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    WSUS on non-domain computers

    OK guys. Setup a Windows Update Server in my shop. Heres the issue I am having.. These systems are not on a domain ( as they are random client computers ) So, I am wanting to do it via Registry. Here is what I find for XP.. [-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate]...
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    PfSense port forwarding issues

    Ok guys, running PfSense 2.0.3 Release with Snort, Squid and Squidguard, and I cannot get port forwarding working for the life of me. Trying to forward the ports for my teamspeak 3 and minecraft server. Here is an example of how I have it setup. Under Firewall>Nat.Port Forwarding. Disabled -...
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    Server 2012 redirected folders

    Howdy Hard Forum, Long time no talk, I am currently working ( see insert volunteering/being rotally raped ) at a Museum ( Non-Profit, see cheap old fogeys ). So, Before I get lovely messages telling my about best practices and shitty hardware. Kindly, bug off, it will just waste both of...
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    XenCenter Usage Meter Issues

    OK, So I am running: XenServer 6.1.0 when connecting with XenCenter via LAN, It gives me the usage information: But when I connect from my home, I get no usage stats: I have port 443 forwarded.
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    Windows Server 2012 Essentials

    So, I am trying to setup Windows Server 2012 Essentials. I have it installed, and it boots to the dashboard, and starts the"Set Up Windows Server 2012 Essentials" dialog, it leads to "Error occurred during Installation" and says to reboot, or save logs, I have a copy of the logs files, if anyone...
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    PHP error_reporting issue

    Ok, So I am trying to setup an older web based LAN Party management script, and am having an issue, I fixed the others, but could not find anything related to this, I dug through the php.ini file, to no avail here is the error: php.ini variable (error reporting): 22519 WARNING...
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    Not sure where else to ask this. But what is the best way to go about getting sponsors? I am planning a new system build, and would like to take a shot at getting some sponsors first. Thanks in advance guys.
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    M4A88T-M Ram questions.

    Ok, so I have this mobo: M4A88TM And was wondering, since it supported 16 gigs of memory. Would I be ok using a 2x8gb ddr3 1333 kit?
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    Linux Print Server

    So, I setup a CUPS print server on CentOS. Not working very well. But thats not Cent's fault. I am in need of a ppd file for the HP Deskjet F4140.
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    Apache 2 mod_rewrite

    I am running McMyAdmin on my minecraft server, to connect to the mcmyadmin panel: its domain:8080 I'd like to change that to domain/admin following a post on the mcmyadmin/phonicuk forums I added this to my httpd.conf VirtualHost *> ServerName ProxyRequests Off...
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    XenServer space issue

    SO, I am trying to move .iso's from an external harddrive to an ISO repository on my Xenserver. Here is what I am getting: [root@xenserver ISOS]# cp debian-6.0.4-amd64-DVD-1.iso /var/opt/xen/iso_import/ISO1 cp: writing `/var/opt/xen/iso_import/ISO1/debian-6.0.4-amd64-DVD-1.iso': No space...
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    Photostore 3.5 issues

    Having issues with a custom footer copyright.. here is the error I am getting currently Warning: include(log.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/tristans/public_html/footer.php on line 41 Warning: include(log.php) [function.include]: failed...
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    Captive Portal

    Ok, i have a WRT54GS flashed with dd-wrt, can i setup a portal, where when you first connect you are redirected and have to accept a set of usage terms?
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    Epson Driver

    Ok, I asked this question a while back, Its been a while, so i do not remember what came of it. But i am looking for a partial cut driver for the EPSON TM-88ii.. I do know there *is*was* a partial cut driver. Any Ideas? Generic-Plain Text doesn't seem to work. TM-88V Driver prints random...
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    vB root/includes/functions.php error

    Ok getting this error: this is line 5066
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    vbulletin themes

    Looking for someone to design a vbulletin theme or two... If anybody has any idea where to go ( ie forums) for a decent deal please share.. Thanks
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    IP Resolving issue

    OK, so i have a noIp domain, and a subdomain on my site redirected to the no-ip, both domaim/subdomain will take you to the port 80 apache hosted html page But i have several items that need to be accessed through multiple ports, 8080 10000 20000 and a couple...
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    Lens Reccomendations

    Heading off to the big apple soon, looking at renting a couple lenses. Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM and Canon Ef 24-105mm f/4L IS USM
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    My Rant.

    I'm done with this forum, I gave everybody the benefit of the doubt ( due to the last issue) and well, It happened again. Its sad that people have to be this way, I come here for help, not to be harassed. I am not a networking/it professional, Don't expect me to be.
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    Port Forwarding Issues

    Ok, so Im assuming this has to do with port forwarding. I setup a server on Ubuntu, and people need access to a few different ports 80: for the main webpage 8080: for a different webpage 10000: for webmin and the ts3 ports. I am using no-ip dynamic dns, i have the updater installed, but nobody...
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    Turtl Beach's

    Ok, so i bought a pair of X12's friday and and learned about the dss, should i buy the dss * dss and x12s-135) or take them back buy the x41's or something in the similar price range?
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    Wordpress Static Blog Pages

    Ok, So a little back history, I finally got my photography website up and running, runnign wordpress: And i dont want to have blog posts on the home page, i want them under the blog tab, how to I go about doing this? These are the only settings i had learned to...
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    Client Proof Gallery

    I asked this question before, but my circumstances have changed some. I am looking for a Client Proof Gallery, where i can add many galleries/albums and give a different id/password for each. My site is currently running WordPress, it does not have to be WordPress, I am OK with linking to...
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    Printer Sharing

    Miss me? Havent been around for about a month due to a huge back surgery i had a few weeks ago. So my mother asked me to setup her printer so she could print from her laptop. So I am sharing an HP Photosmart C5280 AIO- on their office computer ( all these computers are connected via WiFi. The...
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    PBX/Softphones/External Connection Issues

    Ok, so i am running the most recent release of Elastix, and i need to setup softphones, and i am using 3cxphones and i cannont get them working, help is much appreciated.. Thanks!
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    Home shares v2

    Ok, Update time, remember this? Well now i need to do it in windows server 2008 Will the proccess be the same? Thanks!
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    Photography Website

    Ok, so i am looking to setup my web presence, i want something along the line of an actual gallery/portfolio, not a photography blog, I picked up RC's Book: But he works around the idea of photoblogging... I...
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    Post Process Tips

    Where do i start at? Lol... I am an amateur and kind of unsure what the PP process entails....Thanks!
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    Can i use this card as a capture card? i already have one, just wondered if i could, by capture card i mean, can i use it to record ( a vcr tape) via the rca inputs, then burn it to a dvd?
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    Epson TM88II Driver

    Figured id ask here, since i know a few friendly people here, i have an epson tm88II receipt printer, and my xp computer bit the dust a few weeks ago, anyway, i am only running vista right now, and i desperately need a driver... Thanks in advance guys!.. and yes, i have googled this, to no...
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    SMF forums idea

    ok so im running a forum based of simple machines forums- 2.0 and we are wanting to setup another set of boards currently based like this: categorieX: board x: child boards any way, it looks like this right now Category A: Main Board: Child Boards: A,b,c,d, and so on Then we have Category B...
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    Mod FS/FT

    Who is the Mod In the FS/FT Thread? I need to get in contact with them
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    Lens upgrade

    i have a t3i, i do some macro, and portaits, looking for a telpehoto lens hopefully about up to 300mm I have about 200 to spend i was looking at this: this one Any suggestions?
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    Php Error

    Asking in here due to slowness of the web forum: Installing Kusaba X imageboard, i go to: after following these instructions: and i get this error Thanks in advance guys!
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    Photography Website

    im interested in setting up a site for my photography, interested in using wordpress and coppermine. any recommendations on where to start?
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    HP Pavillion a6332f error

    ok, so my desktop is beeping, and i have no display, i assume its a mobo failure
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    Tips for a first time DSLR user

    Bought myself a Rebel T3i, it was discounted.... Any tips would be appreciated.. i do know a bit, as i have used a dslr before
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    Multiple Ip's on DSL

    I need 2 static ips on my dsl account, i was sure it was possible, anybody else care to share? I have been getting messages back, making me sound like a dumbass....
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    Web Platform Installer-SQL Server error

    i know what the error is, but how do i fix it?
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    Ok so i am again looking for a clan site, something along the lines of an ejin based clan site. Ok with spending money ( not alot), trying to stay away from PHPnuke, How is the Vbulletin CMS? i was looking at Vbulletin CMS and Bulletin package. PLEASE HELP! I am about to pull my hair out right...