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    Flammable Motherboard: Mobo or PSU problems?

    Okay, so I have a Core 2 Duo 2.2 running on a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L mobo, with an Antec Earthwatts 380 PSU. The other night, while trying to play On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness (Seriously, what a sad game to kill your computer, I should at least lie and say it was like CoD 4 or...
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    Audio Sync Issues With Matroska Files, NOT From System Specs or Old Codecs

    Hey guys, just built a 2.33 Core 2 Duo with 2 gigs of PC-800 ram and an 8600GT. I'm running XP, and I just got the matroska pack, FFDshow, I have pretty much every codec I could find, and I STILL can't get the 1080p .mkv files to maintain sync between the audio and video. The only possible...
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    Got my Sharp Aquos LC-32GP1U "Gaming" 1080p display today!

    I got the non-gaming model for $958 shipped from Buydig. It arrived last week, perfect condition, no stuck pixels, even backlight, etc. However, after using it for a while, I do notice the contrast shift, but in my opinion, limiting the OPC range to 0, -1 diminishes it enough to the point where...
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    Mini-Review: Sharp Aquos LC32D62U 1080p (loads of pics)

    $958 shipped at Buydig. I got it in a day and a half, perfect condition.
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    Official Dell 2707WFP Thread !!! Info, Pictures, Reviews

    Hadn't seen anyone link to this yet, it's got a variety of pictures of the 2707, mostly focusing on the arm for some reason...also has a link to the CNet review of the 2707. Enjoy.
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    Dell 27" vs Westinghouse 37"

    The difference is the intended audience, really. The Westinghouse was marketed as a TV, and was one of the very first sets to be true 1080p. Thus, people were stoked that they could get that big of a display, with PC inputs (DVI), with that high of a resolution, since the previous best was...
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    Anyone have pics of Westinghouse 37" LCD??

    So I'm really interested in this display, but I need something for heavy (timewise, not processor cycles) computer use too, i.e. electronic journal research, writing papers, etc. How do those of you that have this feel about it in that sense? Is it just overwhelming to use for normal computer...
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    Best speakers in the $400 Range?

    Not to hijack the thread, but BO(\/)BZ and GodsMadClown, what do you guys think of picking up a pair of Klipsch RSX-4s and a Harmon Kardon AVR-135 with the intent to round it out later with 2 more bookshelfs, a center and a sub? Would this give me much better sound than a pair of Swans M-200s...
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    iPodLounge Hands-On w/Klipsch iFi

    Here's the link: There's not to much concrete information here, it seems pretty subjective, and looked at from a "wow it works with my ipod, kewl" standpoint, not just a straight audio standpoint...
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    OLED (Organic LED) what are we waiting for?

    In regards to the Samsung OLED, it had a resolution of 1200x800. Not enough for a small scale computer display, you'd need at least 1280x1024 before you could consider that.
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    Klipsch Promedia 2.1 with RSX

    For 50 bucks more than a pair of RSX-4's (RSX-4's, $150 each), you could get the new iFi, which is a pair of RSX-3's, a sub, and an iPod dock.
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    Need to replace the IPOD headphone. They are killing me.

    Shure e2c's. There are several different earpieces for them you can get off the Shure website. Oh, and I make that recommendation after...
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    LCD users, Widescreen or Standard

    I don't know if this counts, but 1680x1050 on a Dell Inspiron.
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    XB 360 TV

    Nevermind, I misunderstood what you were saying. I was trying to say that with the options of DVI and Component on his 2405, he'd probably be able to connect to the xbox 360 right out of the box. Does that make sense?
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    XB 360 TV

    Current xbox: There's a High Definition AV Pack, which is like 20 bucks, that has component inputs. (There are component inputs on the side of the 2405.) xbox 360: I don't think anyone really knows the exact specifics on connections right now. Safe to say, if you have DVI and component, you...
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    XB 360 TV

    AH HA! Found the article on Engadget that I was looking for, great primer on 720p vs. 1080i vs. 1080p. Make sure you read the comments section below, especially an entry by a guy who starts off by saying that he's a professional tv engineer or something like that...
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    XB 360 TV

    I agree, widescreen is the way to go. A 27" 4:3 would display a widescreen image of approximately 25", according to CNET. A 32" 4:3 set would show a 29" widescreen image. There are some DRMs (Macrovision, I think?) that won't play on the 2405, because it has to be played through an HDMI or...
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    XB 360 TV

    uB3rn00b3r, that's a good point on the 1080i, I'm pretty sure all three of those TVs are 1080i, maybe check the Samsung site? I can't remember where I saw that. Also, Terpfen, I remember reading something on Engadget a couple months back about how 1080p probably wouldn't ever be broadcast...
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    Looking For LCD Recommendations For My Needs

    You might find this review interesting, AnandTech compared a new 19" LG display with the Dell 1905 (Which they seem to hold as the gold standard for 19" displays...). Also, some people in the forum have been getting this display and...
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    Anyone with experience with widescreen LCD TVs?

    Here's a CNET review on that Dell. They don't seem to like it very much, but they didn't like the original Syntax Olevia either, and most people that have that monitor seem ready to enter into a civil union with it. CNET Dell W3000 review...
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    XB 360 TV

    You've got a few different options, but things will shake up quite a bit with the switch to digital tuners this summer (I forget the exact date, but by the end of the summer it will be illegal to sell a TV with an NTSC tuner, it'll have to be ATSC; this is a very rough description, I'm probably...