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    About that old Rocketfish/Lian Li tower case...

    ...exactly how much room does it have for a video card, length-wise? Due to its age I can't find anything on how it looks with any of the last generation or so of 10-12" cards in it, and my HAF X is actually cramped with an R6990 in it. (On the other hand, I imagine cable management would be a...
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    Gigabyte X79-UD5: power on, power off...

    This UD5 I bought about a month ago does one extremely annoying thing: it randomly (usually when waking it up from sleep, but sometimes on a cold boot) will go into a loop where it powers on and off at about fifteen second intervals without ever making it to POST. Powering it off fully for...
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    Warm-ish: Samsung 2TB 5400RPM HD, OEM; $99.99 AC @Newegg

    This popped up in an email I got this morning...and, yeah, it's technically Seagate now (being an OEM drive, this mainly means a one-year warranty). But if you need space and want to save $20 or so... Use the promo code EMCNEJB48...
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    Company of Heroes 2: 2013

    From the new issue of PC Gamer, via a guy over at NeoGAF: Relic takes on the Eastern Front. (other magazine scans apparently ended up here)
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    Warm-ish: Dell U2412M, $259.99 @1saleaday

    This will probably be sold out by the time I get up in the morning, but at $265 shipped for a retail-box U2412M (about $60 less than just about any place else online as of right now)...hey... I'm tempted to lose my mind and pick one up as an emergency backup for...
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    Warm-ish: Realspace PRO 9000 (chair) @ Office Depot for $262.49

    The Realspace PRO series is actually made by Raynor for OD. The 9000 is presumably not quite a match for the mighty Ergohuman, but it's also not quite as expensive either...that said, while this is supposedly carried in stores it doesn't appear to be in stock anywhere locally, so throwing in...
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    Warm: Hitachi Deskstar 2TB 7200RPM $110 AR (Amazon)

    I kind of wish Fry's would put this on sale again so as not to have to deal with the rebate part, but for a retail box drive $130 before rebate (I'm assuming it's good for free shipping, but I already have Amazon Prime) doesn't seem too shabby. The $20 rebate starts today and ends on July 27.
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    OEM Seagate Barracuda 2TB ST32000542AS $90 FS @Newegg

    Not my discovery (thanks, SD!), but still...$90 isn't too shabby. Though the reviews on Newegg for this particular drive are so very, very mixed-bag...actually, scratch that, what's their shipping like for bare drives these days? :(
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    Warm-ish: D-Link DNS-321 and -323 for $97/140 AR (TD)

    While looking for a cheap NAS box I noticed that TigerDirect has rebates going on for both the DNS-321 ($20) and the DNS-323 ($40), both of which end on 6/30. Shipping charges keep it squarely at warm-ish, I imagine, but hey...
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    Corsair Obsidian 800D: $273.99 @Amazon

    This deal is probably warm at best (okay, maybe a little above if you have Amazon Prime shipping), but hey--they have this monstrosity in stock and it's cheaper than just about everybody else.
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    Warm-ish: AOC 2236VW for $149.98 @ Staples

    This is probably the cheapest 1920x1080 monitor I've seen that wasn't refurbished. It's a TN screen, naturally, though at that price I'm almost tempted to drop my 30" monitor aspirations and pick up three for an Eyefinity setup...
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    Apple 30" Cinema Display: still viable?

    So I have the opportunity to buy a three-year-old Apple 30" Cinema HD Display locally for a smidgen under $700 (I'm not quite able to go above that for a newer monitor yet). It's seemingly in good shape with no screen issues, though the one annoyance is that it doesn't come with a stand...which...
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    FF14 (PC) beta applications are go.

    God only knows when the beta will actually start, but Square Enix is taking applications for the PC version (a PS3 beta will/may come later, I think). Just one catch: it's for North America only. (Still holding out for a English FF13 demo.)
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    Empire: Total War: $24.99 on Steam This deal ends at 10am PDT Monday morning (Columbus Day--cute). Of course it probably has nothing to do with the DLC pack that was released for the game earlier this week...might be a good time for me to snag the demo...
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    A welcome surprise: the TSC MM51.6

    For those of you who are familiar with The Speaker Company: they have had a sale going on for their MM51.6 5.1 PC speaker set. (I was looking for a replacement subwoofer for my main AV rig anyway, so this was just a cheap bonus/impulse buy. They're currently OOS.) It turns out that the...
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    MSI sez: official SLI support on x58 motherboards.

    Maybe they figured "Hey, the cat's been out of the bag for a while anyway..." (and also
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    Another DDR3 selection thread (my apologies).

    So I'm looking for a 6GB pack of RAM for an incoming i7/920 and MSI x58 Pro (not immediately planning to OC, but considering a modest attempt later). And, after sifting through way too many threads, I finally get that in general latency isn't an issue with DDR3 unless you're doing mad OCing...
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    "Clock interrupt" + "uncorrectable hardware" errors = I'm replacing something, right?

    I suppose it's just coincidence, but I can't help thinking I screwed something up massively when I did a driver (GPU, for the record) rollback in Vista x64 last week. Ever since then, I've been getting random BSODs of either the "the system has encountered an uncorrectable hardware error" or...
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    Questionable: Visiontek 4870 for $230 @XPCGear

    Admitted, that's $230 plus shipping...but it's still a few bucks cheaper than Newegg out-of-pocket, rebates notwithstanding. How reliable is XPCGear, though? Their short-term rating on resellerratings isn't exactly promising...
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    Warm-ish redux: PNY GTX 260 for $230 AR

    At least half of the 260s on Newegg have rebates going, but the PNY card is the cheapest one as of this posting...both before--$249.99--and after rebate. (Annoyingly, of course, all the R4870s are more expensive there...)
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    Warm-ish: eVGA GTX 260 for $239.99 AR @the Egg

    Probably won't last more than 48 hours, but still... (right here)
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    Remember that complaint against Jack Thompson from last year?

    Okay, it's still not over and done with yet...but for lack of a better phrase: HA HA HA. (Having said that, however, at least read the part about all the material Thompson submitted in his defense. It's
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    Vaguest...DNF article...ever.

    Though I suppose that's sort of the point in this case--the Shacknews guys apparently got to see a DNF build in action. The article itself...says absolutely, utterly, nothing. Anybody know if the SN guys just bought new cars with undisclosed funds or something lately?
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    EA to BioWare: "You will be assimilated."

    OMFG. :(
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    ECS as a stopgap?

    I'm about this close to going over to Fry's and snagging an E6600 and this 'board for $230, along with the requisite cheap RAM...and all I can find about the board anywhere (thus far) is that it exists. Nobody likes it, nobody hates it, it's just kind of...there. Even for ECS, that's pretty...
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    Antec CS600...two fans or four?

    I've had this damn case sitting behind the loveseat in my living room for three months now, and I finally picked up a pair of 80mm Vantec Stealth fans to shove in there (I'd prefer a local cheap source for some really well-regarded fans like Yate Loons, but hey) so I can finally move the system...
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    New official X-Fi drivers...

    ...they may well be the beta ones just with "beta" crossed out, but they're up on Creative's site as of yesterday. Someone want to give me a spare X-Fi Elite Pro to replace my Audigy 4 Pro with? :D
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    PS3 controller to be called...SIXAXIS? Huh?

    Because we've had plenty of Wii news today...somebody went looking at patents... (Odd that there's an industrial company out there named Sixaxis, though...)