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    Another great use for a credit card....

    No this isn't an identity theft or other financial fraud thread... :D It is how I resurrected a failed Intel DX48BT2 motherboard with one though. I'd purchased a new HSF combo to replace the stock Intel fan of my Q6600. When swapping the HSF combination units, carefully applying the AS5...
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    XFX 8600GT XXX overclock results decent?

    I've received the following 3Dmark06 score: Is 6123 with the default settings in 3Dmark06 good? Here's some screenshots of the frequencies I was able to achieve. Note that the cooling is stock and no modifications were performed on...
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    7600GS to 8600 what?

    I'd like to upgrade my overclocked 7600GS to a newer gen card and get excellent performance from todays games at higher resolutions and details (recently purchased a widescreen LCD and need to run higher resolutions than 1024xy768) Realizing that I won't get much for my used 7600GS and that...
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    New PureVideo versus AVIVO and standalone players.

    Check out this article: Note that as of their September 5th update, nVIDIA is currently reigning supreme with a five point lead on Video over ATI or 12 of the high-end standalone DVD players (one...
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    Dual Core/Multi-Threaded Physics.

    Noticed this "HydraCore" article on Havoks website: So is this available now or is this still in production? I would be interested in being able to take advantage of my second CPU core in games. It would be really exciting to have some of the...
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    What might you buy in the next couple months?

    Just curious to find out what solution you may be interested in.
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    Hexus review of PPU. Comments?
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    Booyah! H.264 on nVIDIA

    Here's the press release: Here's the trial: Looks like some other goodies to up the ante from Anand's review of AVIVO vs PUREVIDEO. Guess another comparison will now need to be...
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    Does it bother you that you can't view HDTV in full glory?

    Read this before posting please: "all" Video cards apparently do not have full HDCP compliance. Question:What does that mean to me? Answer: All "encrypted" H.264 video content for either HD DVD...
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    Any news on cablecard technology?

    I've seen the CES article from AnandTech on ATI's OCUR technology, see: This will allow you to view HDTV premium and PPV content on your HTPC system. Any news on other companies products or more on this one? I'm waiting with excitment.
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    CES press release shows H.264 coming to nVIDIA!

    Check out Note this quote from the press release: I knew that it would be a short period of time after ATI's release to see this for the nVIDIA crowd. One important note: H.264 acceleration will be for GeForce6 and 7 families, versus...
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    New MSI K8N Diamond Plus coming.

    Check this out: There's a new MSI board coming in November that looks very sweet.
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    New upcoming SLI features annouced for Release 80 drivers.

    Check out the following from MikeC at I'm really excited as we get closer to this driver release. As nVIDIA continues to expand the feature set of SLI, this technology is really beginning to rock! Check out the Linux support as well, very interesting. Glad that they...
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    crossfire 16x12 60Hz limit, big deal?

    Check out the news item from Rage3d If this is true, what does this mean to you?
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    Cooling/Quiet solution for 6600GT?

    I'm working on making my computer more silent. Currently my MSI NX6600GT-TD128E is the loudest part of my system and I'd like to replace the stock HSF with another solution that would yield the best NOISE/TEMP ratio. I'm currently looking at the following three products: AC NV Silencer...
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    6600GT, SLI and Dual-Rail power supply?

    I've got an MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum/SLI motherboard, 6600GT PCI-e card and an Enermax EG565P-VE FMA 2.0 SLI-ready PSU. One thing I've noticed though, the second power rail is only available to peripherials and to the PCI-E bus through the PCI-E power connectors (the 6 pin connectors). Since...
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    What Does SATA II mean to you?

    Please answer the poll first and then check to see if you have the right answer :D
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    New Gen Graphics Poll.

    I've seen dozens of threads about: "Should I wait for R520?" "Should I upgrade to 7800GTX?" and so on. Each of these could have been a poll, so here's the chance for you to "vote".
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    11 days for the ultimate graphics performance.... Quote "Prepare to be enlightened" with two nVIDIA logo's that rotate with 11 days.. What do you think this nVIDIA OEM is trying to tell us? :D
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    Someone needs to review this AGP/PCI-E capable nForce4 Ultra board. According to this, you can use compatible AGP cards on this nForce4 Ultra board and then latter upgrade to PCI-E cards as both slots are present and supported. May help those that want socket 939 and PCI-E goodness...
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    Update MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum SLI review for Winchester warning.

    I and many other MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum SLI users are experiencing a FSB bug (or HTT bug) that prevents overclocks higher than 220MHz on POST with the Winchester core. All others, NewCastle and Clawhammer, are Overclocking just fine. It appears to be a BIOS issue, as you can overclock while...
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    Good northbridge heatsink/fan for NForce4 SLI?

    I'm looking at replacing the cheesy fan/heatsink on my NForce4 SLI northbridge. Be aware that it's in-line with my second PCIe slot and shouldn't be too tall so as to prevent SLI use. Suggestions? :confused: