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    Defective Apple Keyboards Draw Another Lawsuit

    lol, I love Kyle's news posts " Apparently these hipster ghoombahs using these Macs are getting gluten free crumbs all under the keys on the keyboard"
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    Did I brick one of my BPN-SAS2-846EL1 backplanes?

    I've run into a similar issue with my EL1 backplane reporting wrong slot information. Looks like the MFG file is missing or corrupt. Does anyone have the FTP link for the latest Firmware/MFG code.
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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    I honestly tried the build with both the stock and the premium. It can be done, it's just a tighter/tougher fit with the stock cables. Unless you go the custom route you just gotta stuff em in there bro. FWIW I wound up using a molex to sata adapter for the two drives I have in the cage made...
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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    I personally haven't noticed any as of yet. I am however sitting at least 4-5 feet away from the case itself. I have two of em, and they both so far seem to behave very similar to the Seasonic units I've been using for the last decade.
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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    DHL shipping from Europe is no joke. I recieved the shipping confirmation on Monday, and found this at my doorstep this evening when I got home. Still can't believe how small this thing is.
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    Robot Strippers Return at CES 2018

    Wow, This his got to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my entire life. I literally laughed for 5 minutes after watching that video.
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    MegaBots Really Happening....Finally

    WOW, I thought this was a joke at first. How is this the first time I've ever seen this?
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    Not getting full Gigabit...

    Once you receive the new G1100, break the lease, connect it, let it take the firmware updates, and call in if your not seeing the speeds. We can test throughput from the GWR to any Verizon branded router as long as it's managed in HNM . There have been cases in the past where the profile wasn't...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Me Please
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    Upgrade Time, RX 480 or GTX 1060 with my PSU?

    I'll chime in here with my experiences with the 470 which supposedly has a lower TDP then the 480. I have a SeaSonic 400 watt platinum, I3 6100, 8GB DDR4, and a 1TB evo in a secondary system. Picked up the ROG Strix 470 for 164.00 with a 20 dollar rebate. Installed it, and immediately ran into...
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    Sairento VR

    Anyone else played this yet ? Just purchased this yesterday, and so far I'm quite impressed. Definitely on par with if not slightly better then Raw Data in it's current state. Well worth the current asking price. Also works without issue on The Rift
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    Amazon storage

    Like I said, the UI is indeed very basic and missing lots of features when compared to the competition. The throughput however is outstanding. I've tested at several different locations and the results have always been the same. Here's what I normally see on 150/150
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    Amazon storage

    I've been using it since the beta was launched a little over a year ago. Got it free for a year when I bought a portable HDD. The app used to upload files is incredibly rudimentary. It offers no sync, encryption etc.. ,however there are a number of other apps that can be used to enhance the...
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    EVGA 1080 SC SLI Black Screen

    This sounds like the overheating VRAM issue that's been reported. All of the ACX 3.0 cards apparently may have the issue. I would venture to guess that running two 1080's at full tilt, core temp @ 82c with little or poor airflow would definitely fall into the may have the issue category. I...
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    Nvidia GTX 1080 & 1070 EVGA Cards Reportedly Catching Fire & Dying Due To VRMs Overheating

    Mine literally just showed up in the mail over the weekend. Install took roughly 30 minutes "1070 SC". So far, core temps seem to have dropped a bit. Idles @ 29c-31c and during gaming never goes above 60c. I'm running a FT02 with all the fans undervolted. As far as noise is concerned, even with...
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    Hard drive issue in Win 10

    Don't change the flag just yet. If memory serves me correctly, MSFTRES partition is us by the OS for scratch purposes. Pull the drive and see if you can boot without it being present. Sounds like the AU update decided to use the entire GPT partition as scratch space. As long as you can boot...
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    Hard drive issue in Win 10

    Definitely strange that it shows up in device manager but not diskpart. Sounds like it's time to boot up parted magic or another Linux distro and see if the disk is accessible.
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    Hard drive issue in Win 10

    Is the drive visible in disk management console? It may have simply lost its assignment.
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    SteamVR Performance Test

    Something is definitely off about this one ...
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    Oculus Rift In Stock @ Best Buy with free shipping

    Good point. If you have a Best But card they have an option for 12 month financing no interest.
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    Oculus Rift In Stock @ Best Buy with free shipping

    In Stock as of 05:00 Eastern Time.
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    SteamVR Performance Test

    Good ol 940 FTW
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    Skylake-Based Z170 Gaming Mini ITX Motherboard

    That's the plan more or less. I've ruled out the NVMe part altogether. I Plan on installing the M.2 SATA version of the EVO behind the motherboard and monitoring the temps. If they're acceptable i'll keep it, if not i'll return it and just go with the 2.5 version.
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    Skylake-Based Z170 Gaming Mini ITX Motherboard

    That's what I was more curious about. Anecdotal data seem to suggest that the SATA based ones (at least those from Samsung) run much cooler then their NVMe counterparts. I've ordered both the M.2 evo as well as the 2.5 for my ITX build and plan on testing the theory.
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    M.2 PCIe SSD boot drive in BIOS motherboard?

    The short answer is NO. It requires UEFI, so you will not be able to boot from any NVMe drive on the X58 platform period.
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    Skylake-Based Z170 Gaming Mini ITX Motherboard

    I was more concerned about the longevity of the drive itself. I have the 256GB variant of the 950 Pro in my main rig (Z170 Sabertooth in a FT02 Case) with what I would consider adequate airflow. At idle the drive hovered around 55c, and under normal workload shot up to 63c. When benchmarking the...
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    Skylake-Based Z170 Gaming Mini ITX Motherboard

    Are any you running the 950 Pro or any other m.2 drive using the m.2 slot on the back of the motherboard? Curious what kind of temps you guys are seeing.
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    FlexRAID shortcomings. NAS? Other Software?

    I have encountered issues in the past with some of the beta builds where the service would stop suddenly and couldn't be restarted. I can't quite remember what the fix was. I also had an issue where WHS 2011 backups for some reason would cause updates/validates to fail. Never figured out why...
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    FlexRAID shortcomings. NAS? Other Software?

    Your absolutely right about support for the product being MIA. And the dedicated forum over there is pretty much dead at this point. It really is a shame considering how great the product is. I'm not sure how much better support you'll get with SnapRaid. That being said, what sort of stability...
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    ASR-5805Z - good choice for a controller?

    Unfortunately even @ the low price of 100 dollars I personally don't think it's worth it for any kind of JBOD setup. That particular model is very picky with SATA drives, runs extremely hot and Adaptec's JBOD implementation on the 5 series is kinda funky. It's also a bit outdated. If your just...
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    [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread

    Specs? Certainly one of the cleanest builds "at least from the front" that I've seen on here.
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    So you are considering building a MythTV box...

    You need not worry, there are no plans to implement copy once period// The only reason we went there in the first place was because of pressure from HBO. And the resolution involved HBO and HBO only.
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    HTPC w/ XBMC

    It can, and performance is pretty good. However, for a desktop/laptop Plex Home Theater is the best way to go. Better UI, direct playback, etc. No cost involved for the entire setup. It works really well. If your roommate had a Samsung Smart TV the Plex app works just as good as the roku one...
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    HTPC w/ XBMC

    It can, and performance is pretty good. However, for a desktop/laptop Plex Home Theater is the best way to go. Better UI, direct playback, etc. No cost involved for the entire setup. It works really well.
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    HTPC w/ XBMC

    That particular fee is for a plex pass subscription wich includes some additional features and free access to the Android/IOS app. The server software itself as well as the front end app on the roku channel is free. The app for android and IOS does cost a couple of bucks without the...
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    Media Noob - Get Rid of FIOS TV?

    Roku/Hulu are great for streaming Netflix, Amazon etc... for me they're complimentary and can't replace traditional broadcast video, particularly when it comes to sports. If you do plan on going the Cable Card route the only devices currently supported are the Ceton and HDhomerun Prime. As far...
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    Htpc? Cpu or video card?

    I currently have three HTPC's and I've tested those exact combinations, Including the 750 ti. Sandy Bridge Celeron G550 Intel HD Graphics Sandy Bridge I3 2120 Intel HD Graphics 2000 Haswell I3 4340 Intel HD 4600 For streaming 1080p, TV playback and...
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    Is it just me, or is Plex really buggy?

    This thread has piqued my interest. I have a pretty large library roughly 18TB worth of Movies and TV, the majority of which are wrapped in a MKV container. Up until recently I haven't had any issues whatsoever with Plex , local streaming to 3-4 clients as well as remote streaming with friends...
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    Verizon Throttling Connection (Netflix, Youtube)

    These two have pretty much summed up the issue in it's entirety. The YouTube /Netflix /Prime throughput issue has been hashed and rehashed on many forums including Verizon's own support forums. The bottom line is it's a peering issue. The congestion is one way "downstream" and therein lies the...