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    New 15" MBP - LED Display = Ouch

    So I recently took delivery of my second MBP 15” this week. It’s my second because the first (a non-glare/matte display version) left me feeling like an icepick was being inserted into my eyeballs after 5 minutes of use. As context I work using 3 CCFL LCDs (1 PC and 1 Mac) day-in and...
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    Crysis Garners a 98% from PC Gamer

    Supremely bizarre rating given they ding every other top-tier game they review for "high system requirements" and "DX10 effects that aren't worth the performance hit" in the same issue: Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (92%) and Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts (96%). Given that it was...
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    R.I.P. Colin McRae

    McRae, the 1995 World Rally Champion who lent his name to the eponymous multi-platform rally driving game series, passed away late yesterday with his 5 year-old son and 2 other passengers in a catastrophic helicopter crash within a mile of his estate in Scotland. It is a sad day for motorsport...
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    Best Drivers XP32 and 8800GTX

    Can I get some recommendations on the best driver packages (betas are OK) for the 8800GTX? I have a new card being delivered to me this afternoon and want to get some 411 by the time I get home to install. Thanks in advance for your advice!
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    Hardware Help - Best Above Consumer Grade Router

    I'm looking to get a better router (wireless + wired) for my home network. I am looking to buy into above normal consumer grade equipment and my current setup is a first-gen Linksys WRT54G. The Linksys has served me well but is starting to show some strain - I'm down to 2 working wired ports and...
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    360 HD is Dying - Recovering Data Possible?

    The Xbox 360 I was lucky enough to get just before Xmas last year is throwing up E68 BSODs at boot almot everytime I turn the thing on. Looks like its a dying HD according to the support info I got from MS...luckily I bought a 2 year replacement plan when I got the thing at Best Buy so my plan...
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    A8N32 - IDE Disaster Please Help!

    OK, so I'm completely stumped. Heres my problem: Last night I went to burn a DVD. After a bit I noticed that the burn was taking much longer than usual and the buffer meter was bouncng up & down (15% to 95%). The burn completed successfully but I was like, wtf? I did some hunting online and...
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    Resident Evil DS

    Wow this is bringing back memories of my overheating Playstation 1. My GF was out of town and I rented the newly released RE and killed my Playstation! I picked up a copy of the port with my DS Lite on Sunday and this is outstanding. Never thought I'd have it in the palm of my hand and its...
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    Phoenix Wright 2 Announced at E3!

    per the PW wiki anyway. I've been scanning all this coverage to see if my fave DS game is getting the next in its series translated to English....and looks like yes! 1Q 07 is the stated release date. TAKE THAT!
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    A8N32 Bizarre Issue

    OK, this is beyond strange: I haven't touched my bios in weeks. This morning my computer will not even post and played BF2 a *lot* yesterday. Starting to panic after multiple attempts to start up I kill the PSU via the rocker switch, turn it back and I get a post - whew. My releief turns to...
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    84.21 WHQL Out! Can't wait to try these out...84.20 were sensational.
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    XFi + BF2 FPS Issue Solved

    There is a 93 page thread over at the Creative forums about the huge fps hit many suffered after switching to an XFi card - even after a nuke & pave - in BF2 at the ultra high, XFi specific audio setting. While this couldve been expected some, not unfairly, questioned Creatives ad-copy stating...
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    Forceware 78.11 Betas

    OK, these drivers are amazing. Better image quality than the 77.77s, smoother running; just awesome. BF2 grass is esp nice. I strongly suggest you try them out. avail at