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    Help with Asterisk Enterprise Edition

    I've had good luck with 20+ station installs using Polycom IP301 and IP600 phones.
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    should pings within your LAN always be <1ms?

    A 100Mb, full-duplex network that isn't operating in the Black Hole of Calcutta should have sub 1ms ping times, yes. The slowest modern pings should be coming from 11Mb .11b LANs, and they are right around 2ms.
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    2 routers on network?

    Your suggestion is called a 'back channel', and it could work just fine. You will probably find, though, that you are working with the routing tables on the individual workstations more than the routers, with this type of configuration. Whether that is ok with you or not... that's your call. It...
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    2 routers on network?

    Ok, I see a couple of problems. 1) Your brother's router is NATing, instead of purely bridging the two subnets. 2) Your router is not bridging the two subnets at all, but at least you can ping the LAN side through your bro's router. These will need to be solved in this order. After your...
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    2 routers on network?

    Try pinging these: Speedy -> Texas -> Washington -> Speedy -> Speedy -> Texas -> If you can't hit any one of these, try pinging the broadcast addressess for each subnet from Texas and Speedy: Speedy ->...
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    2 routers on network?

    That looks right to me... :confused: .
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    2 routers on network?

    Ok, I see how this is working... His router should be connected (via the WAN port) to your router (via a LAN port). Then set the gateway on your router's static route to his WAN IP and the gateway on his router's static route to your LAN IP.
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    2 routers on network?

    The gateway entry should be the next hop interface toward the destination... e.g.: ROUTER(EXT. IP) -> Internet ROUTER ( -> PC1 ( = First subnet ROUTER( -> PC2 ( = Second subnet Now, ROUTER would be dual-homed in both the...
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    2 routers on network?

    With regard to all the ringing "Why?"s, it is entirely reasonable for his brother to want his own network. It is especially so, being that he already _has_ the hardware. This is just Intro to ISP 101. The previous poster could be entirely correct in asserting that it could be done with...
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    2 routers on network?

    You would need to edit the routing tables for each router, adding a route from one subnet to the other (through the proper router) to each router. This generally is not possible with SOHO routers...
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    Different Styles on Single line CSS and XHTML-strict

    The <strong> and <em> tags are what you are looking for. Look at their default behavior, and if you don't like it, override that behavior in your CSS.
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    web/email server setup

    You need to edit the DNS record for your domain. This is usually done when you register your domain, but you could use a service like
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    Assigned to fix network for approx 210 users. Need suggestions/advice.

    There are apartment complexes in my area that have some sort of deal with SBC wherein the residents get a special deal on DSL, so long as the apartment complex agrees to having every Internet-enabled apartment on the service. Kinda monopolistic, but you might be able to work something out with...
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    Assigned to fix network for approx 210 users. Need suggestions/advice.

    And you are correct, but a burstable OC12 will give the level of connectivity that is required at that very moment, and allow for every client running BitTorrent on <insert popular, yet-to-be-released movie here>, if necessary. It really is all dependant upon how much money is on the table and...
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    Assigned to fix network for approx 210 users. Need suggestions/advice.

    You will also want to look into the capabilities of the routers you have onsite. Your best option for limiting client network usage is to impose limits at the router level, port-by-port (they could all be the same access level). Forget bandwidth throttling at the ISP level, you won't be able to...
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    Noob PHP question

    I would do something like this: $string = ucfirst(substr(_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 0, -4)) So for a given filename (, $string would now contain "Foo"). Proper usage would be similar to the above options, just `echo` the string wherever you need it.
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    trouble connecting to mySQL - newbie help

    First thing, a general rule on permissions: avoid running anything, or logging in, as root whenever possible! The root user is a superuser and can modify anything related to the system on which it has permissions (in this case, MySQL). You did well in creating another user with restricted...
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    simple php image displaying example

    Give it a shot... it works on my webserver (FreeBSD 5-STABLE, Apache 1.3.x, PHP 5.0.x). With a different directory, of course... :p
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    CSS -- Mouse Over Images.

    To be a bit more explicit than the above post, IE does not support :hover on anything but anchor tags. This is a browser deficiency and a persistent source of frustration for cross-platform web developers. Although, if you can work it into your design, this is an interesting solution.
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    need php efficiency for realty to save me and are two good places to start.
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    Shell script to switch users ...

    Correct, both su and sudo should be logging all priviledge escalation to /var/log/secure.
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    Post your security setups

    OpenBSD pf Firewall FreeBSD/Firefox
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    simple php image displaying example

    Working off of your code... <?php $root = "/pictures/residential/49k/l/images/"; $files = glob($root . "*.jpg"); foreach ($files as $file) { echo "<a href=$root$file target=iframe>$image_name</a>&nbsp; "; } ?> Edit: syntax error... oops ;)
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    need php efficiency for realty to save me

    Sweet Mother of Christ.... you are planning on _statically_ creating 1200+ pages to display each, and every, option available?!?!? I would _highly_ suggest using ANY sort of SQL backend to store the information relating to each option and the location of the corresponding images/data/whatever...
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    Fiber NIC?

    Google Using a Vanilla PCI-based solution for GigE over Fiber is highly discouraged, but a PCI-Express solution is a great idea... price not being a factor, of course. Please note that a great many of the PCI 66/100MHz cards will also hobble along on a paltry 33MHz slot. Just be sure to...
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    Critique / Design help

    Since you are aiming for compatibility with both the 'fully compliant' and 'horribly braindamaged' browser sets, I would suggest this article. It covers how to create an aesthetically pleasing, intuitive navigation system in pure CSS (for those of us who browse with the former class of agent)...
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    Critique / Design help

    First, it is a drastic improvement from the old site. I like the new layout a lot. You certainly should consider putting your styles into a seperate stylesheet, though. Also, I'm not a big fan of Javascript , but it would be nice to have some sort of alternative method of navigation...
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    Recommended WiFi pcmcia for Linux?

    Anything with an Atheros or (less generally) Prism chipset will work... Atheros generally works better, due to open documentation of their chips, but Prisms are popular... google around and you'll find one.
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    Light Weight Browser

    If you don't need https or CSS support, dillo works great. Plus if you use it, perhaps more people will contribute to it... ;)
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    Multi-Threaded applications.

    The latency induced by going out onto the LAN and back is usually not worth the effort involved, and can actually lead to _lower_ compile/render times.