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    External SAS to SATA Cable?

    I just picked up a Dell PERC 5e for really cheap and I am hoping to make use of it with a set of 3 750 GB SATA drives on my video editing/converting machine upstairs. The problem I am running into is the PERC 5/e only has external facing plugs. I am completely OK with looping some right back...
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    So I Have an Ubuntu Server at Home

    I have a pretty spiffy home network with a big file server, Windows domain controller, media server, etc etc. A few months ago I got a hold of an old compaq proliant 1U server and figured I would install linux on it so add to the variety of my network and to learn a little more about Linux...
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    Freeware Remote Reboot Tool?

    I am looking for a tool to reboot a batch of Windows 2k3 based servers remotely for our monthly patching. I am well aware of the 'shutdown' command line tool and use it in a batch file currently. The problem with this is there is not easy way to verify the machine actually rebooted and is back...
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    Open Source Certified Software Tracking

    My company is trying to come up with a means to track certified software. I was wondering if there is any web based solution out there to do this. A place where users can go to see what software has been approved to be run on the network. At first I was just going to do this on our company...
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    PfSense to PfSense Open VPN Routing Issues

    Lets try this thread again. :) . In the previous thread firewall rules were suggested as a problem. I have rules on both sides of network to allow all traffic on LAN. Some one else suggested a "push" something or another route command that I tried, but I am not sure if I did it right and...
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    Streaming Video Project

    I was hoping to get some opinions on a project I am the architect of at work. This seemed like the best forum to post it in. Basically we have a certain celebrity that wants the ability to do live video broadcasts via the internet. The idea is they can turn on their web cam from anywhere and...
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    Two Remote Sites Connecting Via VPN

    I have a pretty typical challenge here with a few minor nuances causing me trouble in how to set this up. I just moved into a new house and would like to connect with the computers in the previous house. Both places have a broadband ISP. A VPN solutions seems ideal but I am not sure how to...
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    Wierd Proxy Question

    I need some ideas from you guys! At work we have a vendor that came in a wrote an application. Basically the box has to hit a server on our LAN as well as an internet site to function. Our network uses an ISA proxy to get outside of our network. Modifying anything on the enterprise ISA for...
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    Web Based Change Log Application

    I posted in this forum as I feel this is security related. Mods move if need be. I'm looking for a web based (preferably PHP) change log program. It should do the following: 1. Be simple! 2. Allow people to enter descriptions of basic system changes 3. Changes should have categories...
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    APC UPS Monitoring Software

    I was wondering if anyone had any solutions to monitor APC UPS units (with the smart slot management cards installed). I basically would like a single webpage with a "dashboard" look to monitor all the UPS units I have deployed. Basically it would show battery status, temps, and health of the...
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    Cisco Aironet 1130 Question

    I just got a Cisco Aironet 1130 AP setup. I got the basic TKIP WPA PSK setup on A and G band. MY question is this, assuming my clients have dual band compliant cards, is there a way to get them to connect at 108 Mbp/s. I have seen this happen in other places. I am not sure if this is a...
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    Net Admins: Static IP Management?

    Do any of my fellow network administrators have a good way to manage your network's static IP addresses? I current use Excel, which is fine for me but is a real PITA for the rest of the IT staff to access. A simple web based tracking system would be perfect for my needs but I am yet to find...
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    Promise RAID Controller Question

    I have a couple questions about the Promise FastTrax SX4000 series I have. I am looking to rebuild it with larger disks and was wondering if it would support 4x 750 GB disks for a 2 TB RAID5 array. Secondly, I was wondering if I had to by the Promise branding "super swap 1000" drive trays...
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    Send SMTP Alert When SSID Appears

    Here is breifly the problem I have: We are running into the 'Free Public WiFi' scam here where I work. We provide free open APs to guests to use internet in our lobby and starbuck's area via a couple cisco Aironet 1200 series APs on B band. I noticed the SSID of 'Free Public Wifi' pop up...
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    User Profile Management Software

    I am not sure if there is a solution for out there but I figure I would ask the experts. Here is the deal, at work we have a slew of profiles to manage. AS400, AD, point of sales, unix, and a ton of other stuff. Currently we require a request to be put in by a supervisor, then approved by a...
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    Getting IPs of clients on Cisco 3560

    I know this can be done, I am just not sure how. My question is how do you get the IP of a client device connected to a particular port. I know it is a process of commands, just not sure what exactly. This is on a Cisco catalyst 3560 switch.
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    Virtual Printer Device/Box?

    Heres what I got: A security door that logs all opens and closes (via access code) to a parallel printer. Very very simple setup. What I would like to do is hook up some sort of a virtual printer to the door instead of the real printer. Something that would just save the text to a file on...
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    Way to Script the Setup of a Wireless Connection In XP

    Ok here is the deal, at work we have a wireless network that is authenticated via a RADIUS server with WPA encryption. A certificate authority issues a certificate based on the user/workstation being a member of an AD group. All that works great, but it makes the initial setup tedious. With...
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    SYSPREP Image that supports Single and Multi Cores

    Is there anyway to setup a sysprep Windows XP image that will install correctly on a single core system or a multi core system without editing the boot.ini after manually. Currently my image will install on a dual core system but only 1 CPU appears. I would like it to detect what it needs...
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    Help Me Find a Video Card

    Having a hard time finding this, I am hoping someone can help: I need a video card with the following requirements: PCI interface Dual Output (VGA 1024x768 x2) Low Profile / Half Height card Cheap Does such a thing exist?
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    DeMarc Box Label

    I have just cabled a building and I am working on the demarc box where the cable and telephone will come in from the utilities. I am trying to find some sort of weather proof label online with some pre-designed art work to identify this box. Maybe a telephone icon and a cable icon and...
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    Piggy Back RS232 Over Ethernet

    Here is the deal. Where I work we have a ticketmaster application that uses a seperate RS232 network. This means special lines that run to a special little ticketmaster box in my switch room. Needless to say it is a royal PITA when we have to move these computers connected to this special...
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    Routing Question

    Just wanted to run something by you guys to make sure I am not missing something easy. I have a 192.168.0.XXX network with the default GW as I have a device on this network that has a static set IP of with no gateway set. Is there anything...
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    Cable Management Solutions

    One of the biggest problems I have as an I.T. guy is managing cabled behind computers, printers, etc. Sometimes velcro and zip ties just do not do a nice enough job. I was just wondering if anyone has any experiance with any better solutions? Tips, links, whatever, I am just trying to get...
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    3Com SuperStack Switch 4400 Question

    I have a 3Come superstack switch 4400 with a gigabit copper module. My question is will this switch handle downing the MTU size for the fast ethernet segmant if I run the gigabit segmant with jumbo frames? Google isnt helping much I was hopinh one of you guys might know. Thanks in advance.
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    Create New AD Accounts From Template

    I know systems like the AS/400 have an option to like "copy settings from user" when creating a new account where it will set a new employee up exactly like an exisiting on. does something like this exist for active directory? it is quite cumbersome to manually create these over and over again.
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    I.T. Service Request Software?

    I need help from my fellow I.T. comrades. Basically I was wondering if thier was any webbased software out there for IT service requests. By this I don't mean help desk software, I mean like when a department has a new employee and they need a windows account setup, AS/400 account, and other...
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    Quick Cisco Command Question

    Hey just need a quick answer How do you set a port to gigabit speed on a cisco 6500 router? What is the console command? Current the port is stuck at 100 Mb/s. TIA
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    Change Windows Themes From Command Line

    Is there anyway to change a Windows XP themes from the command line? I am trying to add this into a login script to change themes on demand. I haven't been able to find much to help me though. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Patch Panel Organization Software

    I am hoping something like this already exists out there so I dont have to write something from scratch. What I need is some software to Identify different ports on patch panels. What I want to do is to have a terminal in everyone of our network closets here at work where techs can pull up...
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    Help Me Pick a Fiber Patch Panel

    I need a decent fiber patch panel for work and this is my first install with fiber so I am asking for some help. It is very simple though, I just need something that is rack mounted, and has an ST connector on the tech side to an ST or LC (doesnt matter) connector on the pretty side. My...
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    Best Brand of SLDTs?

    I call on fellow network admins for my question! Anyone who has dealt with large amounts of SDLT tapes knows that one bad tape can really ruin your day! With that in mind I am about to purchase some more tapes for my company and was wondering peoples opinions on brands. So far the brands I...
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    PHP Web Form?

    Just thought I would run this by you guys. I work as a network engineer and I am trying to setup a better way for users to request things from IT versus a paper solution. Now I have a limited knowledge of PHP, but I thought there might be a solution out there already coded I could just mod to...
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    FS: 20GB HDD, 256 PC2100 RAM, 802.11b PCMCIA Card, More!

    Heatware: BuGaLoU Ebay: hGBuGaLoU Email: woneill -at- Paypal: Same as email. 20GB Seagate 7200 RPM IDE Hard Drive - 25$ SHIPPED Works like new! 256MB PC 2100 DDR RAM - 24$ SHIPPED Pulled from a Dell computer, barely used and verified working. Intel Pro...
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    Stupid Gigabit Jumbo Frames! Out of ideas!

    Ok, so I have been having a war with my LAN trying to get jumbo frames enabled. I think I have done absolutly everything there is to do, but maybe not, thus this thread. Here is the equipment I am dealing with: SMC8505T Gigabit Switch Intel Pro 1000 MT x2 Netgear GA311 x3 Now I have...
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    Turning On Outlook 2003's Spam Filter to High By Default

    I am trying to set everyone's outlook 2k3's spam filter level to high versus normal here at work via a login script, but I can't seem to track down which registry key I need to modify. I'm not sure if this is stored in the user profile area or in the registry. Google isnt beign very helpful, so...
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    3Com 3300 on Cisco VLAN

    Here at work we have several switch closets with Cisco 3550 layer 3 switches in each of them. They are all tied down to a 3550 fiber switch in our server room. We have several VLANs setup, basically one per closet. We have a warehouse building with just a handfull of computers behind the main...
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    Problems With Jumbo Frames

    Ok so I am having some trouble here getting my gigabit network going with jumbo frames. I completely isolated all gigabit devices and set the MTU to 9000 on all of them and enabled jumbo frames in the network card configuration. Then reset all the equipment and computers fresh. It works for...
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    Getting an Email List From Active Directory

    I have a somewhat simple task that is giving me some trouble. There may be a simple way to do this that I am over looking, but I can't seem to figure it out. Basically I just need to get a list of users with thier corresponding emails for my OU for my company's domain. I am an exchange...
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    Automatically Setup Exchange Emails Settings?

    I am in a large corporate environment with about 300 computers. We have an annoying little problem! Anytime anyone goes to a different computer, or gets a new machine, a new outlook profile for our exchange server has to be created. This can be annoying and quite a strain on us in the IT...