week?

    I'd rather just pay a one-time fee for a year's subscription. Recurring charges inconvenience me. I'd rather pay it all and get it out of the way for a discount. Plus I may not use Hulu for a month or two, I don't want to pay for something I'm not using.
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    Firefox 4 for Android Greeted With Cheers and Jeers

    I'll try it out, might even keep it if it's usuable. As far as the file size, who gives a shit? That's what an SD card is for....if you have an Android phone without an SD card, then you just plain suck.
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    School Puts Ads on Letters Home to Parents

    That's awesome. When ever I see ads like this in completely inappropriate places (letters to parents), I make an effort to purposely not buy whatever they're marketing. Fuck costs...obviously the school doesn't respect parents. You don't put ads on things like that. You know another...
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    Segway Owner Drives Off Cliff

    Dammit beat me to it.
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    Segway Owner Drives Off Cliff

    Looks like he segwayed himself to death.
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    Froyo for HTC Incredible today?

    Has anyone noticed a speed improvement? I seem to have a little chopiness going in and out of texting and playing around the home screen. Not sure if this is my text app (Handscent) being laggy or not becuase I'm typing this in the Dolphin browser on my phone and its working just fine. Maybe...
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    Froyo for HTC Incredible today?

    I'M UPDATING MINE RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK I got the notification right after getting pissed off that my phone wasn't getting a signal. I wonder if it cuts off your phone while it downloads the update. I was trying to get into the Android Market and it kept failing to get a connection. Then...