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    2 x G34 Opterons and 16GB DDR3 Ecc Reg memory.

    I have two 12 core (2.0 Ghz) ES Opteron G34 CPU's ZS202045TCG43. Clocked to 3.0GHz easily with turionpowercontrol on Supermicro H8DG6-F. 16GB DDR3 ECC Reg. 1333MHz memory. (Kingston 8 sticks x 2 gig each). KTHPL313/2G 1.5v. $100 o.b.r.o for both shipped. Payment by Bitcoin/Paycoin or some...
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    FS...Intel Xeon 2660's.

    I have two Xeon E5-2660's for sale. PM me for details. $700 shipped for both. Payment via Paypal.
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    FS...Supermicro H8DME-2/CPU/Ram combo.

    Supermicro H8DME-2 motherboard (Socket F, supports Shanghai/Istanbul - 6 core) 2 x Opteron 8389 (2.9Ghz per core, 8 cores total) 8GB DDR2 ECC Reg. Ram 2 x Socket F coolers. $150 shipped. Payment via Paypal. Produces 20K to 30K PPD on Linux 12.04 (depending on work units received).
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    FS...Opteron 6172/6176/Asus KGPE-D16

    I'm selling my Asus/Opteron 24 core combo to upgrade to a 4P system. CPU's. 12 core Opteron 6172 (2.1GHz) and 12 core Opteron 6176 (2.3Ghz) Mobo Asus KGPE-D16 Just the motherboard, no accessories or I/O shield. Memory...
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    Problems with units....

    Can anyone hop in on this and give me an idea about what's going wrong? I've lost two completed units (half a million points) now. [02:16:55] Completed 242500 out of 250000 steps (97%) [02:45:20] Completed 245000 out of 250000 steps (98%) [03:13:48] Completed 247500 out of 250000 steps (99%)...
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    FS...Opteron 6172

    Selling an Opteron 6172. $260 (for [H]ardfolders), $320 all others. Payment via Paypal.
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    WTB...DDR2 800mhz ECC Reg.

    Does anyone have any DDR2-800mhz (PC2-6400) ECC Reg. memory they want to sell? Either 2GB (2x1GB) or 4GB (2x2GB). LMK what you have and asking price. You must also be willing to ship to Canada via United States Postal Service. Thanks. :D
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    Can anyone tell me if...

    my last unit I did was sent to Stanford? qd released 29 August 2012 (fr 086) qd executed Sun Sep 16 15:28:09 EDT 2012 (Sun Sep 16 19:28:09 UTC 2012) Queue version 6.00 Current index: 5 Index 6: empty Index 7: empty Index 8: empty Index 9: empty Index 0: empty Index 1: finished 22607.00...
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    Nvidia GPU client slowing down computer...

    Has anyone had problems with the F@H Version 7 client slowing down their computers to the point where it's "bogging"? Gforce 550TI, latest Nvidia drivers.
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    WTB...Opteron 8431

    Looking to purchase an Opteron 8431. I had one die on my Tyan S4985 (24 cores, now down to 12 :() Require a D0 stepping. LMK what you have and asking price. Must be willing to ship to Canada via United States Postal Service.
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    WTB Opteron 6172/6174

    Looking for an Opteron 6172/74, Let me know your asking price. Must be willing to ship to Canada by United States Postal Service. Thanks for looking.
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    WTB: Socket F motherboard.

    I'm looking for a Socket F motherboard that supports 6 core Istanbul CPUs. LMK what you have and asking price. Must be willing to ship to Cananda via United States Postal Service. I will pay shipping and if you have any questions about shipping to Canada, just ask. :)
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    FS/WTB/WTT: Pair of Opteron 6128's.

    Will sell or trade my pair of Opteron 6128s to any long time [H] folder for $170 shipped. I'm looking for a dual or quad Socket F motherboard. Let me know what you have and asking price. I just need the motherboard, no CPUs. Payment via Paypal or EMT (if you're Canadian).
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    FS___2 x Opteron 6128.

    I have two Opteron 6128's for sale. CPU's only, no HSF. Looking to move up to 12 core CPUs now. $200 + shipping for the pair. If you're a long time [H] folder contact me for a better deal. :) Payment via Paypal or EMT if you're Canadian.
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    Why does Linux hate me?

    22:23:29] Folding@Home Gromacs SMP Core [22:23:29] Version 2.27 (Thu Feb 10 09:46:40 PST 2011) [22:23:29] [22:23:29] Preparing to commence simulation [22:23:29] - Looking at optimizations... [22:23:29] - Files status OK [22:23:38] - Expanded 57242250 -> 71846524 (decompressed 50.4 percent)...
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    Did something go wrong?

    Can anyone tell me what went wrong with this unit. It took almost three days to complete and it looks like I didn't get any points for it. I have the wuresults_02.dat file in my work folder and it's 222 MB in size but it hasn't been uploaded for some reason. Is there anyway to force the...
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    Just want to say thanks...

    Just want to say thanks for all the help you've guys given me with my Ubuntu setup. I'm currently about 9% away from turning in my first "bigbeta" unit. Couldn't have done it without the help from the community, specifically to Tear and others for advice and KardonXT and Cactus for the awesome...
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    Performance, not those kind :)

    I just built a dual G34 system (Asus mobo, dual 6128's) and have Ubuntu 10.10 (kraken installed) running in Virtualbox. Just finished a project 6996 and got the following results after the run. These results seem awfully low for some reason. Can anyone with more experience in multi proc...
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    Advice needed...

    I was just given 5 socket F CPU's and 16GB of DDR2 ECC Reg. ram. 4 matching Opteron 8380's (quadcores, 2.5ghz) and 1 Opteron 8431 (sixcores, 2.4ghz). Just a few questions... What type of PPD would the four quads make on Linux? Is it possible to use the six core and three of the quadcores on...
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    Can someone do me a favour?

    I don't know if should post this here or in the DC/FS thread but anyhow, I'm currently bidding on something on Ebay and it requires a U.S. shipping address (verified Paypal address). If you have a verified Paypal United States address, I'll pay you $25 U.S. (for your time) + shipping (it's just...
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    FS...PC Power and Cooling 1200w PSU

    PC Power and Cooling 1200w PSU. $175 shipped. Heatware Payment by Paypal.
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    FS...SR2 mobo/Xeon E5649/6GB Ram

    *** Sold to Vinnkoh *** Figured I would give everyone here a shot at the board/CPU before I posted it elsewhere. Selling my EVGA SR2 mobo, Xeon E5649 CPU (1 CPU) and 6GB (3x2) of HyperX DDR3 1600 Mhz memory. $650 shipped / Open to reasonable offers of course. Looking to jump on the Opteron...
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    WTB...Socket F mobo.

    I'm currently looking for a 4 processor Socket F mobo. Tyan or Supermicro. If you have one let me know what you're asking for it. Must be willing to ship to Canada. Thanks.
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    WTB.. Intel Xeon E5649

    As the title states, I'm looking for another E5649 for my SR2 rig. LMK what you have and your asking price. I can pay with Paypal (non-CC) or postal money order if you prefer that. Must be willing to ship to Canada via United States Postal Service. Thanks for looking.
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    Xeon L5639 Hexcore.

    Intel Xeon L5639 CPU (PM for details) $280 shipped. If you're going to use it for Folding, then I will lower the price to $230 firm. Sold to newbs.
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    WTB..Opteron 4P mobo.

    Intel Xeon L5639 CPU (PM for details) $280 shipped. Looking for an Opteron 4P motherboard. Must be able to run Opteron 838x series processors. LMK what you have and your asking price. Must be willing to ship to Hamilton, ON, Canada via United States Postal Service. Thanks for looking.
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    L5639 and SR2

    Is anyone here successfully running the Xeon L5639 on their SR2? I'm having cold boot problems with the board and was told it is most likely my ES (A0 rev) chip. Once I get the board to boot, it runs fantastic. Also if you're running the L5639's, how are your overclocks on them? What about...
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    Can't send results.

    Does anyone know if the Folding@Home server are down? I can't send any of my completed units. Note: Please read the license agreement (FAH6.34-win32-SMP.exe -license). Furthe r use of this software requires that you have read and accepted this agreement. 4 cores detected 'mpiexec' is not...
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    SMP Question...

    Do you need to do 10 SMP units on individual machines before you start receiving the bonus for them? I'm asking because it seems my 2 Intel quadcore machines are not making the PPD they should be? All my clients are using my passkey. My Phenom II X6 does anywhere from 14-15000PPD and the...
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    PPD not even close...

    Hello everyone....long time folder, probably my first question. I recently switched over to the SMP client on my X6 rig. HFM indicates I should be getting approximately 12,500 PPD on my CPU. It's not even close as you can see here... Any ideas...
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    Anyway to force Windows XP....

    Is there anyway to force Windows XP to use different network adaptors to accomplish different tasks? I have a hard line for accessing my internet locally and would like to use wireless to access my server that's in a part of the house that cable can't be routed to easily. Everytime I try to...
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    Did I get burned again by SMP client?

    [21:14:46] Loaded queue successfully. [21:14:46] [21:14:46] + Processing work unit [21:14:46] Core required: FahCore_a1.exe [21:14:46] Core found. [21:14:46] Working on Unit 01 [March 22 21:14:46] [21:14:46] + Working ... [21:14:46] [21:14:46] *------------------------------*...
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    Is it possible?

    To fold using the SMP Window's client and use the GPU client (console version) at the same time? I have a 6600 CPU and two ATI 1900XT video cards. Also, does anyone know why the SMP client is worth so many points as compared to the GPU version? I always thought the GPU's were performing more...
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    Matching cards for ATI Crossfire?

    Is it possible to use a 512mb X1900XT with a 256mb X1900XT to run Crossfire? Thanks. BTW...The 512mb card is the master card.
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    AM2 cpu cooler...

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    ATI 9800np to Pro clocks...

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    Is it possible?

    To run the graphical and command line version of F@H at the same time using a dual core processor? I've tried putting the command line version in a separate folder and running it, but it uses the folder from my graphical client anyhow. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    New supercomputer using Opteron processors...

    Originally from WASHINGTON (Reuters) - IBM will build a next-generation supercomputer for the U.S. Energy Department with the potential to achieve a sustained speed of 1,000 trillion calculations...
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    How do the Conroes fold?

    I'm just curious as to how well (or not) the new Intel chips fold? I'm currently all AMD (3 dual core machines) and a few A64's. Do the new Core chips fold faster than AMD or roughly equivalent? Thanks for any help. I'm going to purchase a new system to add to my "mini" farm. Obviously I...
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    AM2 cpu cooler...

    I'm looking for a decent CPU cooler for my AM2 3200+@ 2.7ghz (1.45 vcore). I've had the chip at 3.0ghz at 1.6 vcore, but way too hot for any safe testing. The stock cooler reaches 60 deg C under load at 1.45 and can go as high as 70 deg C at 1.6 :D I'm looking at the following...