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    Warframe Coop MMO

    The Warframe mmo just went into closed beta. but mmobomb had about 9.5k beta keys as of last night. it seems to bee a rip off of mass effect. but the gameplay is fun and ill take any thing that is half decent and remotely similar to mass effect. now be warned this is closed beta for a...
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    Mouse pad for a recliner

    Ok, I have a rather singular issue. I play pc in a recliner, I have the keyboard in my lap and the mouse on the arm. It started out working fine until I wore out the arm and now it doesnt track very well, it jitters around when I move. Its not a massive jitter but it makes sniping and...
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    Looking to Build a 5.1 system

    Ok, I would like to build a new 5.1 set up for my pc, which I mostly use for gaming and watching movies. I currently have a horrible creative 5.1 system which I got for 80 bucks about 6 years ago. I have set my budget to max 800 bucks for the sound card and the system, and now am at a loss...