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    OpenVPN on pfsense server

    We run OpenVPN on pfsense all over. It comes with it, and works very well.
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    pfsense vs ????

    That's a 1Gb switch. This is a 10Gb switch:
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    Non-standard Cat6 RJ45 ends.

    We use the same style of connectors and have for over a decade. We use the platinum tools EZ-RJ brand of connectors and crimpers though. Every one of my techs has one of the tools, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that it is much easier to teach a new tech how to crimp a quality end...
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    Ubiquiti UAP-AC-IW Experiences?

    They work well to cover a couple rooms. Depending on the layout of your house, 2 could cover 2500sq ft. They definitely do not have the same sized antennas as the uap-ac-pro, but they work half decent. I have one on the main floor at the front of my house, and one in the basement at the back of...
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    Pursuit Ergonomic Chair Unboxing and Build @ [H]

    Nice. I'm curious to find out how a taller guy fits in this chair. I'm only 6'4, but finding a comfortable office chair at a half decent price is proving difficult. I really want a decent headrest, as I suffer from neckpain after a day in the office, but I'm lucky if most headrest hit my neck...
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    Need wireless to reach 300ft.

    As somebody that operates a network of thousands of Ubiquiti devices, I'd have to say you had some unfortunate luck. Was this very early versions of the unifi hardware/software? We regularly hear from customers about how great our product performs. I don't work for, nor am I affiliated with...
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    Did my Dell 2724 die? What to replace it with?

    Unplug everything except your router and a single pc. Does it work now? If so, plug in one cable at a time, waiting 30 seconds in between until it stops working again. If not, it's probably dead.
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    pfSense Box?

    We use supermicro c2758 and d1540 systems. The 2758s are relatively cheap.
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    Redirect Local address

    You could add an entry to your DNS server if your router supports doing so. Its been a long time since I've touched a residential router, so I'm not sure if many do anymore.
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    Broken Network Port

    If it's a wall outlet, or a modular patch panel, replace the connector. If it's a fixed patch panel, move the cable to another port.
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    Fixed Wireless/Microwave ISP performance?

    I didn't feel the need to put up a point to point link for myself. I've got a decent connection as it is, and there is redundancy from my tower to our core. If there are serious issues, I can always VPN back to my office via a cellular connection. I am the one responsible for keeping things...
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    Fixed Wireless/Microwave ISP performance?

    I am a partner & manager in a WISP up here inn the great white north. Your results will vary greatly. Some companies are going to be terrible, and some are going to be great. I use our service at home, on the same access points as any other customer. I'm 4 hops out from our core, and enjoy...
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    Xeon D-1518 vs Atom C2758 for home router application

    We use both variants at work. They both run pfsense quite well within a vm. Performance in the atom is plenty for home use unless you're running some ridiculous amount of vpn traffic through it. The xeon version we use as a gateway/traffic shaper for large segments of our isp network.
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    typical ubiquiti supply shenanigans...

    How many units are you looking for? I have some, but we have decided to go another route.
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    Poe injector

    Where are you located. I have boxes of them. Could ship you five for the cost of shipping.
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    Microwave Networking

    I do believe the maximum EIRP for 5.8ghz in the US is 53dBm. So you should be fine at 45.
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    Microwave Networking

    That's cat6 to the radio he's talking about. I believe the antennas are integrated, therefore the loss should be minimal... 1dB or so.
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    VNC Connection to DMZ through pfSense

    Is the pfsense box the default gateway for the devices on your family's network? If not, you will need either a static route in either their router, or their devices, or you will have to setup an outbound NAT rule.
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    Anyone tried a PC Engines APU2C4 yet?

    I've yet to see a bad usb to serial adapter that showed up correctly in the device manager, but that doesn't mean it's not possible. You're sure your cable is null modem? I've come across poorly made cables that caused issues in the past though.
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    Anyone tried a PC Engines APU2C4 yet?

    What were you using for serial settings? The default for both the apu and pfsense is 115200/8/N/1.
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    Anyone tried a PC Engines APU2C4 yet?

    The apu1d4 has worked well for us so far. Once I use up the last of the units I have on the shelf, I'll be getting some of the new models. We use them as managed routers for small offices, providing vpn connections, and other basic routing functions. Plenty of power for our needs.
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    Microwave Networking

    As long as tire EIRP is within limits, you will be fine. Chances are though, you may need some decent height on both ends to get line of sight. Those radios won't penetrate trees very well. GPS of both locations would help with running a path analysis.
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    19 inch two post slide out vented shelf?

    Something like this?
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    Was messing around with iperf and noticed something weird in pfsense

    Yeah, pretty sure you can only specify -n in K or M.
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    Lost Account Access and Passwords Changed

    Kyle had me fixed up in like 5 minutes. Awesome! Got a little worried. What e-mail address did I have in 2003? Oh right.... one from my private mail server that hasn't operated since like 2004 :D
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    Question on Patch Panel setup?

    It's much easier to just flip the patch panel over and do your terminations. The swing outs never work that well unless you can swing it out in to a piece of plywood or brick or something similar.
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    Question on Patch Panel setup?

    You could stick with the 24 port, and leave the extra u empty for future also, and use the extra $25 for beer.
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    Network pics thread

    Nobody can break in to your wifi if they cant get a signal.:D
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    Question on Patch Panel setup?

    Or you could get one of these instead:
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    Suddenlink trying to charge $270 in over usage

    Did you use more than your allotted amount? If not, can you prove it?
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    800mm vs 600mm depth racks?

    We're using 1070mm deep racks for the most part. It's hard to nicely fit servers we use in to anything shorter. 800mm would be the absolute minimum I would be looking at. The Dell servers we are using are 660-700mm deep.
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    Looking for a very specific switch for a wireless project.

    Netonix WS-10-250-AC These switches were designed to be mounted in enclosures outdoors. They meet all your requirements and only run $240.
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    Suggestions For PCIe 2 x4 Intel Quad Port NIC For pfSense

    The second card you linked to will work quite well for you.
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    best way to strip Burial/gel filled Cat5e

    We use Hydrasol made by Polywater to clean off the gel, and a klein cable knife for jacket removal. Just score and snap for the most part. Some cables require a bit more work.
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    ubnt UAP-AC-PRO / UAP-AC-Lite

    We've had good luck with the original UAP-Pro, so I've got a few 5 packs of each the AC-Pro and Lite on order. Haven't read too much bad about them yet.
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    Network camera question

    +1 for hikvision. They have an app for Android & iOS that can connect directly to the camera for live stream.
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    Pfsense hardware help

    We have a few supermicro a1sri-2758f boards. They can push about 940mbps TCP with NAT (limited by the network interface, not the CPU). We put them together for about $675USD including 1u rack mount case, 8GB DDR3, and a 120GB SSD.
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    How do you label small cables?

    We use k-sun label printers, and the self laminating overwrap tape for small cables, or printable heat shrink tube for individual wires.
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    New to fiber. Need help getting this to work

    What switch are you using? Typically SFP+ ports will not accept an SFP module, and being a 10Gb port, they will not communicate with a 1Gb SFP IN another device either. You will need 10Gb SFP+ modules and a 10Gb media converter. None of which are cheap. A good, properly grounded...
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    Questions about POE network camera

    As a HIKvision dealer, I can say for sure that the built in web interface can handle setting up recording to a network share.