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    So i just got out of a x-399-e gamming with a threadripper 2990wx and into a dark hero with the 5950 ryan 9 and the new mm2 double speed hard drives, HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!! Wow everything is like 3x as fast so happy right now wish i knew how to tweek this thing probably even faster !! jusst...
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    New Drive..

    Hi so i am building a new system the new system is also an asus motherboard different model can i just use the ssd drive i have now or should i get a new drive and do a clean install ? now if u guys say do a clean install how do i download windows 11 from ms site from the new computer if there...
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    Windows 11 pro

    Hi has anyone seen any proformace gains in 11 pro as far as graphics are concerned? Also is doing the upgrade as good as doing a clean install? thanks so much
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    Elevated Privg.

    Why do i keep getting this pop up saying microsoft edge isnt responding because am existing instance is running with elevated privilages. would u like to restart the existing instance with normal privg.?
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    New MB Advice

    Hey can i get some feedback on which brand mb for chipset x399 and using it for flight sims do u guys like the best i have new asus rog strix x399-e but it took a dump so should i stay the same or try a diff brand and any price, price dont matter.. thanks
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    diff speeds

    i got 4 sticks all 4 exactly the same except 2 are 3200 and 2 3000 can i use all 4 to gether asus x-399-e
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    hi quick ? so i am using slot 1&2 i think there is damage in slot 3, so can i use 1&2 skip 3&4, use also 5&6&7&8 will that work? or should i skip 1 to 4 and just use 5to8? or the chain is broken and i can only use 1&2 thanks!
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    Help with upgrade

    Hi i have an ryzen threadripper 2990wx-32 now with asus x399-e strix from what i hear its not the best combo for flight sim and my fps are lacking cause of it... can anyone recomend me a better amd setup for gaming thanks ? oh and i have an rtx2080ti card
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    Install Help!

    so i had 8 sticks in same machine ran fine, i took 6 out and she worked fine now trying to reinstall them and it wont boot... i go back to the 2 and she woks fine, i tried clearing cmos, with and without battery, but no luck!! any tips??? asus x-399-e , corsair vengeance memory, win 10 thanks
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    Hi can anyone tell me a good free program to download stuff like drivers.. also doesn;t windows 10 have it built in to automaticlly download and install stuff. when i go to like up date a driver and download it this driver one comes up then it wants me to sign up and pay a monthly fee!! thanks
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    Drivers For Chipset

    Not sure if the same guy that was helping me see's this again but here is were we left off i posted the pic u asked for and i had said it comes up as 2 unknowns. anyone just looking now i cant find the drivers of this running asus x-399e tr4
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    PCI slot ?

    Any one know if this is right i have dual 2080ti in SLI mode in slots 1 and 3 but my card in slot 3 shows up everywhere as card 1 and the card in slot 1 shows as card 2, i have a asus x399-e motherboard thanks
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    3090 sli

    Is it true only MSI 3090 cards are the only ones you can use for SLI? thanks
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    RTX 3090!!

    Been using the 3090 since last saturday and man does it feel good!!!
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    X570 ?

    Can you use 2nd gen amd with a x570 board? and does 2nd gen amd support pci 4.0? thanks
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    Hii so i have now a threadripper 2990wx 32 core, running at 4.0 and a asus x399-e rog strix and twin 2080ti cards So my question If i change and buy the new 3rd gen. ryzen 9 3.8 or 3.9 speed with 12 cores, and a new am4 high new mother board. Will i see a difference in performance and...
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    Hi does anyone know if u can change all the headers on the motherboard, i had on my front panel 2 usb 2.0 and 2 3.0 usb slots, i dropped coffee on them and they stopped working so im guessing i blew out the headers. So i am wondering if i can have them changed or do i have to get a new...
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    Just found new info on my card

    Hi so i bought 2 matching cards evga 2080ti black edition. I just downloaded HWinfo64 and it gives u alot of details, so i just noticed on one line it says: 11264 mbytes of gddr6 sdram (micron) The second card says the same except the (micron) says (samsung) i am wondering if that makes a...
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    usb 3.1 slot

    Hi i dropped coffee on the front of my rig were the 2 usb ports are and now they do not work, i am wondering do you guys think i blew out that dual cable that connects into the 20 pin usb 3.1 connector, or do you think i blew out the 20 pin connector. I just wanted to see what u think before i...
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    Adding memory

    Hi quick question I have 4 8gig sticks in my machine now I have 4 open slots I am buying 4 more sticks and yes they will be the same but can the size be different instead of adding 4 more 8gig can I add 4 16gig sticks or do they all need to be 8gig thanks very much
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    Removed one card

    just before I removed one of my 2 video cards and turned back on the computer to find nivida control panel gone, I tried everything I have installed the control panel drivers 9 times now and nothing. I did remove device, I did clean install and nothing is working I cant get control panel again...
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    Someone please help me uninstall winzip I tried everything deleated it everywhere I can from regedit but its still here!!!
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    Hi is this the right sli bridge for the video card in the pic? I have 2 of those cards and the bridge came with the motherboard thanks
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    I bought a new system, the video card is a 2080 ti and I got a new 4k 40 inch tcl tv and I keep getting a line that is flickering on it. Its like a line that keep flickering width wise and pops up in different spots, so then I re connected my 10 year old system and it doesn't do it!! so back...
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    ADDING A 2nd card

    hi I have a 2080ti xc evga gaming edition I want to add a 2nd evga 2080 ti xc but its not a gaming edition, only diff is the gaming edition has a clock speed at 1500 and the 2nd one's clock is 1700 is that ok ? or has to be identical?
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    hi I tried using amd overclocking software long story short it crashed and I could not even get to the bios, I called tech dept where I got my system from and gave them the codes, the codes on the mother board were all pointing to the ram so they had me try all different things with the ram...
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    fps x plane 11

    hi just got my new system amd ryzen 2990wx 2080 ti 40 in 4k tv at like 3880x2000 I forget exactly but around there win 10 64bit and all other top stuff I cant remember with 90% of settings turned up im around 20fps does that seem low for a system like this? thanks!!
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    hi yesterday i installed amd overdrive and upon restart it crashed my system i had to reinstall windows, anyone know why? i got the blue screen and said aoddriver2 failed?\ anyway i just got my new system amd ryzen 2990wx rog strix x399-e evga 2080ti black edition whats the best...