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    Vive Intel Wireless preorder Sept 5

    Missed the announcement. Looks like 9/5 is he preorder date Msrp 299$
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    Prey 2017 - How did i miss this gem? - System Shock 3 in Spirit

    Picked up Prey over the steam winter sale and all I have to say is How did I miss this gem of a game? Its literally a System Shock 2 spiritual successor and really should have been called System Shock 3 :-) Just wanted to just post this just in case anyone else missed this game.. if you loved...
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    Recommendations for a Non-Wave Shooter VR Game?

    Got a few steam gift cards for christmas and wanted to see what others recommendation for non-wave shooters for the Vive.. Got fallout 4 vr and enjoying it but what else is out there that is a good non-wave shooter type game (locomotion seems to be the #1 issue right now with creating that epic...
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    Is it time for Nvidia to support Freesync?

    I was in the market for a new monitor and I will say the sheer number of monitors that support freesync now is insane.. I ended up getting the Samsung 34CF791 (absolutely amazing curved monitor) and all I could think of is it really would be nice to its customers if Nvidia would support this...
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    TPCast Pre-Order?

    Anyone have the link for the TPCast Preorder in the US? can't find it anymore.. the microsoft store lists it as Page not Found
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    NVMe to USB Adapter Card?

    Does anyone know much about the M.2/NVME Interface? I purchased a GT73VR - Titan Pro 4k and it has 3 internal NVME slots.. for a project i am working on i am looking to see if there is an M.2/NVME to USB adapter card.. most adapters i find are the reverse.. USB to NVME (Plugging an NVME SSD...
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    Max-Q vs Non Max-Q

    Does anyone have any experience between the 2 different types of laptops? does the downclocking of the Max-Q make that much of a difference when comparing it to the extra weight? specifically i am looking at the GTX 1080 models I'm currently looking at the Aorus X5 V7 as its currently the...
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    1080 Ti Laptops

    I am in the process of getting a new laptop to replace my 960m and i wanted to see if there are any 1080 Ti laptops on the horizon? there are plenty of 1080 laptops but i would hate to buy a 1080 laptop now and have the 1080 Ti's come out next month.. so far its been tough to find any...
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    Pcie riser - performance?

    Has anyone used a 16x pcie riser? Have you seen a major performance hit? Thinking of doing a custom case solution and was thinking of using a riser /ribbon to reposition the gpu
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    any news on tpcast? Been waiting patiently for this one. Last unheard was Q2 this year
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    1440p worth the upgrade?

    I know I know.. late to the game as always.. I have been on 1080p forever and am fairly satisfied with it.. I just started to think about maybe getting a 1440p monitor and wanted to see what others thoughts were on if it really is worth it? current specs are like a 4670k and a GTX 1070 so...
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    Lords of the Fallen: $1.05 (SCDKey)

    Saw this over at SD for those who are still looking I just bought and got my key and registered on steam..
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    Zenimax Seeks Injuction for Oculus Rift SDK

    Saw t his over at RPS Was waiting for something like this, very interesting they are seeking an injunction for the SDK and not the Rift headset itself.. Which really brings to light the real issue...
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    Humble bundle Star Wars iii By now if you don't own all of these already :-) But it does look like shadows of the empire is finally on steam. Prior it was a gog only game Pay what you want! Star Wars™ Knights of the Old Republic™ Star Wars™: X-Wing Alliance...
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    Humble bundle - Bandai Namco 2 Pay what you want! PAC-MAN 256 Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium Edition [paste:font size="5"]Pay more than the average of $8.64 to also unlock! [/paste:font] Warhammer 40,000...
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    Windows 10 Install - Clock Watchdog Timeout Error

    Has anyone seen or experienced this error? I have windows 7 and its working great.. I go to install Windows 10 and half way through I get a clock watchdog timeout my specs are LGA1155 i5 3570k 8Gb Gigabyte Z77-DS3H GTX 670 I've tried removing each stick of memory, I've tried different hard...
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    Poor Mans way to Water Cool a GTX 1070?

    I have a GTX 1070 (Asus Turbo) and wanted just to see if there is a cheap/easy way to water cool it? Keep in mind I am not interested in Overclocking.. just quiet and better heat management I currently have a MiniITX build and I have a Corsair H60 for my CPU and it works very well and wanted...
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    Oculs vs Zenimax Trial This week?

    Anyone heard anything or any news about their trial this week? Its in Dallas I believe - Kyle you going down to watch?
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    X-Wing VM - Original Xwing Modded in Unity

    Saw the video for this awesome project this weekend.. A group are working a remaking X-wing in the Unity game engine, this isn't a new game but they are simply re-engineering a new exe to work off the X-wing data files.. I loved playing X-Wing (keyboard only player at the time) and really hope...
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    Zenimax vs Oculus? Any news

    has there been any news in the zenimax vs oculus case? It was reported but the. Pretty much fell off the map. Did they settle or did they have a trial yet?
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    Humble - Unreal Engine - Bundle

    decent bundle, I was in for Adr1ft and Ethan Carter Killing Floor Dangerous Golf Shadow Complex --- (Currently over $4.11) Vanishing of Ethan Carter ADR1FT The Mean Greens 10$ or More The Culling
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    Steam link and controller back on sale - 35$

    If you missed the last sale Gamestop - Controller - Steam Controller for PC | GameStop Link - Steam Link for PC | GameStop Same from Amazon Controller - Steam Controller Link - Steam Link...
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    Vireo Perception

    Just an Introduction Vireo Perception is a great tool that injects the 3d + tracking into games that never intended for it.. This is different than VorpX that simply displays it in 3D. Vireo does actual tracking injection With my DK2 I had some amazing...
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    What are the most fun Room-Scale games?

    Just got a used Vive for 600$ and looking to try some room-scale games.. but hoping to save my self some $$$ by not buying the ones that are crappy :-) We've tried some of the free stuff like Trials of Tatooine (Loved it) and Portal VR (Want More!) A couple I am looking at Job Simulator -...
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    Vireo Perception 4a3 out Great little injector tool for vr. I used it a lot with my dk2 , just got my vive so I haven't checked it out yet but incase anyone wants to give it a spin
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    Tw Computers - Nvidia Drivers Mysteriously removed?

    Anyone experience anything where the Nvidia drivers just all of a sudden are uinstalled? I have two PCs (one with a 1060 and one with a 960) and both in the last 3 days I had to mysteriously just reinstall the drivers (I was at no drives and the standard 800x600) and no sign of any of the...
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    Fifa17 - demo out

    anyone else try it? Came with an updated version of origin as well Like the game so far. Not bad for first frostbite Fifa
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    Are games cross compatible?

    thinking of getting a vive or rift just wondering if the games are all crossed compatible or if there are a lot of exclusive games for each headset?
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    YMMV - Microcenter GTX 1060 6Gb Open Box 210$

    Your mileage may vary but watch your local MicroCenter I just picked up an open box MSI GTX 1060 Armor 6Gb for 207$
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    Gtx 1060 - any free game deals?

    thinking of getting a 1060 and just wondering if there are any free game deals like there used to be
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    Dark Souls III Season Pass: 16.66$ - CDKeys

    go here and put in your email address Here (Sorry forum wants to change it to facebook embed, its just a link) it'll give you a 5% off code for CDKeys Goto the Dark Souls III ($ 17.54$ ) page and add to cart, add the code and apply (16.66$) and checkout.. Dark Souls III 3 Season Pass PC CD...
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    PS4 Skipping on Disney BluRays?

    Wasn't sure where else to put this here ever since we bought it.. our PS4 has always skipped on Disney Kids BluRays horribly, brand new copies of movies like Inside Out, Brave, Frozen will skip.. I've sent our PS4 in twice and still the same problem.. other blurays never skip at all, has...
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    Creative X-fi Extreme Music with Expansion Bay Breakout

    25$/40$BIN - free shipping Creative X-fi Extreme Music
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    Another 2k Humble Bundle

    Humble 2K Bundle 2 (pay what you want and help charity) for those interested.. seems like a good price just for the BorderLand Pre-Sequel (never got into the borderland games)
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    290x - flicker flicker - corrupt - black screen

    has anyone seen anything like this before. I have a power color 290x and I've been having a black screen issue Playing a game the screen with flicker with corrupt images and then Eventually go to a black screen Today my pic came out of sleep mode and the next thing I hear my fan ramp up and...
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    Games with Built in Benchmarks

    Thought about maintaining a list of games that have built in benchmarks If you know any please post (new or old) and i'll update the OP Games --------------------- Bioshock Infinite HITMAN (2016) Shadows of Mordor Tombraider
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    290x black screen crash

    I have a power color 290x and just in the last month when playing games it goes to black screen and crashes the computer. I have to restart to get back in. I was fiddling around and if I reduce the memory to 1000mhz it seems stable again. Did I just lost my card?
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    Steam Controller -35$ GameStop

    Steam Controller for PC | GameStop 30 day return policy. Reason I decided to try it. If I don't like it I can return it right to the store
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    Highest rated bundle star bundle 5$ - killer 7

    highest rated games (most over 90%) I've seen Ina bundlestar package Bundle Stars: {{ seo.title }} Bound By Flame fault milestone one System Shock: Enhanced Edition Pneuma: Breath of Life Knee Deep Space Colony 200% Mixed Juice! Circuit Breakers Dungeon Nightmares II : The Memory...
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    Outland (Steam, Coop) $0.99

    Been awhile since posted a steam deal.. Not a bad platformer game, its a good cheap coop game though.. don't buy the two back.. just buy the single game twice (the two pack is 15$, the game is only $0.99) Save 90% on Outland on Steam