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    Arctic MX-5 Thermal Compound Listed Ahead of Launch

    I just used MX-5 on a 5600X and a Scythe Fuma 2 in a Fractal Meshify 2 Compact. Idles at 31C and running Prime95 Small FFTs it reached 55.6C in a 73F/22.8C room. I love how quiet the Scythe Fuma 2 is.
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    Arctic MX-5 Thermal Compound Listed Ahead of Launch

    I used MX-5 on my dad's 11700K and a Raijintek Themis Evo. I haven't done any kind of stress testing or benchmarking but idle temps were good. I was NOT expecting it to be such a thin/runny thermal paste. I knew they said it was more spreadable but dang.
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    Arctic MX-5 Thermal Compound Listed Ahead of Launch

    I have a tube of MX-5 arriving on Saturday. I'm sure my Arctic Silver 5 is still fine to use but I wanted something non-conductive for re-pasting my graphics card.
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    Intel Core i9-11900K "Rocket Lake" Boosts Up To 5.30 GHz, Say Rumored Specs

    With the i9 going back to 8C/16T will the i7 have hyperthreading disabled again?
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    Intel 10 Series "Comet Lake" Launch Review Roundup (10900K, 10700K, 10600K, 10500K)

    It seems wrong that the i9-10900K is being compared to the R9 3900X since the actual retail prices put the 3900X with the i7-10700K (based on preorder prices), and that's without factoring in the cost of a cooler.
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    The AMD CES 2020 High-Performance Computing Keynote Live Here!

    Correct me if I'm wrong but the $200-$300 range makes up the bulk of GPU sales right? AMD is going for market share.
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    Logitech G602 $22.99 @ Best Buy

    I wish Logitech would make a true successor to the G700/G700s. The G703 is missing too many buttons and the infinity scroll and I don't like the shape of the G604. It's too narrow in the back and doesn't feel good in my hand. I hope my G700s lasts another few years.
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    NSFW: Nutaku Announces World's First Boob-Shaped Console for Adult Gaming

    Comments did not disappoint. It's just a shell that goes over a low-power tiny PC running windows 10 and they put a momentary switch for the power button under the nipple. There's the novelty I guess.
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    Nvidia Confirms Adaptive Sync Only Works on Pascal and Turing GPUs

    Can anyone tell me why VRR on geforce cards requires Windows 10? Why can't it run on 7?
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    PNC Testing Fraud-Busting Credit Cards with Rotating Numbers

    I work in the industry. There are a lot of merchants who push back, but there are waaaaayy more people who can't be bothered to memorize 4 digits.
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    Japan OLED Shows Off Upcoming Monitors

    How many of these will have burned-in video game HUDs, taskbars, and web browsers?
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    Apple Shifts XR Production to Older iPhones

    $749 phone that doesn't even have 1080p. They must have been reeeeally optimistic about the sheeple biting.
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    Mochibot Has 32 Legs

    They must have modeled it after the sea urchin.
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    Robocall Firm Is Facing a $37.5 Million Fine from FCC for Spoofing Consumer Numbers

    I say hang them by the balls and blast dial-up modem tones at them non-stop.
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    Verizon Rolls Out 5G to Select Cities

    How much will they throttle your connection after you use 100GB?
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    Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse Gets an Upgrade

    How about a proper successor to the G700s? The G703 is just a G403 with wireless charging. No infinity wheel and far fewer buttons compared to the G700(s). I'm not a fan of the ambidextrous shape of the 900/903 for a wireless option. I still have my old G500 as a backup. I think I need to clean...
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    Monster Hunter: World Global Sales Boosted by Steam Release

    Hopefully they see this as a reason to properly develop future PC versions of games rather than put out buggy console ports. I really like the game but it shouldn't have so many connection issues and performance should be a lot better.
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    Changes to Twitch Prime

    I've been a Prime member for many years and it'll still be a good value to me. The Prime subs alone add a $60 value each year which offsets the main reason I have it, the Prime shipping.
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    Apple's New iPhone X May Require Authenticated Chargers for Fast Charging

    2.5W? Get the fuck outta here apple. I haven't used a 0.5A USB charger in 10 years.
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    Apple: 2018 MacBook Pro Throttling Is a Bug, Fix Now Available

    It's being throttled to below base clock. That's the issue. If it could run 100% at base clock on all 4 cores then this wouldn't have been an issue. LinusTechTips tested the claims. They tried exporting a video in Final Cut Pro and the CPU throttled in under a minute.
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    Nintendo Reported in Norway for Breaching European Consumer Law

    Pirating takes more effort. People will choose the easy route if it exists. Also you can't pirate Nintendo Switch games, not yet at least.
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    Nintendo Reported in Norway for Breaching European Consumer Law

    You underestimate the scuminess of people. Give them an inch and they'll take a mile. I like Steam's current approach to this. You need to have less than 2 hours played within the 14 days to qualify for a refund.
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    Elon Musk is Building a Cyborg Dragon

    Cyborg means that it would be part flesh. I'm surprised PETA hasn't thrown a fit yet.
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    Comcast's schedule maintenance killed my downstream channels?

    Sorry for the late update. Wednesday at around 4 am the modem magically fixed itself. I cancelled the appointment for the tech. All is well again, for now.
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    Comcast's schedule maintenance killed my downstream channels?

    If it's an Arris modem, it's at I'm not familiar with other modem brands so it may be another address if you don't have an Arris/Motorola. There's a Comcast tech coming tomorrow morning. Hopefully he can fix it.
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    Comcast's schedule maintenance killed my downstream channels?

    I tried that. It didn't help. The problem persists.
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    Comcast's schedule maintenance killed my downstream channels?

    I have a SB6141 and my internet service is supposed to be 250 down & 10 up. I've had this modem for almost a year. Everything was fine before there was an outage last night due to scheduled maintenance (according to the Xfinity app). I was getting 235down/12up with 8 bonded channels downstream...
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    Scam Victims Pay "Back Taxes" With iTunes Gift Cards

    There's a guy who live streams himself pranking these scammers.
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    FCC Watchdog Looks Into Changes That Benefited Sinclair

    "We find ourselves not guilty of any charges brought against us."
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    First Arrest Made Using Forensic Gait Analysis

    Send someone else to scope out the location first. Even movies do that part right.
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    First at Gunpoint Bitcoin Robbery in UK

    Looks like some of you didn't read the article. The guy is a cryptocurrency trader. It's similar to day-trading stocks, buy low sell high. I bet he talked about how much he had while he was in public and he was marked as a target. This makes me think that it would be a good idea to keep...
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    Man Attacks Self-Driving Car in San Francisco’s Mission District

    My guess is he was attempting insurance fraud.
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    iPhone X Reported to Have Overheating Problems

    Remember when a bunch of iphone owners drilled into their phones to add a headphone port?
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    High-Speed Broadband to Be Legal Right for UK Homes and Businesses

    Meanwhile over here:
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    Fiat Punto Makes History with First-Ever Zero-Star Crash-Test Rating

    That front didn't crumple, it deflated.
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    Robots Keep the Homeless Away in San Francisco

    I think we're mixing up homeless people with bums. There are homeless people with full-time jobs and good members of society.
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    Facebook Releases New Messenger App With Fast 4K Support

    It won't matter because Facebook will just compress the hell out of your images like they've always done.
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    Researcher Gets Threats Instead of Bug Bounty

    A friend of a friend had a sudden power failure on his DJI drone which resulted in it plummeting to the ground and being destroyed. DJI said that they'll only look at the flight log AFTER the warranty period is over. Fuck em.
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    States Go After Amazon Third-Party Sellers

    Good luck trying to tax the sellers that aren't even in the country!
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    Why Do Some Games Take Up So Much Storage Space?

    I wasn't aware of that, but I wouldn't want to wait.