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    Lost on laptops, good office/school laptop with long battery life?

    So my wife is currently in school and doing field work as part of the class. She has been using my programming/side gaming laptop but its biggest issue is because it's meant for gaming and power its battery lasts maybe 1-2 hours and she can't always be near power. Can you guys help me find an...
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    Recommend me a decent htpc case?

    Looking to build a htpc for my upstairs living room that would handle basic couch gaming and Plex/Kodi for media. I have all the components except a case and have no idea what's a good one to look at (last case I purchased was a half 932 lol). Looking for something that's horizontal or atleast...
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    Best mobo for the price to overclock a 9600k or 9700k

    My poor 4670k just died and I'm planning the upgrade now. I'm still torn between the 8600k/8700k/9600/9700k but what I can nail down for now is the mobo I want to aim for but I have been so out of the loop I have no idea where to look. Budget is a big factor for me, my main goal is over...
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    Mobo or CPU dead?

    Need help guys :( pc was running fine, no issues or hints of impending doom but now suddenly in getting a bsod "Whea uncorrectable error". I had played some VR and assassin's Creed oydessy the night before with no issues. Today I went to log into it from work (shout-out TeamViewer) and noticed...
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    Repair custom loop vs aio?

    So a while ago my pump in my custom loop died, was running a swiftech mcr 320, mcp655 and dtek fuzion CPU block (moddifed to new Intel CPUs). Due to prices in Canada it would cost me around $120 to get a decent pump and the new Barb's I would need for this. At that price point an I going to see...
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    Horizon zero Dawn CE: $9.99 amazon digital code (now oos)

    Smoking hot deal for a great PS4 game, $9.99 off amazon, digital code delivered by email. For my fellow Canadian's just make a US account, I was still able to use my Canadian CC ;) Edit: Looks like it's oos or dead now :(
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    (FREE) Hitman 1 goty Xbox version - Ms store (dead)

    Just tried and it worked great, got the full goty version free. Awesome game, especially at this price lol...
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    Super Mario Party Switch Discussion Anyone else excited? Just finished playing a 10 turn match and so far I'm meh to it. Not liking the fact its joy-con only and the game seems very handholdy to me, ally characters helping your dice rolls and everyone...
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    Looking to pick up a refurb phone, what to choose? (Sub $300)

    So I purchased a Pixel XL from a refurb phone store on Ebay and to my dismay the phones mic doesnt work. After googling it turns out this is a super common issue so im returning it and washing my hands of the pixel line. But I need a new phone (reltie to my current shitbox iphone 5 lol). The...
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    Built my 10yo his first gaming pc, game recommendations?

    My 10 yo son is gone for 2 weeks to his grandmas and I decided he is old enough for His first gaming pc so I plan on surprising him with this when he returns. Nothing amazing, very mid range made from spare parts I had at home and work AMD A6-7600 8gb ram Radeon 290 128gb Kingston ssd Thanks...
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    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle $30 (Canada) Good price for a good game, you can also go to bestbuy and price match it for further discounts. Got it for $25 after the bestbuy pricematch.
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    Skyrim VR for PC April 3 (With oculus support!) This is awesome, super excited for this and pleasently surprised to find out they are including native Oculus and windows HMDs support at launch. This may be a day 1 purchase for me just because of that lol
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    just got a 3ds, game recommendations?

    So I haven't owned a Handheld system since the original gba but I went into a pawnshop and found an old 3ds for $10, it has a broken cartridge port but the sd card port and eshop works fine. Problem is I haven't owned a Nintendo console except for the wii since the n64 and I have no idea what's...
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    Emulator games in VR

    I just recently found out about Dolphin VR and its amazing, played about 1-2 hours of Mario Kart Wii in VR and it was a blast but now I want to try more games out lol. Anyone have some good recommendations for some good Wii/GameCube games to try out in VR? You are suppost to be able to map your...
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    Fallout 4 VR

    Anyone else pick this up? Just grabbed it for $55 CAD (roughly $40 usd) and so far it seems to work fine for my rift. Played the game for 10 minutes (all the time I had for now lol) and so far reports the game is "unplayable" on the rift is grossly overstated. I have had no issues moving...
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    Oculus rift $299 @ Newegg ($399-$100 GC), 1 day only Good deal for those looking to jump into VR, purchase the rift and get a $100 Newegg Gift card Edit: looks like it sold out, hope you jumped when you could
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    An Intro to Fallout 4 VR, pre-launch overview (free locomotion confirmed!)

    So like many of you I was very disappointed in Doom's lack of proper locomotion. Fallout 4's lead producer has just released a new video for us showing off the game and different features such as movement, combat (including VATS) and power armor. This game just went much higher up my going to...
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    Oculus store flash sale (today only) For our VR users tons of good VR games on sale right now in the oculus store. 5 hours left as I type this.
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    Rift flash sale on now (DEAD) Tons of good games on sale right now. Buy now and apologize to your wallet later lol
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    New rift Core 2.0 is out! Just a heads up for Munich fellow rift users that the new rift core is now out! Some huge improvements in this that I'm very excited to test out. also a flash sale on a ton of games to.
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    Finally coming back to team nvidia! Which manufacturer for a 1080?

    So I've been out of the loop for a while and even then my last 2 gpu's have been AMD. Finally ready to pull the trigger on a 1080. Last time I bought a nvidia it was during the GTX 260 days and the top choices were xfx or evga but now I have no idea who has the best support and RMA service for...
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    Computer upgrade, better gpu vs lower gpu+CPU?

    Not sure where this post should go so I'm putting it in the gpu section lol. I'm just about done my 3 month schooling for work and get a nice completion grant which means I can finally upgrade my system but I have no idea what to upgrade. My current system is I5 2500k @ 4400 16gb ddr3 amd 290...
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    Killing floor incursion, thoughts?

    Just seen this pop up Any thoughts? Looks like it could be big fun. Might preorder just to get the discount lol
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    WD 1tb Black on its way out?

    So I have been noticing for 2-3 weeks now that games have been loading super slow. At first I thought maybe something running on my computer was the culprit but then I discovered that its only things installed to my 1tb WD Black drive. I decided to do some tests, I cna transfer files TO the...
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    Rift 1.17 You can now launch steam games directly from your Oculus Home! Oculus has pushed their new 1.17 update to the public test server. The new patch now automatically add's steamVR games as you launch them to your Oculus home, seems like a very welcome...
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    New rift+touch bundle to exclude Xbox controller and remote

    Just a heads up to anyone else interested in ordering the rift+ touch bundle. Do so now as once Oculus runs out of stock they will be shipping their new all in one package that doesn't contain a XBox one controller or Oculus remote. They have said they planned on including a XBox controller with...
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    Which VR solution to get, any reason to get a vive?

    Im hoping to leap into VR within the next 3-4 months once I have the cash saved up but I'm torn as to what I want to get. I mainly want to be able to either play sitting or standing but room scale would be awesome, and now that VR is starting to get some actual games like fallout 4 it feels like...
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    Amazon E3 video game sale, 38% off game preorders (Canada only?) Amazon Canada seems to be doing a E3 sale with some super cheap preorder prices on upcoming games. So far the best I've seen is destiny 2, red dead redemption and the new cod all $30 off which is awesome (38% off normal retail in Canada). Not sure of...
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    Powerline ethernet, max distances?

    So at work we are building a mobile skid unit that will be linked together and it requires 2 cables, 120VAC supply and Ethernet. I was in my bedroom watching tv while the wife slept and noticed my powerline adapter working away and got to thinking, why cant we do the same this in this scenario...
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    Made my android game tablet, game with controller support?

    Just got my Bluetooth controller in and have finished setting up my old nexus 7 tablet with kodi and a bunch of emulators but I would also like to get some real android games on it to. Currently I have final fantasy 7, Rahman adventures and Minisquadron! Any other suggestions?
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    Setting up my android box, game recommendations?

    So my wife got me one of those android boxes for Christmas which actually ended up being a really cool gift. I've finally gotten around to fully setting it up with custom roms and doing my kodi install from scratch and have all the video, radio and emulators the way I like. Now I want to get...
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    Receiver just died, no idea what to replace it with?

    So I have had an Onkyo 7.1 HTIB system for 5 years now. Model was a HT-S5400, it worked great and I thought it sounded awesome in my theater room. Recently my wife unplugged my theater center to clean and when she plugged it back in everything powered on fine including the receiver but now it...
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    For Honor beta

    Haven't really been following this game at all but just got an email that I've been invited to the closed beta that's running for the next few days. Anyone else get in or even really been following this game at all? Just watched some youtube clips and it looks neat, actually excited to give it a...
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    Need help finding replacement mobo for laptop This was my work laptop but it just quit working two weeks ago. Just won't turn on now, when you press power the lights that would come on during boot come on for a second then turn off and it repeats this loop for ever. I'm pretty...
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    Clone VM to physical hard drive for system OS?

    I'm currently using VMware and have a vm of windows 7 ultimate with a bunch of pre-installed software I need. I've been using the VM to run the software as my laptop is windows 10 but its not windows 10 compatable. I finally convinced my work to buy me a new SSD for it to replace my crappy slow...
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    Want a new media streaming device, how's the roku?

    So right now in my upstairs living room I have a wdtv live hooked up to my 50". Thing "works" but it is a huge pain in the ass, it doesn't remember my YouTube sign in so I have to resign in on a separate device to get my subscriptions/watch laters. It also doesn't offer good streaming apps like...
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    Any reason to update iOS on my iPhone 5?

    So my android phone screen is wrecked right now and I do t have the cash to repair it right now, so instead I've swapped to my backup phone which is an iPhone 5 running 8.4.1. There's a few apps I want but they require iOS 9+, thing is I've heard that updating older iPhones makes them run...
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    So I just got introduced to pixelmon which is a pokemon minecraft mod. I was a bit skeptical at first but man so far its awesome. It really is pokemon in a minecraft world with a full capture level and battle system form the actualy games. Has anyone else been playing this? I'd love to see a...
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    Wireless gaming keyboard for HTPC?

    So I'm finishing my home theater setup, I need to repaint the walls and build a cover for some cables on the ceiling but gaming wise its ready to go. My biggest complaint though is my keyboard. Currently I use a logitech G602 mouse and a cheap Microsoft wireless keyboard, mouse is awesome but...
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    Server/HTPC wont post when headless

    I have a computer im using as a server/HTPC on a 100" projector/7.1 Surround system and it works great when its running. When I'm not playing games on it, it runs with no monitor/projector powered on (but reciever is) and acts as my torrent and media server station running plex so it needs to be...