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    2nd stick of DDR4-3000 CL15-15-15-35 only runs at 15-17-17-39

    Howdy, So I built a new rig last weekend and had a bad stick of G.Skill DDR4-3000 - one of two 16gb sticks that was preventing a POST. I got my new set of 32gb (2 16gb sticks) today and after some games in the BIOS got it to run at 3000mhz, but the latency's will only boot up at 15-17-17-39...
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    New build wouldn't start - bad DIMM?

    Hi, Just hoping to confirm something with you all. So I put my new build together - MSI Z170A motherboard, G.Skill Rapjaw V 3000 23 gb - two sticks of 16 gb. It wouldn't post - gave error codes 55 00 16 od. I have the two dimms in slots 2 and 4. I took the stick out of slot 4 and whoola...
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    Confused about M2 NVME and MSI Z170A Gaming M7

    Hi there, So I'm doing my first new build in something like 10 years. Yikes where have the years gone? I just ordered the MSI Z170A Gaming G7 and was now looking at SSD's. I'm looking at the Samsung 950 PRO 512 GB NVM Express. SAMSUNG 950 PRO M.2 512GB PCI-Express 3.0 x4 Internal Solid...
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    Does Powerplay in Radeon Mobility work?

    Radeon Mobility has something similar to Optimus (powerplay?) that allows you to switch to the integrated graphics when not gaming etc. Does that work? Does the onbaord Radeon fan turn off as well? I'm hoping when I'm just surfing in the family room that the Alienware will be quieter and cooler...
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    Can't decide - feedback on gaming laptops

    Man I can't decide. I need a new gaming rig, and was planning on building a new desktop AND then buying a cheaper laptop for paying bills and such, but I just can't buy a pc that can't play games. It's like non-alcoholic beer, decaf coffee, etc. I've been looking at some of the Lenovo's, and...
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    Need a quiet console for Guitar Hero - PS2??

    I'm a FPS PC gamer only, but love playing Guitar Hero on my friends PS2. I was thinking about getting a Wii for just that, and maybe the sports games, but I've heard the controllers for the guitars don't work great, and the GH games for Wii are limited. So then I thought I'd get the Xbox...
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    What's the quitest case?

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    OMG Battlefield 2 drives me crazy

    Went back to BF42 after installing Special Forces way back when wouldn't allow me to connect. So this weekend I re-install everything and the last patch I had. Get on and there's nobody playing. Check for new patch (another one since April?!), download it and try to connect to server...
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    How has gaming messed you up?

    1) Back kills me from being hunched over all night playing BF42. 2) Right shoulder kills me from killing Germans all night playing BF42. 3) Left foot is numb from bracing myself, killing Germans all night. 4) Seriously, sometimes I drive all over the place in my car and have a hard...
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    What's a good steering wheel for NFS:MW

    I had a old Saitek R100 that worked just great, but I don't have a PCI gamecard for it anymore. I was looking at the Logitech MOMO. Anyone have one they'd recommend?
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    As an avid PC gamer, why do I want an XBOX 360?

    I play mostly Battlefied 1942, and then BF2. I like multiplayer online FPS's. $ is no object,so I enjoy my rig and gaming in the privacy of my home office. I'm not seeing the appeal of an XBOX 360 sitting in my living room. I see that on my 40" hdtv that the bigger picture would be cool...
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    Anyone play Far Cry online?

    Last I heard it was limited to something like 1 on 1? Anyone playing it? If so... any what's the scoop.
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    How do you like your X2?

    Anyone have one up and running? How does it do? I'm wondering about, for example, when BF2 quits it takes about 20 seconds from the desktop to "really" quit. In the meantime I can't do squat. Wondering if an X2 would allow me to surf, etc. when another program is hogging while it starts/quits.
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    BF2 - So where did destructible environments go???

    So a bunch of us have been drooling over the reviews saying BF2 would have destructible environments. No more getting nade spammed by someone hiding behind a sand bag while your tanks blasts did nothing. Sigh. Still a lot of that dumb shit in BF2. What happened to this highly tauted...
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    Day of Defeat Source - when?

    I'm a BF42 playa... never got into CS much. I'm updating Steam now and noticed a Day of Defeat Mod coming soon. Checked around the net. Didn't see any dates. Anyone know when this will come out? Looks like a WW2 multiplayer game with the Source engine? That would be da bomb! That's...
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    DVD version slower than CD?

    Ok stupid question... but most DVD/CD players play CD's faster than DVD's right? So if I get the DVD version of BF2, will it load slower than if I got the multi-CD version? :eek:
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    So when can I buy an X2?

    Anyone have any inside info (or outside) on when we'll be able to buy a retail (or oem I guess) 64 X2? Sure would like to do something else on my PC while editing videos.
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    AMD64 Multi-tasking

    Well the other threads are all dead, but I just wanted to add that I love messing with PC's, web developing, all that good stuff. But man I'm busy and I ain't gonna tweak Windows settings :mad: to get better multi-tasking. I just start the video decoding and walk away. Call that [S]oft or...
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    So what's the Max FPS in games?

    So I run FRAPS playing BF1942 and notice the FPS stays at about 100 almost all of the time (I'm running a 3500+ and 6800GT). I'm assuming that's the max FPS for this game. I'm assuming this varies from game to game? I'm wondering how to tell what the Max is in other games. Anyone?
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    Best tool to do first data capturing web site?

    Howdy, So I know Java pretty well, and HTML a little. I've done my own little sites before using FrontPage express (freebie). I want to create a site for a friends business where users can enter small orders and capture that info (not sending an email). The Java I've done here at...
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    When can we expect a 20" 8ms LCD?

    That's good for gaming and everything else? Anyone hear any rumors? It was cool to hear of the 2405 way in advance. I love my 2001FP but FPS gaming kinda sucks. The size is perfect. If only it was 8ms. :(
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    NewEgg complaint.

    Is it just me or are the product descriptions and info for NewEgg toys sort of lame? I realize they've assumed you've researched it somewhere else then just purchased it there. But many times a key spec isn't listed on a product that only they sell. Pretty frustrating. Also, they don't...
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    How's the Dell 2001FP for gaming?

    Anyone have any experience with FPS on this sucker?
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    Any routers better for gaming than others?

    I currently have a Netgear FSV318 that is losing connection more often. Thinking about replacing it. Any routers/firewalls out there that are better for gaming than others? My Netgear support experience: I tried to register on Netgears website to post a message and it wouldn't take my...
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    LCD native resolution too high for gaming text?

    Ok, so I really want an LCD for "work" crud (programming, text based stuff). But I love playing BF1942 at 1024x768. Any higher and the text is too [h]ard to read. I'm thinking I'd be unhappy getting an LCD for both text and especially gaming right? I could handle maybe 1280x1024. Then...
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    Where to buy monitor?

    So NewEgg doesn't have what I was looking for (Sony 19" LCD w/12 ms response time I think). And I don't like their 8 dead pixel policy. I'm still debating between a 19/22" CRT or a 19" LCD. Gaming a lot, and text stuff. Where's a decent place to buy a monitor online other than NewEgg and...
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    Comcast DVR box w/Seagate drive - clicking

    So I just got the new Comcast cable box so I could get hi-def tv. It also has a 120gb Seagate hard drive in it so you can pause/rewind/record etc. Pretty slick....EXCEPT... it clicks like a clock NON-STOP. Very annoying. I suspect it's a lame one since in a few hours it "paused" on it's own...
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    So why are ATI cards so hard to find?

    That is, why can't ATI make enough too sell? Darned shame so many 6800's are getting sold because ATI cards are so hard to find. Any reason? Fabrication problems?
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    Is it LEGAL to copy my DVD's?!

    From what I understand, it's legal to make a copy of my own DVD's for my own personal use? All I want to do is make a backup of my Band of Brothers set of DVD's. Any time I get a "set" of anything (CD anthologies, etc.) sooner or later one of the disc's gets lost/broken. I do NOT want to...
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    Poor 3dMark05 score 6800GT :-(

    Just downloaded it today (and the hotfix) and ran it twice. 3479 and 3355 :( I'm running: 3500+ 939 Asus A8V Deluxe 2.0 (Bios version 1005.027) 1 gig Corsair XMS evga 6800GT ( drivers dated 7/15/04) Just curious... will new drivers really make that much of a difference...
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    What's the quitest case?

    I have an Antec P160 case. Obviously the amount of noise coming from it has a lot to do with the fans I have. The eVga 6800GT fan is by far the loudest. I put a fan controller on the back 120mm case fan and at 2/3 speed it's pretty quiet. But I'm wondering if there's cases that keep noise in...
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    Help hooking up Antec case fan to Enermax Fan Controller

    Hi, I have an Antec P160 case (love it) that I'm trying to quiet down. Got the NV5 for my 6800GT (haven't installed it yet). Then I just got an Enermax UC-A8FATR4 4 channel fan controller to hook up at leat the 120mm case fan in back that's pretty loud. I succesfully hooked up the CPU fan...
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    evga 6800GT too loud. Where can I find another fan?

    Anyone know where I can get a quieter cooler than the stock fan on my evga 6800GT? I've heard of the arctic cooling NV5? but don't see it on there website or NewEgg? Any other options? Thanks!
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    Help getting 5.1 speakers

    Ok so I'm lost in here. I'm getting an AMD64 3500+ 939 with onboard sound - ASUS A8V deluxe mobo (getting it Monday!!!!). I didn't get a soundcard yet. Figured I'd try the onboard sound. I want a really nice 5.1 setup for gaming. But from reading these posts I get the feeling it's just...
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    Abit 939 PCI-E boards. The AX8:

    No mention of availability that I could see. Now if they only had a decent PCI-E graphics card... Abit :cool:
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    When is too much power a bad thing?

    Yes I tried to read the FAQ's. I'm buying an AMD64 3500 with an eVGA 6800GT. The power choices I have are 475W or 600W (well the 2 Enermax I prefer anyway). 475 is slightly lower than the 480w recommendation for the 6800 (or is it just the ultra?). But I'm wondering... is the 600 too much...
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    Noise wise, is the 6800GT much worse than X800XT?

    I'm getting ready to make the plunge. I don't like A LOT of noise. I'm planning on going with the 6800GT (either eVGA or BFG OC if I can find one). Just wondering... would spending an extra 200+ bucks on an ATi x800xt help much in reducing overall system noise? It's a gaming box, so...
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    Custom built from Monarch any good?

    Anyone had any experiences (good or bad) buying a custom built desktop from Monarch? I was going to build my own primarily because I can't find what I'm looking for from a PC maker (quality power supply, fans, etc.). While DIY might be "fun" Monarch custom built seems to be a nice happy...