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    Recommend me an SSD for <$120

    Shopping for an SSD to throw into the laptop. Capacity isn't a big issue since it's not going to hold any files other than spreadsheets, pdfs, and docs along with a few programs. I figure at that price range I'm looking at 32-60GB. All SSD's seem similar to me though so I'm having a tough time...
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    Recommend me an SSD for <$120

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    Win 7 PC inaccessible from Vista Biz Laptop but not vice versa

    Trying to get the Vista laptop onto the Win 7 created workgroup. Full shares are on. Network discovery on both. When I started, attempting to log into Win 7 PC required username and password, which I couldn't get to work. Now I just get error "Windows cannot access \\PC Network path not found"...
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    HT and NB clock tolerance on X4 620 OC

    I'm having a bit of trouble getting past 280MHz HTT with my X4 620 and am wondering if there could be anything holding me back on the HT and NB clocks, which are both at 2240MHz right now. Does dumping the HT and NB multipliers help like it used to on the X2s and Athlon64s? Currently I'm at...
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    Sound garbles/skips when loading webpages

    Using the onboard sound (Realtek ALC888), the sound during music playback on anything other than WMP11 gets skips when I load a webpage. Opening several programs while a song is playing doesn't cause this problem though. I didn't get this problem when I used XP so I'm suspecting it might be...
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    Superglue Temperature Tolerance

    A very quick question for you guys. I hope someone knows the answer! I want to superglue two pieces of metal together but the metal may get toasty (60-65C). Does standard superglue still hold at those temperatures or will the bond break?
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    Post-formatting space seems a bit small..

    Just formatted a 400GB Hitachi to NTFS and see in Explorer that it only shows 372GB available. 28GB is a lot of space to lose to formatting.... what's the deal? I can only remember losing around 10-15GB on my previous drive, which was 250GB SATA. System running Vista x64.
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    HDD not showing up in Explorer (Vista x64)

    I just installed a 400GB Hitachi SATA drive but upon booting into Windows, I checked in Explorer and the drive is nowhere to be found. I checked Device Manager and the drive shows up there as installed and working. Driver is up to date. Checked in BIOS and the drive shows up there as well. I...
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    Office 2003 Won't Install on Vista 64

    For some reason, the program won't install because it claims it can't modify some obscure .inf file. This happen to anyone else? I checked on MS compatibility page and it says that it should wtf...
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    Biostar TA790GX A2+ Install

    I will finally be getting around to putting together this rig this afternoon. Will be posting up pictures as well as any technical issues or comments I have in case any of you guys are considering this board. Hopefully all will go well. The parts: MB: Biostar TA790GX A2+ CPU: AMD BE-2400...
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    Looking for 24" Monitor

    I read through some of the forum threads but everyone seems to say that their monitor is the best :p. Since I don't have a big bag of $$ right now, I'm probably going to stick with TN since I don't do any serious image editing (mostly just browsing, text, occasional game, etc). I know there are...
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    Stepping question

    I recently bought a BE-2400 from Newegg together with a Biostar TA790GX A2+ board. Was wondering if you guys could tell me what kind of overclocking results I should expect from the different steppings available. I saw something about G1 and G2 but I haven't really kept up with what the good...
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    What's a good AM2 board these days?

    I haven't been paying much attention to the motherboard chipset scene as of late so I'm totally lost as to what the currently good/popular boards for AM2 are these days. Looking to pair with a BE-2400, 4GB RAM, and an 8800GT. Some overclocking ability is appreciated but this machine is...
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    New In-Win SFF case

    In case you haven't seen, there's a new case out by In-Win, maker of fine generic cases :). Fits most/some mATX boards, full-height video cards, and comes w/ its own 300W SFX power supply (looks like an FSP GLS-300 from the pictures). It's a joint effort by Intel and In-Win designed to take...
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    Another microATX case that may be coming at some point. Since I love my P180 so much, I'm tempted to get my hands on one of these when it's released. 3x120mm and 1x200mm mounts in an SFF? Crazy... link
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    Suggest me a RAID controller card for fileserver

    I'm looking to set up an old P3 Celeron as a fileserver for my house but as the board is too old to have many RAID options built in, I'd like to know what you guys would suggest for an affordable RAID 5 controller card w/ 4+ SATA ports. Performance doesn't have to be top notch since it's only a...
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    new AM2 690G ITX board

    Although I doubt it will ever make it to the states, people in other regions (Europe, Asia) may be interested. Seems like it could make a nice media PC. Albatron has come out with a new mini-ITX board supporting AM2, 2 laptop DDR2 dimms, integrated X700 class graphics, and a whopping 4 SATA...
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    Recovering "Permanently" Deleted Files

    So I was cleaning off my keyboard today and I accidentally deleted my entire movie folder. Of course, given that there were about 100GB worth of ripped movies in there, Windows does me the courtesy of "permantly" deleting them. Is there any way I can get these files back? A program perhaps? DOS...
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    recommend me 20" widescreen ~$250

    I've looked around but can't seem to find many decent 20" widescreen panels around that price range. There are lots of conflicting reviews so I'd really just like to hear some of your personal opinions. Also, please don't give a reason for a particular monitor being better because it has "X ms...
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    Vista (for students/teachers)

    This is a decent deal if your school isn't nice enough to give you a free/cheap distro of Vista, like mine (damn you Georgia Tech). Vista for cheap, but you'll need to verify you are currently a student/teacher/etc. For grown ups, get your kids to do it for you...
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    DDR533/DDR667 to DDR800

    I'm hoping to get some suggestions on 2GB packs of DDR533 or DDR667 that would easily overclock to DDR800 and maybe some more. These will probably be paired w/ an E4300 or E4400 and a 650i board or perhaps a DS3 or P5B-E. I'm not looking for anything awesome, just for some quality RAM that's...
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    New Coolermaster Air Cooling

    I hope COOLERMASTER brings this product to the States sometime soon. It looks like it would be fun to have :D .
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    Silverstone SG03 out

    Just a bit of SFF fun. Silverstone SG03 I'm not a big fan (pun intended) of tower SFF cases but some of you might like the 2X120mm fans and room for radiator comment.
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    UHF/VHF Antenna Recommendations

    This past Thanksgiving weekend, I went out and bought a Toshiba 62MX196 62" 1080p DLP. It already has a built in ATSC/NTSC tuner. Problem is, I would like to get an equally nice antenna so that the picture will looks decently crisp. I just want to know what kind of antennas you guys are...
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    Higher Auto-Detect OC with Newer Drivers

    I just switched from the old 84.21 drivers that I had been using for the longest time to the 93.71 drivers. Control panel changes and such aside, the auto detect option on coolbits clock frequency settings give me a much higher OC than before on my 7600GT. Auto detecting on the old drivers would...
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    Sony mem stick pro duo

    I'm not completely sure whether this is the right place to post this but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a nice place to pick up memory sticks for cheap. The 1G sticks I bought back in the day are becoming insufficient for the amount of downloaded content, homebrew, and encoded movies I've...
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    P5B, P5B-E, P5B Deluxe

    Normally I'd search the web for an hour to get this information but today I'm feeling lazy... :). Can someone tell me the differences in these 3 boards other than their prices and motherboard cooling choices? Info concerning their overclockability in relation to each other would be...
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    abit NF-m2nView

    Straight from the abit website Seems like it could become a very nice board to build an AM2 system around. Power circuitry seems clean and the layout looks decent. DVI + VGA on the 6150/430 combo for dual display out of the box. I like the color scheme too. You get the OTES system to boot.
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    7600GTS and 7600GT AGP on sale

    Just saw this on the 'egg as I was browsing. Seems to be an extremely cheap 7600gt that costs roughly the same price as a 7600gs. I don't quite understand the whole software SLI vs. hardware SLI thing but it seems as though...
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    AIW's really ARE cancelled this time

    Oh snap... See you later [dual tuner media center with a nice soundcard that can play games well too]. I remember posting about this happening in the UK before...
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    S3 Suspend on Biostar

    Not really a killer problem but kinda quirky... Putting my Biostar 6100 board in S3 suspend with USB wake-up seems to screw up my motherboards temp sensors. The board thinks the proc is running 10-12 deg lower than actual and while this isn't a problem at idle where the proc is at 30*C and...
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    No more AIW

    Oh noes....seems the AIW line is going to be for the people with SFF cases who wanted several pci devices in addition to their videocard/tuner combination.
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    voltmod safety

    I know I'll get yelled at for this one but I'll ask anyway... :p How safe is it to pencil mod a videocard while the system is running so you can get a realtime measurement of increasing voltage without taking the card out? It's a point of curiousity, not something I would actually do. No...
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    Is this Koolance a decent value?

    I recently picked up a long discontinued (read uber-old) original Koolance EXOS kit at a local CompUSA (who would've thought they sold this stuff...). It's the one where they still use a steel enclosure so it's relatively heavy in comparison to the aluminum one although pump vibration is...
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    Biostar 6100 Temp's

    Curious as to how many other people may be having this same problem... My Biostar TForce6100 board will show very strange temp readings each time I do a burn in. Goes from 31C to 42C almost instantaneously when I turn on prime95, climbs to 55-56C, turn off prime after a while, temps drop...
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    noob '?': temp monitoring

    I've got a Biostar Tforce6100-754 that I run with a Sempron 3100+. When I was doing the OC testing with Prime95, I noticed that the temps would spike from the 31C idle to 43C almost immediately, then pretty quickly climb its way into the mid 50s. When I stop Prime, it drops in a second's worth...
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    Volt-Mod 7600gs Questions

    I checked around on the web and found a couple sites where they show how and where to volt-mod the 7600gs (based on the reference board). Some people have posted OC's on the core up to 760MHz @ 1.7~1.8V. At that level of voltage is the voltage mod even safe anymore? The 7600GS runs reference...
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    Biostar mATX + Antec NeoHE

    So I've checked the forums a bit and seen that most people were having problems with getting their NeoHE to work with their Asus boards... I've got a Biostar TForce6100 board that I've paired with an Antec NeoHE 430 that I pulled from a DFI NF2 system. Turn on the power, all the fans turn...
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    Microfly/Qpack Compatibility Question

    Hey guys, I figured this question would probably apply to both the QPack and the Microfly as they are very similar cases. After searching through the SFF forums and the SFF gallery, I've come to the conclusion that about 60% of the people use a Zalman 7XXX HSF, 30% use stock, and maybe 10%...