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    This War of Mine

    Anyone playing? I like it but am having a hard time surviving. Made it to 20 days but find it difficult to collect enough scrap to get advanced goods going.
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    your Torrent site down?

    Went to visit and found the operators note about closing down. Then I read some posts about people finding btjunkie cookies on their machines and recieving the cease and desist notices via their ISP after connecting to torrents from there. Anyone seeing this trend elsewhere?
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    XFX ads on [H] - check it out

    I noticed one in the 5850 review. Check it out its good for a laugh "DirectX 67 with 262 zillion shaders per second"
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    q6600+680i $850 sorry, brain snapped can't say anything but OMG! :D
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    BF2: Red Tag glitch?

    Anyone else notice this one? Where your team mates name is colored red? Had this happen to me and a friend who was a medic. He used the shock paddles to revive this red tagged guy who kept shooting at me. :( ("OMG! WTF! STOP HEALING THE ENEMY!!") Another time saw 4 guys goin at it...