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  1. HardBytes

    No Windows 10 "sounds" but all other sound works

    I booted up this morning and noticed I had no Windows (1803) native sounds. All other sounds work fine (via speakers, headphones). I ran the audio troubleshooter (it found no issues) and searched the net for answers but I'm stumped. I cannot get the "test" button to toggle and play the sound...
  2. HardBytes

    Updated Firmware Available for 6th, 7th and 8th Generation Intel Core Processors I hope on mine Asus pushes out a new BIOS soon.
  3. HardBytes

    Ipad and

    Default shows default as mobile page display. If I go to settings Default site: toggle to desktop News display: toggle to expanded Save Settings Nothing happens. Go back to home page via pop down menu on upper left it still displays as mobile. Is this by design or a bug? I want to...
  4. HardBytes

    MSI GTX 970/980 bios update

    Fixes fan start/stop when idle plus show fan speed % at zero instead of one when using the latest passed three drivers and MSI Afterburner. Here Have to be logged in as a member to see the download links.
  5. HardBytes

    Video reviews

    Kyle has done a few but it's been awhile. I enjoyed them and was wondering if more are planned in the future? If not, why?
  6. HardBytes

    Show Box and Samsung Galaxy Pro 10.1

    EDIT: Got it working. For those interested I made a change in my router settings to turn off IPv4 and IPv6 firewall so it would connect and update. They're now back on. Just bought this device and was told about Show Box. I've downloaded the App several times from different places and it will...
  7. HardBytes

    Tomb Raider PC Download $34.99

    Amazon sale. That didn't take long for a drop in price so I grabbed it. DEAL IS DEAD.
  8. HardBytes

    128GB Crucial M4

    Tiger Direct has 128GB Crucial M4 SSD Drive on sale for $159.99 this weekend.
  9. HardBytes

    Help with enabling hotswap

    Spec's in sig. I have the sata ports hot swap set to Enable in the BIOS for the ports I am using. I also have Bluetooth support service starting because I think that too is required. All OPROM's are disabled in BIOS. Not using RAID. Have one SSD and 3 HDD's. Case is Corsair 800D with sata 3...
  10. HardBytes


    Like the new Hard frontpage. I usually go there first then click the forum link at the top. Before the forum link would open in the same page but now opens in a new tab (Firefox). No biggie but was wondering if the current way was by design or overlooked? Thanks
  11. HardBytes

    RMA a BFGTECH PSU and this is what you might get back..

    A used one with no serial number. [/URL][/IMG]
  12. HardBytes

    Rivatuner - Fan and clock speed guides

    Maybe someone will enjoy these guides. Rivatuner is an awesome program.