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  1. Boil

    Mesh-Licious Side Panel options...

    Please take a look at & vote on the Mesh-Licious Side Panel poll...!!!
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    Silicon Graphics badge on Fractal Era ITX

    So I currently have my Fractal Era ITX chassis built up: ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Impact X570 mDTX mobo AMD Ryzen R9 3900X CPU Corsair H60 120mm AIO CPU cooler (with Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM fan) 32GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo RAM (2@16GB DDR4 DIMMs / 3600 MT/s / / Samsung b-die) Two 1TB...
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    Forthcoming Fractal Design SFF chassis...!?!

    Fractal Design has a teaser running over on Twitter... Their answer to the NZXT H1, I would assume... But I can hope for a 20L or less Meshify Nano, yeah...?
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    New NZXT H1 SFF chassis

    13.6 liters; includes 140mm AIO, 650W Gold SFX-L PSU, & PCIe riser cable Toms Hardware review
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    Issue(s) with PCIe 4.0 & PCIe extension cables...?

    Just curious how the move to PCIe 4.0 for upcoming X570 motherboards will affect those using a chassis that requires a PCIe extender cable...? This may also impact any of the older AM4 motherboards that can (with proper BIOS update) run PCIe 4.0 in the first PCIe slot...? Thoughts...?
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    Navi Rumors v2.0

    Well, for some reason the original Navi Rumors thread got shut down...? No reasoning, no notice, just a suddenly locked thread... So here we are with a NEW Navi Rumors thread, Navi Rumors v2.0...!!! To add a little content to the thread... Discuss...!!!
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    Wishes for a future ASRock AM4 Enthusiast ITX motherboard...

    Sorry AsRock_ , I have been doing more reading on the old Interwebz... So, would you please, Please, PLEASE push for the following Enthusiast X570 ITX motherboard...?!? AM4 socket X570 chipset Ample power phases for Ryzen 9 3850X CPU 64GB maximum RAM (2) DIMM slots w/ support for 32GB...
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    AMD @ 7nm - Ryzen 3k series GPUs - Navi & Vega 2 GPUs

    AsRock_ - Please hang tight for a minute, read over the speculation(s), I will circle back around to why I mentioned you...! So, a little speculation on what we may see coming in the next year from AMD...! Obviously, the above is a roundup of some recent AMD rumors... Whether or not you, the...
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    ASRock X299E-ITX/ac motherboard

    ASRock X299E-ITX/ac motherboard, pre-order on NewEgg... That $399.99 price tag though...!
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    ASRock Z370M-ITX/ac motherboard

    For those looking towards the 6-core / 12-thread Coffee Lake i7s... I give you the ASRock Z370M-ITX/ac motherboard... I like that they are keeping the front-mounted M.2 slot, should help with keeping M.2 NVMe SSDs cool...?
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    ASUS AM4 ITX motherboard coming soon...!?! Not really a lot of info, but ASUS has stated they will be coming out with an AM4 ITX motherboard soon...
  12. Boil

    Passive M.2 heat sink & backplate US$12.99 + shipping Backplate must be to help with the M.2 drive sag... ;^p
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    Zen & Vega & SFF…?!?

    So, thoughts towards same…? Thinking Zen could provide good gaming performance & Vega may provide high power cards in a Nano-esque sized package; all this small goodness in SFF chassis builds…? Have always gravitated towards Intel & Nvidia for PC gaming, but Zen & Vega has me wondering…
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    Intel 750-series 2.5" SSD not just limited to the Asus M8I anymore…!

    Intel bridges the U.2 gap with an M.2 cable for its 750 Series SSD This is perfect for a few of the chassis in this forum; I am looking at the MI-6 & the A4-SFX… Both have the M.2 stuffed up in the attic of the chassis, sandwiched between the MB, the MB tray & the GPU mere millimeters away...
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    General SFF Rantings & Ramblings…

    First off; love, Love, LOVE all of the 'boutique' SFF chassis' in this forum! Dan A4-SFX, KI Cerberus, Project mATX, NCASE M1, etc. … But I have 'special needs'; meaning, why can there not be computer equipment configured the way I envision?!? Rant - Why, oh WHY! did EKWB decide to forgo the...
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    Thermaltake Core P5 Open Air Chassis

    Don't see a thread on it, so… Thermaltake Core P5 Open Air Chassis Looks interesting, except for a few issues… 1 - ZERO thought given to 'external' cables; everything is so neat, but then we are expected to have all of our I/O cabling & the PSU power cable just hanging off the side...