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    Will FiiO E11 improve car sound with Zune?

    My desktop has the E9 amp, Asus Xonar, and pair of HD 555's and the sound is great. I use my Zune a lot in the car (but also portable when working out, etc) and I'm wondering if running it into an E11 portable amp will make a difference. Reviews say it works well with cell phones and mp3 players...
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    computer wont turn on, sets off breaker, makes bzzt noise

    So i always put my computer in sleep mode. Well today it didnt wake up and instead it set off the breaker, the computer made a bzzt noise, and i smelled something burning in the computer. I tried resetting the breaker and other rooms on different breakers and it set them off too. I had used the...
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    Nook Color - I love it!

    I got one for Christmas and its even better than I thought it would be! Nice color screen, plays music, Pandora, basic (but pretty good imo) browser, and it runs off Android 2.1. In addition to reading books of course. The only beef I have is the slight lack of accuracy of the touch...
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    Incredible HD 4G and Verizon 4G coming soon?

    So we know pictures have been leaked of the Incredible HD coming to Verizon and that it will be 4G (LTE). Most think it won't appear till 2011 but one source says Nov 23rd, right before Turkey Day and Black Friday. Has anyone heard that? Verizon is working on bringing LTE to 38 cities around...
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    Google pulls plug on Nexus One coming to Verizon This news coincidentally comes shortly after we find out the Incredible, a better phone, will be released April 29th to Verizon. Well fuck you too Google, looks like I'm getting an Incredible...
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    Who wants/is getting a Nexus One when it comes to Verizon? VS Droid?

    Well at some point, Google will release the Nexus to Verizon. Hopefully very soon because I am looking to get rid of my crappy BlackBerry. I know the Droid is pretty boss but I recently used a Nexus on T-Mobile and it's sweet! I'm now leaning more towards the Nexus... So who wants one or is...
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    Anyone know if/when NEW Droid is coming out? 4G?

    I hate my BlackBerry, piss on them. I want a Droid but I've heard there is a new one in the works that is supposed to be bananas. Can anyone confirm this? Will it have 4G? BTW I live in Cleveland, OH and it is confirmed we are getting 4G here soon. So If I get a new phone, it should be a 4G.
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    Why does my BlackBerry 8330 Get double emails from [H]?

    I have email notifications on for PM's and the like for [H] and my BlackBerry 8330 Curve gets duplicate emails, but at odd times. I'll get duplicates anywhere from 1 to 20 minutes apart on my phone, but my actual email account doesn't. What's up with that?
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    Looking for HDMI switch, 1 input, 2 output

    Please keep in mind I need a switch, not a repeater. Also I need a switch with 1input and 2 outputs. This seems to be hard to find. Newegg has lots with 2+ inputs and 1 output. My computer has 2 LCDs hooked up to it and I want to use my TV to play BD ROMs since I have a BD ROM on my...
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    Upgraded Eee PC, want to 'downgrade' with no disc drive

    I have an Asus Eee PC that came with Windows 7 Starter. I upgraded to 7 Ultimate using a bootlegged copy just to see how it would run, and also because Starter seriously sucks. Well it wants me to activate but I'm not going to waste $80. I want to restore it back to Starter but the disc it...
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    For PC Blu Ray playback, using DVI to HDMI converter

    I'm thinking about getting a Blu Ray drive for my computer for just movie playback. My monitors have DVI and HDMI ports but my graphics card (GTX285) only has the DVI ports. I do have a DVI to HDMI converter, so my big question is: If I use the converter, will it still look the same as if it...
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    Does SLI 9500GT's Support 4 monitors?

    Dad just had a new rig built. Gigabyte UD4P, i7 920, Corsair mem, Corsair 650w PSU, and SLI 9500GT's, using Vista 64 bit. The problem we're having is we can only get 3 monitors to show up. In the Nvidia control panel, when you try to select the 4th screen, it says "this GPU does not support...
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    Asus VK246H Webcam Drivers needed, 64-bit

    I just snagged the 24" Asus VK246H LCD from Newegg. Unfortunately, Asus neglected to write drivers for Vista 64 bit for the webcam. The drivers included only work up to Vista 32 bit. You can view their website and it clearly doesn't list 64 bit webcam drivers. Does anyone know where I can get...
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    Anyone use Zune Car Pack v2? I hate it.

    I was wondering if anyone uses the Zune Car Pack with the v2 FM transmitter and what your experiences are. I have used mine for 3 days...never again. The signal isn't just bad, its pathetic. I figured the v2 model would work a lot better than the v1 since it was completely redesigned, and the v1...
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    Does Gigabyte Energy Saver do Anything when OCing?

    Like the title says, does it even provide any kind of energy saving when overclocking? Also, can this program cause laggyness or lock ups during games due to the program trying to lower voltages?
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    SB Audigy SE-Vista 64 Drivers-Don't Exist? Substitute Drivers?

    Let me put on my flame retardant suit first. This sound card is aged, I know, I'm looking for new ideas. My question is is it possible there will ever be Vista 64 drivers for this card in the next century? I used this on XP and it worked fine but is NOT supported on Vista 64. The garbage...
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    EVGA 9800GT SLI Issues - Games Crashing

    So I just built this rig and I'm new to SLI. Games seem to run fine on default clocks but with little OCing, games act weird and usually end up crashing. Default clocks are 600/1500/900. I upped it to 650 core 950 mem and games crash. Games like Bioshock, COD WAW/4, Fallout 3, Prey, HL...