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    Repeating WiFi into metal building

    I am looking for an (hopefully) inexpensive way to extend WiFi into a metal shed. There is wifi outside, but thanks to essentially being a Faraday cage I can not get WiFi into the shed to control a WiFi outlet to turn a small heater off and on. I have been looking a bit but havent quite found...
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    Ultrabook recommendations

    I am looking for recommendations on an ultrabook. I am coming from an older thinkpad x200 convertible. I got it just about 5 years ago and its been a great laptop. It still runs quite well with an SSD and I am fairly happy with it. However the battery is shot and that has got me thinking...
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    Looking for SATA RAID Controller recommendations

    I am looking to replace my older HP Windows Home Server with a Windows 2013 box and I am looking for a SATA RAID controller. I have been doing some research and its starting to make my head spin. So I was hoping i could get some recommendations here. I am looking for a controller that will...
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    Looking for Android App recommendations. $5 promo codes for favorite recommendations.

    First off, If this is not allowed mods please shoot me a PM and I apologize and will withdraw the bounty (I did a real quick scan of the rules and didnt see anything that specifically prohibited this) Ok, I have an HTC One currently and have a Nexus 7 coming my way. I am looking for some app...
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    Trying to setup OpenVPN client on Ubiquti Edge Router Lite

    I am trying to get OctaneVPN setup on my ERL and I have to admit I am a complete fish out of water with trying to get this working. Basically what i have done was take the .openvpn file and removed the CA, CERT and KEY sections creating new files with the data from these sections. I then...
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    Seagate Solid State Hybrid Drive issues

    I picked up one of the new Seagate hybrid drives and installed it in a thinkpad SL510. I was having issues with the drive making a "chirping" sound and becoming unresponsive. I ran seatools and it failed. I exchanged the drive and installed the new drive. I am now getting the same chirping of...
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    Looking for DD-WRT compatible router suggestions

    Good morning. I am looking for a stable router that supports DD-WRT. I dont need a ton of bells and whistles, no wifi or anything like that. I just want something that is rock solid and wont need rebooting on a regular basis and will support DD-WRT. The reason I am looking for this is i would...
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    AppleTV for XBMC

    I am looking to make the switch from Windows MCE over to XBMC as i am starting to get frustrated with the codec support especially with MKV and xbox extenders. Now that XBMC is starting to offer live TV it is starting to become a viable option for me. I am looking for something that can act...
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    Premium GPS navigation app for Android

    I recently upgraded from a Nokia to HTC One X for AT&T and one thing i am missing is Garmin GPS app. I find that i like the included Google navigation however its only about 85% there for my needs. Its awesome to get me where i need to go in terms of point A to point B but not being able to...
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    Loki008's Home Theater build suggestion / feedback thread

    Good morning. I am just finishing moving and picking up some new equipment for the home theater system(s) in the house and i figured i would post it up here for some feedback and suggestions from everyone as i build out the system. A bit of info. It is a 3 bedroom 2 floor house with a...
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    Looking for some feedback on Infortrend solution

    I did some searching of the forums and i got limited hits on "Infortrend" so i figured i would post a thread looking for feedback. We are looking into the ESVA F60-2830 for cost vs performance and am just looking for feedback or reviews or suggestions on where else to look for a simular type...
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    Tablet PC games

    I just picked up a thinkpad x200 tablet and i am looking for recomendations of some games that would take advantage of the pen input. So far ive been playing with crayon physics and am finding it oddly addictive. I am mostly looking for fun games that will pass time between work and school that...
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    Tablet laptop for under $2k

    I am looking for some suggestions for a tablet PC for school use under $2k. From my searching i seem to be leaning towards the Dell XT2 and the Lenovo x200. My preferences are in this order: Multi-touch (Pen, Finger, 2 Finger) Battery life (at least 4 hours) Size I am not opposed to a...
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    My letter to the AG's office over the recient microsoft bans

    I figure this should provide some interesting debate, but i decided to send my state's attorney generals office the following email over microsoft recient action in blocking 3rd party memory and corrupting and disabling data on banned consoles.
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    Really quiet TV (live and recorded) in Windows 7 MCE

    I am fairly new to MCE as i never really felt like it did what i wanted how i wanted untill playing with Windows 7 MCE. I am liking it so far however one thing i am having an issue is that the TV volume is quite low. To the point that i have to have the TV turned almost all the way up to get...
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    Looking for a way to simulate an internet connection over LAN

    I have to test a few things in terms of performance over an internet link and rather than use an off network machine it would be nice if there was a way to throttle the LAN connection to various speeds. I did some quick googling and really was only hitting results for router QoS and ISPs that...
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    Media center build questions

    I had a few questions about Windows 7 Media center in terms of properly building out a new media center for streaming My planned setup is going to be a this PC connected to a Windows Home Server, currently i have an HP ex470. The PC is going to have 2x HVR-2250's for a total of 4x tuners and...
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    Warm deal on Thule snow chains

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    Warm deal on Thule snow chains

    Thule CS10 Super-Premium Passenger Car Snow Chain $139 ($60 off) plus free shipping, and qualifies for Prime. Sizing chart This is a great deal if you live in a snowy area that you ocassionally need to use chains. Sure they are more expensive than standard chains, but they are totally...
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    [S]oft... err [H]ot Deal on 1000 thread count sheets

    I was at Target the other day and saw a clearance end cap of the same sheets they had on sale for $60 that i picked up on black friday. They are marked down to $24.98 for the queen set, i didnt check the other sizes prices, they are likely the same. These sheets regularly go for $99.99 and...
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    [H]ot? Orange Box (xbox360 or PS3) $14.99 @ CircuitCity

    The website lists it for $19.99 however in this weeks flyer they have the Orange Box for $14.99 at circuit city. IMHO this is an awesomely [H]ot deal especially considering what you get in terms of games. This is a must have especially at this price.
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    Looking for advice on [H]ardware for a carputer

    I am looking to build an in-dash carputer and am just looking for feedback on my planned hardware. I assume since this is a carputer it goes under mobile computing? Hardware: Mobo/cpu: VIA EPIA-N700 nano-ipx board with 1.5ghz c7 processor RAM: 2GB DDR2 so-dimm Harddrive: RiDATA 32GB SATA...
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    xbox 360 vs PS3 for media streaming

    I currently have a 360 for one TV in my house, and am finishing up a home theater that i will want to be able to stream media to as well. My question is basically is if the ps3 is up to use as an HTPC for streaming yet or if i should just wait for the price drop and pick up a second 360? Some...
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    xbox 360 vs ps3 for streaming media

    I currently have a 360 and am finishing up a home theater that i will want to be able to stream media to as well. My question is basically if the ps3 is up to use as an HTPC for streaming yet or if i should just wait for the price drop and pick up a second 360? I will be streaming from...
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    Warm? 1GB DDR2 notebook memory $20 at Bestbuy B&M

    Kingston Technologies 1GB DDR2 ValueRAM Laptop Memory Ok, i would think this is hot, however BB's pricematch policy makes it a bit difficult, thus it being a warmish deal. Bestbuy has this memory for $104.99 where as circuit city has it for $27.99 a difference of $77. The problem is...
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    Remote office printing solutions?

    I have been looking for the best solution for printing in remote offices. Here is our scenerio We have a main office in CT, 2 smaller offices in CT, 2 offices in NY, as well as an office in Boston, and one in Florida. So one main office and 6 smaller offices. We do database hosting where...
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    Comments about BlueArc storage solutions?

    We recently were contacted by a sales rep for bluearc to set up a time to go over their technology and solutions. I am coming here to see if anyone has any experience with their products and how they compare to products from EMC and Equallogic before I have the sit down with the guy.
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    Printing entire website

    I am looking to see if there is a utility that will crawl a domain and print all the related sites. At work we have a website that we would like to have a hard copy of and rather than printing every page by hand would like to be able to automate this somehow. I have tried using WinHTTtrack...
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    MS Word Feature question

    A while back, i cant remember if it was for office 2003 or office 2007 i recall this feature durring one of their tech demo sessions. I am looking to see what this is called and how to use it. Basically what happened is the guy selected a section from a webpage and placed it into his word...
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    CompUSA Closing Clearance Deals

    I figured i would open this thread up again now that the deals seems to be warming up. I checked out my local CompUSA and although most things are not worth while at this point i did see a few things that are really starting to warm up. For example cell phones were now 40% off. Sure you can get...
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    Motorola H300 Bluetooth Headset $18.50 @ Staples B&M

    Last night i had a long drive and my bluetooth headset died so i stopped at staples to pick up a cheap wired headset when i told about this one. It was priced on the shelf $49.99 and even was still in the security wrap, but it was ringing up at $18.50. I do not know if this is a YMMV deal, or if...
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    Nokia n800 tablet $218 shipped from I'll be ordering mine tomorrow :) $228 - $10 google checkout for first time users = $218
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    HTPC Remote question and Windows Vista

    Ok, i have a laptop with a broken screen that i removed the screen from and installed vista ultimate on. I want to use this as an MCE machine. My question is can i use the existing IR port on the laptop with say a harmony 880 remote and if so is there anything i need to do to set it up? Thanks
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    Looking for a network card

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    My TV is locking up (W3213 HD)

    Ok, i got the westinghouse special from bestbuy on black friday and i have been using it but i have noticed a few issues with it. I dont know if i got a lemon or if its a common problem with the tuner but here goes. Setup: Westinghouse W3213 HD RCA ANT706 antenna mounted on second floor...
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    4 way split screen sollution

    I am not quite sure where this falls so i shall start it here. What i am looking for is a way to display 4 pc's at once on a single display kind of like they do with security cameras. I thought there would be a nice VNC viewer app that would do this, but after some googleing i came up empty...
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    Looking for a network card

    At work we have some dells that we need to upgrade the network card to gigabit and i am having a hard time finding the network cards that will work. I was wondering if anyone has seen anything like this. Basically i need an PCI-e half height gigabit card. It can be 1x or 16x Thanks
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    Looking for users to test server. $50 for your time

    At work we are looking for ~50 testers to sign into our Citrix server to test loads with a simple database application. We would prefer users with some technical understanding (not about anything in general, but someone who wont have an issue when IE throws up the IE has blocked this ActiveX...
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    Having Citrix issues with a published application.

    We just upgraded from MetaFrame XP to MetaFrame PS 4.0. In metaframe XP we were running databases where when you clicked on the viewer icon the viewer would pop up and the database and the viewer would communicate via a DDE connection. This worked just fine and dandy. However PS 4.0 seems to...