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    im back big mac

    hardforoums should make a off topic sub, anyways im back, ok bye.
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    how bad are low profile 1050 non ti for mining?

    someone is selling a low profile 1050 non ti for 65 cad while a normal one makes about .77 cad /per day what do you guys think a low profile makes a day? thanks
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    what to do?

    so my power supply has one 4*2 pin and 3*2 pin but my cpu takes 4*2 and gpu also does. what should i do?
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    why does intel not make gpus?

    i heard they were making iris discret cards but why not make cards that are acc good?
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    how bad is a i7 3820?

    so how bad is a i7 3820? theres a deal on facebook marketplace for a the i7 3820 with a mobo for $40 currently im trying to build a budget build so is it that bad? i mean it kinda compares to and i3 8th gen but takes way more electricity. should i buy it?
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    can i play xbox 360 games on pc?

    ok so i got an xbox 360 with games that i like, there all on cds and i didnt download anything on the xbox it self, can i play the games on pc thanks
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    what is the cheapest ssd with dram

    what is the cheapest ssd with dram where can i find it? location: canada thanks :)
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    this guy is puting water on pc parts how does it still work??

    this youtuber is litrly washing pc parts lol how do they still work? edit : its at 1 min
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    can you mine on a gpu that has artifact

    i still didnt buy it, this is how it looks do see that it says 0 mb of vram
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    mobo n00b help

    so i think im geting a good deal for a gpu (225 for a 1060 6gb) but i need a mobo + cpu for it, i have a q6600 with a mobo just laying around, but is it enough to mine on since its ddr2? thanks
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    does a core 2 duo and ddr2 ram decrease preformance?

    so i want to start real cheap and i already have a core 2 duo and a mobo and was thinking of buying a 1060 for now, does a core 2 duo make preformance that bad or is it ok?