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  1. JarJarBinks

    i7-8086K Strange Temps, anyone else?

    I have a i7-8086k @ 5Ghz with a Fractal Design Cooler S36-BK (360MM Water Cooler). I wanted to ask about some stuff because a lot of stuff just doesn't seem right. It pulls 1.296v according to CPUz. And according to Intel power gadget, I'm using upwards of 194W of power and a temperature of...
  2. JarJarBinks

    Has anyone done this before? And was it successful? (Windows 10/Partitions)

    I'm not sure if this belongs in operating systems or storage devices but oh well. So here is my problem and here is what I want to do: I had a hard drive in a laptop experience a fall and damage some sectors and now windows 10 won't boot. I took the drive out and did a scan on it and it seems...
  3. JarJarBinks

    3.3v on 3.3v, 0.0v on 5v, 0.0v on 12v

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1526 laptop that does very little once you push the power button. I have connected a mini pci debug card and it gives me a voltage read out (3.3v on 3.3v, 0.0v on 5v, 0.0v on 12v) after an error saying check power supply or CPU. I get no other warnings or code the board...
  4. JarJarBinks

    SSD and GPT

    I cloned a 1TB HD holding a Windows 8.1 x64 GPT partition onto a 120GB OCZ Vertex 3 SSD for a Laptop I just bought. I left the process to run because I had work to go do and when I came back the process seemed to have finish but the drive would no longer be read on any computer. I did this...
  5. JarJarBinks

    Fiber Optic Internet

    I just got new internet and I literally live in the middle of nowhere and I can't believe my luck. To be fair my internet company happens to have a server on very close to me and that is what i used for the test, but I get pretty close on many of the big city speedtests. I get...
  6. JarJarBinks

    Fiber Optic Internet

  7. JarJarBinks

    Unlocked 6950 2GB Help.

    Is there anything I need to do to get the most out of my recently purchased unlocked 6950 (drivers/tweaks/etc)? So far using it I don't think i've gained anything over the 5870 I replaced, other then a extra GB of vram. However, I don't feel like i've gained anything. With the same...
  8. JarJarBinks

    PCI-E x16 Slots (Video & Sound Card)

    I am completely sure this has been asked a billion times in one form or another but I just couldn't think of the best terms to search for so I couldn't find my answer. I have 2 - 16x PCI-E slots on my motherboard with a host of other slots but if possible for cooling issues I want to use these...
  9. JarJarBinks

    Does anyone know if DDR3...

    Does anyone know if DDR3 memory exists with T1 timings, if so can you give me a few model numbers. (Prefer 7-7-7-24-T1 1333Mhz or better Please) Also if they do exist what does T1 offer me over T2 timings? Thanks