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    Crossfire 7970 questions and concerns

    This will be slightly long. I have a Asus P6X58D-E and one Sapphire 7970 I just got a few days ago. My mobo has 3 pci-e slots. The mobo is spec'd to run at 16x/16x/1x or 16x/8x/8x in Tri-Fire. My Dual-X 7970 is so wide though that using it in slot 1 I would not be able to use slot 2. I got...
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    Xbox 360 Live 12 Month Gold Card DLC $39.99
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    12 month Xbox Live Gold Card $39.99 FS Dollar more than the egg but in stock atm
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    25" Hannspree $144.99 @ Staples FS No MIR

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    360 S Skins

    I know [via a google search] that a few places are already putting out skins for the 360S. Anyone have knowledge of when to expect MLB/NFL themed ones or their is a site already selling them that I missed?
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    Free Sample Twinlab Protein

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    Just get a pci-e adapter?

    OK so my neighbor is a super cheapsake. Against my advice he bought a Dell Studio pc from the dent and ding site. The system is a Q8300, 6GB DDR2, 640GB HDD, 1 DVDRW, Off the record I dont think I could have built what he has for the same $$, mostly because he did get it with Win 7 and it cost...
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    Sansa Clips 1GB $14.99FS, 2GB $19.99FS ; Both Refurbs

    1GB Link 2GB Link These really are great little players especially for the gym. If you are ok with a refurb the price is unbeatable
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    Using a microsdhc card in adapter in camcorder

    Is there any reason I could not get a 8gb microsdhc card and put it in its sdhc adapter and use it in a flash camcorder? Im just looking to save a few bucks as for some reason microsdhc is a bit cheaper than sdhc
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    Plantronics Pulsar 260 $29.99 [FS]

    Decent Stereo BT
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    Fry's B&M: Antec EA430 $19.99

    Sorry no direct linkage available. But this is a decent low needs PSU. I mean $20. This thing is $70 right now at newegg. 30A on the 12v rail. Decent for a single midrange gpu based system
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    Did my psu die?

    So this is for the Junior rig in the sig. This morning the kids turned it on the fan only molex's were not giving any power. I thought that was odd and not a good sign. Changed somethings around and got it working. Just now after a re-boot it would not load windows. It would get to the XP...
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    Cold Temps and LCD shipping

    Little bit of a different question here. Tried to search and google for this to no avail. So I'm finally pulling the trigger on a new widescreen LCD [upgrading from the old 4:3 17"]. My question/concern is I live half way up a mountain. Every night this week the overnight lows have been...
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    Pretty Warm: Egg = Hanns·G 22" $149.99 Shipped

    Looking for a cheap 22" TN panel, free shipping, no MIR $149.99 If you wanna play the rebate game wait a few days and you can save $20AR for other cheap 22" TN panels
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    Warm: B&M Costco AOC 20" WS LCD $139.99

    Its not on the website but it is in the warehouse. AOC 20" widescreen 1680x1050, DVI, VGA. Pretty decent piano black finish. You get what you pay for but $279.98 for 2 is a fair amount of screen real estate. This price is $20 less than any 20" on the egg
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    Fallout Collection $12.99

    Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics. Here $12.99 + shipping. If by some chance you jumped on FO3 without these two or are thinking about FO3 try these on for size.
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    Classic indeed.
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    Classic pong in 3D

    I used to play this at work for hours years ago :D
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    Last Day 10/30: 4870 free shipping $181AR [$211-30MIR]

    So sorry if anyone else linked this but I don't think so. This is in the hot deals but not at this price. The price has dropped a bit since the [H] deal was posted Monday. Anyway this one goes away in a few hours [end of 10/30]: Link Promo Code is : HARDOCP102710P Should come to $211.49...
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    MSI 9800GT $99.99AR Shipped

    The latest cheap 9800GT @ Egg
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    All Copper Ultra 120

    http:// Who's ponying up the $100+ for this guy?
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    nvidia temp monitor other than gpu z

    Tried the search function and didn't find an answer. I know the old forceware drivers and what not had the temp monitoring. I DL'd GPU-Z and that's a cute little app. Is there any other way to monitor temps from within say the nvidia control panel itself? I installed the system tools so...
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    Warm: Westy 42" 1080 $699 @ Costco

    http://|79|2341|3316|74672&N=4018657&Mo=24&No=2&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&cat=74672&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&hierPath=79*2341*3316*74672*&topnav= So I was just walking the store the other day and...
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    Problems filling all 3 ram slots on old kt333

    So I have 2 512mb sticks and acquired a 1gb stick in hopes of running 2gb in an super old Epox 8K3A. There are only three dimm slots. Its not DC mobo. Its a KT333. Anyway, problem is with all three slots filled I cannot get windows to load. I can run with the GB stick and one of the two 512mb...
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    Warm: Sceptre 24" @ Egg $259 this weekend Same price of a very decent 22". There are several threads on the Sceptre 24". If you want big and cheap over super IQ this might be for you. Basically about $280 shipped which is cheaper than the Costco deal. Its gone by...
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    Warm? 22" LCD Widescreens sub$300

    I think these are above average deals; maybe not HOT, HOT, HOT but not too bad I think. I saw the Viewsonic at Costco today and it looks pretty nice IMO. ViewSonic Spectre Or if this is not a good deal someone let me know please as I will lean or not lean towards a purchase largely on...
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    7600GT's AGP back in stock over that the egg

    Here Thanks to Ranari for finding this Just for the record the xfx models do use 128 bit memory the 256 is a typo
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    My 7600GT AGP

    Just arrived in the past hour. Its the same size as my Ti 4200. I just plopped in it and did the proper driver cleaning as recommended in the sticky atop the Video Cards Forum Page. Initial impressions are very positive :D First thing I did was not run anything from 3DMark but instead...
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    19 versus 20

    OK so I got a 17" LCD right now running 1280x1024 of course. Most 19's I'm looking at run 1440x900 whereas the 20's run 1680x1050. I mostly game, and Internet stuff. I've got a 7600GT so 1440x900 is no problem 1680x1050 is my limit. Also I'm budget conscious. Several 19's are at the egg for...
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    Warm: 7600GT for AGP $172.99

    Not hot but many agp'ers have been waiting on this
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    Leadtek 7600GT for AGP now @ the egg

    Linky and in stock as well. Clocks of 560/1400 are the same as most pci-e and the price of $172.99 isn't that much higher than the pci-e's. All in all not a bad lifeline for agp.
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    Lukewarm: Far Cry $9.84

    Saw it at Walmart this morning. I won't provide a link because frankly this is really only a good deal if you don't have to pay several dollars in shipping. If you don't have it here's a way to get it for less than $11 even with tax. 2004 !!! On a side note they've got Madden 2006 there...
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    Why no member title at 256?

    Seems like there should have been one there? :confused:
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    Digital Camera Questions

    Where is the most appropriate place to put a thread about digital cameras? General Hardware, Computers & Gadgets
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    How high can bh-5 sticks go?

    OK current rig is in sig. Now with the recent massive price drops I'm running out of excuses not to upgrade. Clearly, I could pick up a decent A64 [probably the 3700+] or x2 [probably the 3800+] for $100-150, mobo probably another $100 or so. I'd have to wrestle around on the video card issue...
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    Best Games Currently Less Than $20

    I've been away from the scene for awhile as you can see by my rig which was great in 2004 but a bit long in the tooth now. I've jumping on the x800xl bandwagon but the rest of the system will be the same. My montior is a 17"LCD native 1280x1024. I also haven't bought a new pc game since...
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    Can my system handle a 7800gs?

    I have recently inherited one of my older brother's old PC's. He was a big time computer builder and overclocker [a former member here] and I have just recently begun to get the bug myself. The PC he gave me is over three years old however, he says it is still capable of doing almost anything I...