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  1. Crotan auto embed too agressive

    When trying to link to a help webpage, the forum will automatically add tags and try to embed a stream. Make the regex should be refined? Not sure how you guys tackle it but take the below. Both are the same link, I just added a space between :// and the url in the first...
  2. Crotan

    HardForum Database errors

    Last two nights when I've tried going to the hardforum, I've been greeted with a vbulletin database error page. I'll try to get the exact message if I see it again, thought it was just a fluke the first time when it happened, because everything was fine the next morning, then bam tried to come...
  3. Crotan

    CPU Temperature Monitor Plugin for EVGA Precision???

    I know there is a plugin for Rivatuner which will also monitor your CPU as long as its a Core 2 Duo. But what about one for EVGA's Precision. Does anyone know if that plugin will also work for their software seeing as they are so close?
  4. Crotan

    Puting a new install of Vista 64 bit on laptop

    So my laptop came with the standard 32 bit Home premium oem install. I want to install 64bit Home premium... Heres my question If I use a 64bit oem install disk, the key of which is already used for another system, will the key from the bottom of the laptop work with the 64bit oem disk...
  5. Crotan

    Best laptop cooling pad?

    Alright here is my dilemma, I often find myself playing AoC on my m1330, it does fine usually but when the little 8400m gs GPU that could inside hits around 70 C it throttles itself down to something like 180 Mhz core and 100Mhz memory. Well enough said when it does this the game becomes a...
  6. Crotan

    $9.99 Samsung 6GB USB Pocket External Hard Drive

    Samsung 6GB USB 2.0 Pocket External Hard Drive The thing is only $9.99 I'm not sure how big exactly wow is but I know my friends who play...
  7. Crotan

    Where did thresholds settings go in RivaTuner 2.08

    So is there some work around I'm not aware of or did they just completely take it out in 2.08? I can't seem to figure out how to set up automatic fan speeds based on temperatures in Rivatuner 2.08, I'm about to uninstall and go back to an earlier version if I can't figure it out Little pic...
  8. Crotan

    XFX warranty registration

    Well XFX now requires, much like EVGA, that you register within 30 days to activate you lifetime warrenty Just a little informational as im sure that not everyone knows and to avoid in a year or so...
  9. Crotan


    im looking to pick up this board in the near future, but i have some questions/concerns I see on Gigabyte's website it says that the Q6600 is supported by the F4 bios or later will I be able install a Q6600 and then flash the bios or will it simply not regonize the CPU and not boot, or...
  10. Crotan

    Bios update for Superclocked 8800gt

    Evga released a bios update for their Superclocked versions The direct link to the page gets a can't find drivers so you have to find them manually on the page but its under Download Drivers --> Geforce 8 series --> Bios Update...
  11. Crotan

    Ethernet Splitter Can't Find?

    Alright well here’s the deal I can't for the life of me find an Ethernet splitter that has 1 Male connecter to 4 Female connecters Do these exist I can find 1 male to 2 female but that’s not what im looking for, even 3 female would be ideal but 4 is fine as well What should I be...