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  1. xDiVolatilX

    Recommend me a high quality DisplayPort cable please.

    Hey guys my DP cable is too short. Help me find the best quality for the best price. I need a 10ft cable as mine is too short. I want the newest current technology cable with the highest bandwidth & it needs to be 10ft. Thanks in advance.
  2. xDiVolatilX

    I think I'm gonna get the Motorola Edge 2021 instead

    EDIT: I think I'm gonna get the Motorola Edge 2021 instead. Specs looks awesome. I posted the spec sheet in a post down this thread check it out.
  3. xDiVolatilX

    Best phones with LCD screens?

    Im looking for a good bang for your buck smartphone with good specs that has an LCD i don't want an oled screen anymore, any recommendations? Thanks
  4. xDiVolatilX

    Which forum can I ask about how to price my gpu?

    Moderator says "general mayhem" forum? I can't find it in the search function. Any help?
  5. xDiVolatilX

    Best settings for gaming on Logitech Z5500 5.1 system?

    Hello I was wondering what everyone uses for their settings on their Logitech Z5500 5.1 sound system? I have it connected with the Optical cable on my X-Fi Sound blaster Z and mainly use "Optical Dolby Pro Logic II Movie" mode? Is this the best mode for gaming? Is it the only mode for...
  6. xDiVolatilX

    My 165hz monitor only 100hz after latest windows updates? Anyone else?

    Hello so i have an Acer Predator Z1 [z321qu bmiphzx] which Ive been running for years at 144& 165hz overclocked on Windows 10 [64 bit] then today I updated my OS & nvidia drivers and poof all of a sudden my monitor is maxed out at 100hz. I have not changed any video cards [2080Ti Seahawk EK-X]...
  7. xDiVolatilX

    Booting up to desktop skipping bios screen, how to fix it?

    Hello so my PC started to boot up straight to the desktop? I like to see the bois prompt screen and really want it back. I turned off quick boot in the "power options" Anything else that could cause this to happen?
  8. xDiVolatilX

    Basic steps to slightly undervolting my 2080Ti Seahawk EK-X?

    Hello I would like a few simple tips too help me slightly undervolt my MSI 2080Ti Seahawk EK-X. I prefer MSI afterburner if possible. I just want to keep pretty much everything stock except the voltage. If I can get away with decreasing it even a little bit I will be happy & may in turn keep...
  9. xDiVolatilX

    Any quiet 10-keyLESS keyboards?

    So I am looking for a good quiet 10-keyLESS keyboards that are quiet? In other words NOT mechanical. I don't understand the craze about "mechanical"? I can't stand the loud noise. I want it to be quiet as possible. I don't care about the feeling of the cilck. I just want as quiet as possible...