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    Cannot connect to printer in a seperate subnet but same domain.

    You can shut printers switch port off also.
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    Cannot connect to printer in a seperate subnet but same domain.

    If you unplug the printer from network. Does the ping respond from PC on separate subnet?
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    Cannot connect to printer in a seperate subnet but same domain.

    Is gateway configured on the printer?
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    IPS/IDS behind Double NAT

    Can you turn LLDP off on UDM?
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    VPN that appears like a private home internet?

    I'll get a second internet connection and sell you VPN service like you described. Choices are comcast and AT&T. Cost is $350 a month.
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    Mixed physical servers in cluster?

    Divide the intel and AMD CPUs servers into separate clusters if you have minimum of 3 servers per a cluster. You may be able to turn on EVC mode and present shared storage to both clusters and try a migration?
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    Get a second router for a NAS setup?

    VPN with two factor authentication. If VPN doesn't offer it, NAS unit might if you go with Synology or QNAP NAS.
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    Dell will not ship Gaming PCs to these states

    Think you need to look at the political parties that run the states listed ;) That may be why Texas isn't on the list.
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    match default rule, drop

    3389 is default RDP port. I'd recommend changing the server you connect to a different port for RDP.
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    need some ubiquiti guidance PTP wireless bridge network

    A list of the hardware devices you have would be useful. Also are you using a cloudkey? see below link. In the link under related articles, it'll tell you how to use new network/vlan with wifi. I've...
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    Troubleshooting TFTP/PXE with WDS VM and MoFi Network MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-V3 OpenWrt router

    Did you confirm same nic (vm net 3 or E1000) is being used between running Vm and blank ones?
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    How do I recieve a email if my Synology NAS has 80 % to 90% cpu usage ?

    Enable email notifications, Capacity alert settings System Center >System>Notifications<advanced<Internal Storage
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    Help troubleshoot 10gb nic slowness

    Try different port on the switch.
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    DDNS worth setting up ? With Synology NAS
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    I know a lot of people got a Synology DS-920+ from Amazon my question is what drives did you get for it? Western Digital Reds.
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    Linking Edgerouter's together advice?

    Disabling all features on ER-X-SFP and transfer them over to ER4. Use the ER-X as a dumb switch.
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    QuickConnect Synology NAS

    Not unless you require access to NAS from outside your network. I’ve used it once in 2 years I’ve had my synology. It was really quick and easy to setup after the fact.
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    FYI Certain Synology nas units can take advantage of hardware offloading. It can’t do this if you run Plex inside of docker.
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    How do I get rid of NAS listed in network on Windows 10 please?

    Disable network discovery on windows. or
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    I use docker on my synology NAS to run pihole DNS server. didn't want to manage another box/OS. Simple and works perfectly fine.
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    Battle Bots New Youtube channel

    Discovery channel airs the show on Fridays.
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    FreeNas won't boot!

    Take the USB drive and try another port. You can reinstall on USB drive and then import pool. Done it many times.
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    I need networking help. Given what I have and need, which system?

    Its personal preference, do all POE adapter or get POE switch. Switch is more money and less wires. My preference is less wires.
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    Synology DS1520+

    doesn’t look like it
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    Is it better to have one really powerful NAS to do more than one thing or have multiple NAS devices with each one doing one task dedicated to it?

    Synology has an app store much line google/apple stores. You can install that version of Plex Media server or go directly to Plex's site and download latest and greatest version for Synology NAS systems. To take advantage of hardware transcoding requires an active Plex Pass subscription. You can...
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    NAS question

    I work in IT and fix larger systems all day. When I get off work, I don't wish to tinker and fix things at home. I bought a Synology 918+ and use it for NAS duties, Plex server, Backup server (Software built in the NAS) and Pi-hole (DNS). running great since the day I got it.
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    Simple vlan, hardware and setup recommendations

    Bought Ubiquiti router, switch and access point a few years ago with CloudKey. It just works, love single point of management.
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    Packet Tracer Problem

    1. Configure switch0 as root for all vlans. 2. configure etherchannel to combine the links going from switch0 to switch 1 and configure access for vlans 5,10,15,20 on the etherchannel.
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    vSan performance

    Tried doing a capacity that exceeds the cache devices?
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    Best Software raid OS for Raid 6

    windows 3.1
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    Home - carpet and wall obfuscation for ethernet cables?

    Have you considered power line adapter that use the electrical wall outlets? Power line adapters description
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    PCI configuration missing in vcenter configuration view?

    Can you view the PCI cards if you go to host gui, or boot up the VM from host gui?
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    AWS Migration tools? Anyone with VMware on prem and moving to AWS?

    Zerto is competitor to Dell recoverpoint and VMware site recovery manager. It’ll replicate VMs to most major cloud platforms. licensing is based on number of VM protected.
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    Easiest way to auto start VMware workstation with a VM on boot up in windows 10?

    Have a look at the below PDF
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    New Synology owner tips/questions?

    What Synology model did you get? Download plex from the plex website. Synology app store can fall behind on releases. Synology has a backup application built into the store that has client application for devices. Security sake, if you want remote access to Synology, setup two factor...
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    Moving sata hdd with data to new pc, new pc doesnt see data.

    Difference in windows versions between the two PCs? Any raid configuration or windows storage features being used?
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    convince me about Ubiquiti

    Think you are seeing people praise the USG and AMplifi product lines. I have a full setup of USG 3 port router, POE switch, and access points. All this is managed by a cloudkey (Unifi controller) which works great. I bought all this due to convenience of single point of management.
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    Alternatives to DFS for Server Duplication

    Both. I was using a internal tool on a NAS and it broke. So i switched to viceversa for small and large file transfer. viceversa was my go to when a user would open a ticket and say they had missing files. Typically it was due permissions. It allows incremental and full syncs.
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    Alternatives to DFS for Server Duplication

    I've used ViceVersa to replicate data also. Nice GUI and easy to work with. Compatible with windows. Should do what you want.