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  1. carnageX

    Ubi 30 - Free PC Game Each Month in 2016

    Ubisoft is giving away a PC game every month for the rest of the year. Before you ask: yes it requires uPlay and joining their Club (which is also free), and no you don't get a Steam code. Ubisoft Club Currently free: Assassin's Creed 3 Previous: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Splinter Cell...
  2. carnageX

    System Shock 2 Free on GoG

    If you access GoG through the GoG Galaxy client, you can get System Shock 2 free (DRM free as well).
  3. carnageX

    Windows 10 Search / Indexing Issue

    So I installed Win10 yesterday, everything went fine. Started doing some...optimizing and disabled indexing on my SSD. Apparently Win10 didn't like that, because then it wouldn't return any search results related to the Settings app / Control Panel (e.g. Device Manager). So I re-enabled...
  4. carnageX

    Alien: Isolation 75% off - Weekend Deal

    Alien: Isolation for $12.49, and the Season Pass is $7.49. Definitely a fantastic game and more than worth the price. Especially if you love the original Alien movie.
  5. carnageX

    Titalfall Season Pass Free on Origin, X360 and XOne Download it from Origin or Xbox store.
  6. carnageX

    AvP Classic Free on GoG Sign up for the GoG Galaxy Multiplayer Beta and get AvP Classic free. Ends Oct 17th - so sign up fast!