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    Dragon Quest XI

    "One Of The Best Role Playing Games Ever Made" That is the title of the game's review from the Forbes editor . I have been keeping a eye on this title for a while. Really...
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    Human Head Studio Announces a New RUNE game!

    I played the original Rune on PC a couple of years back. For the most part I really enjoyed it. I think the game came out in 2000. This new Rune is going to be an open world ARPG. I am keeping my eye out for It. PAX West is coming to town this weekend, maybe there will be something more about it...
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    Xbone and PS4 are both HDMI only?

    Sucks be to me because my lovely XBR 910 HDCRT does not have a HDMI port. I have DVI. If I want to play on either of the new consoles I have to buy a new TV. You could say it's about time, but the 910 makes for a beautiful 1440x1080i display. My PC monitor is DVI. Why do you think both...
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    BenQ XL2720T owners question

    This is my first LCD monitor. Been holding out for CRT displays all these years, but I have finally decided to throw in the towel and surrender to the inevitable. I am pretty happy with this monitor's performance. Coming from CRT I thought I would have to put up with bland washed out colors, but...
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    More Dark Souls! DS2 on the way :)

    This is the first up coming game announcement I have been excited about in a while.
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    Maximo Fans!

    Okay Maximo fans ( there may be 4 or 5 of us out there! ) How does Maximo 2 Army of Zin compare to the first Maximo on PS2? I loved Maximo, played through it several times, even mastered it I would say. I thought it was a perfect blend of platforming and grueling combat. I have a copy of Maximo...
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    Did Anyone Enjoy Grandia II?

    I busted out the Dreamcast the other night.... and wonder of wonders it still worked! Controller worked too. I have a HDCRT to play on and the game still looks pretty good. It's not a bad game either, in fact the story is better than I remember it being. Lots of entertaining dialogue between...
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    Upgrading from ATI 4850 512mb

    I am past due for a vidcard upgrade. I Upgraded my computer a year or more ago but left the 4850 in there because it was doing pretty good at the time. System specs: i7 920 cpu Antec 850 watt power supply 6gb ram single FW900 24inch crt monitor. Play games in 1920X1200 @85hz What is...
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    Jedi Knight Jedi Outcast & Jedi Academy

    How do these two games compare? I want to play one of them and would like to know peeps opinions on which of the two games is the better Stars Wars game. Taking everything into consideration, mods, graphics, level design, Star Wars ambiance, the whole enchilada, which of these classic Star...
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    Found a cartrage of Yohsi's Island

    I found a copy of this SNES game in the give away. I have a working SNES and I heard that Yohsi's Island is a good game. Is it worth booting up? Or just too outdated to be any fun.
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    Which action RPG has the best combat?

    I am thinking modern games, like from Oblivion onwards, or earlier if you know one that really is outstanding. I thought Risen was okay, maybe PB will improve on in with Risen 2. Gothic 3 was barely passable, it was playable, but that was about it. Even Alternate Balancing can't really...