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    Proton mail may log ips after all...

    Proton Logs IPS Written by Jeff Stone Sep 7, 2021 | CYBERSCOOP ProtonMail, the encrypted email service that’s built a reputation for safeguarding user data, said it had no choice but to provide details about an activist to French authorities, amid mounting questions about the privacy...
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    Images in conversations

    Hello - I wanted to see if I was missing something. Is it possible to ad an image to a conversation? I see what appears to be a picture icon, but it seems to only allow an http:\\ link. I also checked the +Camera icon and it seems to only allow media from a website, like youtube or...
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    Dual booting Win Xp and Linux Mint 17. Want Linux gone.

    Hello - Several months ago, I decided that I wanted to dual boot Windows 7 and Linux Mint 17 because I was taking the Free Linux class that was posted about. I never even finished the class. I decide very early on that Linux is not for me. I want to be able to click an executable and...
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    Upgrading from Droid Maxx to Moto PureX (Verizon)

    Hello - First things first.. I have already purchased the MotoX. I am not rooting it or unlocking the bootloader. Please do not suggest these actions. I have had my Droid Maxx for about 2.5 years. It is running Android version 4.1.2. 1.. I LOVE the email app. I have 8 different...
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    Newegg: Fractal Design Steel Node 605b 109.99 Free S/H

    Full size ATX Capable HTPC: Cheapest on Amazon 131.99 + 12.49 S/H HTPC BTW: I hate showing hotdeals from NewEgg, but 33$ is a big savings.
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    Whole house HTPC questions

    Currently I have Comcast with a dvr which is hooked up to my main TV in the living room. I record a lot of shows. The main problem is that I am running out of space because I have approx. 100 saved episodes of various wood working shows, (New Yankee Workshop, Wood Smith Shop, American...
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    Financial Acct. Prin <Book> Ends Jul 21, 201216:45:55 PDT Starting bid: 50.00 BIN $75

    Financial Acct. Prin <Book> Ends Jul 21, 201216:45:55 PDT Starting bid: 50.00 BIN 75.00 Financial Accounting Principals 11th Ed. International Edition College level text book. Less than 1/2 cost of new US edition. Ends Jul 21, 201216:45:55 PDT Starting price 50.00 buy it now @ 75.00 +...
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    Java Programming <Book> Ends Jul 21, 2012 @ 16:42:25 PDT 15.00 Start 38.50 BIN

    Java Programming <Book> Ends Jul 21, 2012 @ 16:42:25 PDT 15.00 Start 38.50 BIN Java Programming 6th Ed. International Edition by Joyce Farrell College level text book. Ends Jul 21, 2012 @ 16:42:25 PDT 15.00 Starting price, buy it now 38.50 + 4.00 economy shipping...
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    Financial Acct. Prin <Book> ends 7-11-12 @ 0103 Starting bid: 65.00 BIN 90.00

    Financial Accounting Principals 11th Ed. International Edition College level text book. Less than 1/2 cost of new US edition. Ends 7-11-12 @ 0103 Starting price 65.00 buy it now @ 90.00 + 4.00 economy shipping...
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    Java Programming <Book> Ends 7-11-12 @ 0120 PDT 25.00 Start 42.50 BIN

    Java Programming 6th Ed. International Edition by Joyce Farrell College level text book. Ends 7-11-12 @ 0120 25.00 Starting price, buy it now 42.50 + 4.00 economy shipping.
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    ICS for Droid Razr Mazz :mad:

    :mad: FYI: If you do the update be aware that the Motoblur Universal Inbox gets removed. I just completed the upgrade, and now I wish I hadn't. In fact I don't see what anyone sees in ICS. I am really pissed that the universal inbox or Messaging App as it was called by Verizon is gone. It...
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    SQL Explicit permissions

    First, I must confess that I don't understand SQL or really any programming language. What is the best way to answer the following question? Is there ever a reason to use explicit permissions in SQL 2005? Why? or Why not? I would prefer if someone could explain what explicit permission...
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    Early stages of HTPC

    I am considering building an HTPC. I want it to be a robust machine. I am also considering using the same machine a dvr for a home security system-- thoughts? For the last few months I have been looking at the Gigabyte H57 USB3 Micro Atx MB, but it has and seems to have always been...
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    Looking for a 20 inch to compliment my Dell 3008

    I recently acquired a Dell 3008 and I am looking for a side monitor that will be oriented in portrait mode. I want something that is very high quality; TN panels need not apply. I am considering a dell 2001FP, I can order one from dell and hopefully get an IPS panel, or I can order one off...
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    Dell 2007fp Which revision is best?

    I have the opportunity to pick up a couple of these. They are different revisions, A-01 - A-03. Which revision is the best, or has the reputation of being the best as far as not having any black light bleed, or any other issues. Thanks
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    Suggested CD burning software for Windows NT

    I am looking for suggestions for a free or cheap software package that will burn cd's in Windows NT version 4 SP 6. Currently the machine has Nero Version installed and cannot recognize the CD burner. Windows NT sees it fine, and data can be read from the CD. Nero will not recogize...
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    Need to change the IP on a clustered server.

    Our corporate office gave us a new range of IP's to use. We need to change the IP on our clustered server. The OS is windows 2003 server. An attempt was made last night, however there were several error messages, one saying something along the lines of " if you attempt this, the entire...
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    CPU's Article on Softmodding an 8800 GTS to a Quadro FX 5600

    I just received my latest issue from CPU. They had an interesting article on soft modding your 8800 GTS into a Quadro FX 5600. Basically for those of you that don't get CPU they use GPUZ to verify that you are running a "moddable" GTS. ( Special Thanks to CPU Magazine for the Info.) There...
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    DHCP troubles

    Here is my setup, what I've tried and the results. I have a Linksys Cable modem, model # BEFCMU10. I have a Linksys 4 port Router, model # BEFSR41. Firmware Version: 1.04.17, Nov 26 2003 The 4 ports of the router go to various locations in my house. At one of those locations I have an 8...
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    Video card for 24" monitor; non gamer

    I am putting the final touches on the GF's new computer. I have been gathering parts for a long time. The build will be: DFI Expert 2 or 3 gigs of Corsair XMS FX-60 Audigy 2 gamer PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Raptor 150 some other larger harddrive, or 2, or 3. Plextor DVD burner...
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    Cheap Flash Memory cards

    I got an email from and they have some decent deals of Flash memory cards; sd, USB sticks Etc. A-data 2 Gig 150 X 12.99 Free S/h...
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    DFi 590 LP issues

    Here is my setup: LP UT NF590 SLI-M2R/G Bios 2007/05/30 AMD 6400+ BE OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 Platinum DFI Special Dual Channel 2 gigs ( I have 4 gigs) Raptor X 150 (boot drive) EVGA 640 N827 2 LH-20A1L-05 (sata) 3 WD5000AAKS (sata) 2 ST3500641A-RK (ide) Creative labs Fatality w/ front panel...
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    Which would you go with?

    I am doing a simple basic build for a friend who wants to go with AMD. He will probably go with a AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ Windsor 2.6GHz 2 x 1MB L2 Cache Socket AM2 65W. As far as motherboard choices he sent me the following links...
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    Fan Connector

    I am in need of a fan connector and the associated pins. I have included a few pictures. I would prefer black or neon green, but white is OK too. Thanks for any and all help. If possible I would like to buy the online; has to be in the US. I can also check...
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    DFI 590 AM2 Build advise.

    Ok I have made all my purchases, and I have everything ready to be put together. System will be as follows: DFI LANPARTY UT NF590 SLI-M2R/G AM2 AMD 6400+ Black Edition OCZ DDR2 800 PC2 6400 LanParty optimized memory XFI Fatality sound card, (being pulled from the current system) EVGA...
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    Wire gage for fan question

    I am putting together a new system and some of my fans' tails don't have enough length to be able to route them through my case the way I want. So I am forced to make my own custom length tails, double female, so I can use a multi fan plug in port at the bottom of the case. I have already...
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    X64 Black Edition 209 Free S/H With newegg newsletter promo code

    I think this is a great deal, I am pissed, I could have saved 30$ and another 20 on some memory if I would have waited a week or so before I ordered. Anyways here is a screen capped image of some decent deals. I cut out the non hot ones and combined the hot ones into one image. Remember you...
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    semi hot... LG 24 inch 499 compusa and BB

    On my searches for a 24 inch monitor, (I made a few "grumpy" posts in the display section) I found what appears to be a semi hot deal. The LG L246WP-BN is on sale from 599 to 499 100 off instantly, at BB and compusa. Newegg has the 245WP-BN for 650. the only difference i have found is button...
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    24 inch monitor... opinions wanted

    I will be in the market for a new 24 inch monitor with in the next three months. Currently I am looking at the BenQ FP241 or the Samsung 244T I really...
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    Vista Transformation Pack

    The only thing that I have noticed that is slightly inconvenient is that in order to use the Aero features, you have to purchase an app from StarDock. Here is the link to the download.
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    Seagate 500GB Serial ATA/300 16MB Buffer Retail Hard Drive Kit. 104.99 free S/H

    This is a pretty smokin deal: ST3500641AS-RK -
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    500 GIG IDE Seagate Retail 99.99 F S/H

    Check out fry's for the following super hot deal: Seagate 500GB Ultra DMA/100 16MB Buffer ST3500641A-RK - Retail Hard Drive Kit Seagate 500GB Ultra DMA/100 16MB Buffer ST3500641A-RK - Retail Hard Drive Kit SEAGATE: #: 4795159 *...
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    Most reliable 500 gig IDE

    I am looking at picking up 2 new 500 gig IDE hardrives. I want the most reliable harddrive I can find, I am not too concerned with noise. Here is the link that from newegg with there 500 IDE options, which is the best harddrive on this list: Seagate ST3500641A-RK 500GB 7200 RPM IDE Ultra ATA100...
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    WD Raptor 150 179.99

    This does not seem to be all that bad of a deal, considering they are 225+ most other places.
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    Temperature Monitor

    I have been looking around a bunch of the different websites; newegg, performance-pcs, frozen-cpu, ect. and I can not seem to find a temperature monitor with more than 4 probes. I want something that has at least 8, 12 would be perfect and I don't need/want any fan controllers. I would like to...
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    Fans, fans, and more fans

    I am in the processes of putting together my new system. I won't be using a watercooling setup, so I will need some fans. Noise isn't a real factor, as long as it I can't hear it in another room. I currently have a Thermaltake Armour with 4 AeroCool XtremeTurbine-Black 120mm Case Fans (89.39...
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    Semi Hot Deal TJ07

    I found this over at Frys. Silverstone Black Windowed TJ07 for 299.99 plus 15.01 ground shipping. This makes it 315.00 total. There are a few places that are cheaper, sunmicro and eastluna, but their shipping charges make for a much higher price. Here is the link...
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    DFI expert and Corsair; may need new memory recommendations

    I just got my new DFI NF4 LanParty UT Sli-DR Expert and the Zalman CNPS9700 NT, the silver colored all copper one with the green LEDs. In will go the FX 60. An 8800 gts or 2 as soon as the prices come down are my next purchase along with a silverstone tj-07, I may pick up a new raptor too...
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    Had a wierd BSOD I think I fixxed it.

    My computer specs are in my sig. So yesterday I spent most of the day encoding some video, and burning it to DVD, all was well until about 8 pm. Then I got my first BSOD. Memory_Management 0x0000001A. Rebooted got back in to windows and uninstalled the last thing that had updated...
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    I want a new Case

    I currently have a Thermaltake Armor, the big one, VA8000BWS Black with the side window and all. I like the case except for the fact that i want my harddrives to go across the front of the case instead of lengthwise. I also want a case that is easier for cable management. I really like...