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  1. Armenius

    Epic Games is being countersued by Google

    Tables have turned on Epic, with Google now suing them for developing and utilizing their own payment system in the Google App Store version of Fortnite. This breaks Google's terms of service. Fortnite was removed from the App Store back in August, but millions of players who obtained the game...
  2. Armenius

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Frontline

    Ubisoft trying their hand once again at a battle royale, this time with the Ghost Recon franchise. The game is free to play with no apparent release date yet. Closed testing starts October 14 for Europeans.
  3. Armenius

    (RUMOR) Konami is set to revive Metal Gear, Castlevania and Silent Hill

    After restructuring its game division earlier this year, anonymous insiders reporting to Video Games Chronicle revealed that Konami is working to revive it's most well-known franchises. Castlevania is supposedly already being worked on internally, while Metal Gear has been outsourced to...
  4. Armenius

    Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

    The first game in the Legacy of Kain series has just made its way to GOG. The classic game that was seemingly in copyright limbo has finally found its way to digital storefronts.
  5. Armenius

    Actraiser Renaissance

    Full 2.5D remake of Actraiser just released on Steam by surprise. The trailer just premiered on the Nintendo Direct stream not too long ago.
  6. Armenius

    Pokémon Trading Card Game Live

    New version of the TCG game is coming soon. This will supersede the aging TCG Online and includes new requested features such as ranked ladders. Will also be available on Android and iOS in addition to Windows and Mac.
  7. Armenius

    Bloodhunt (Vampire: The Masquerade battle royale)

    First time seeing gameplay for this. Actually looks fun after I initially wrote it off. Will have to keep an eye on it.
  8. Armenius

    God of War: Ragnarök

    Oddly, the official PlayStation channel hasn't uploaded it yet, so it's IGN.
  9. Armenius

    Marvel's Spider-Man 2

  10. Armenius

    PlayStation Showcase 2021

    The PlayStation Showcase begins in 12 minutes from this posting (2000 UTC/1600 EDT/1300 PDT). Timestamps 18:40 = Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake 19:50 = Project EVE 23:55 = Tiny Tina's Wonderlands 26:20 = Forspoken 30:30 = Rainbow Six: Extraction 31:40 = Alan Wake Remastered...
  11. Armenius

    Steam Deck: Dev-Kit requests now open

    Valve made the announcement yesterday afternoon. We're thrilled to announce that Steam Deck dev kits are ready to ship, and we've opened up the Steam Deck Dev Kit request form. As a Steam developer, you can...
  12. Armenius

    Windows 11 available on October 5

    Microsoft announced today that they will begin rolling out Windows 11 to users on October 5. If you are on Windows 10 currently you will be eligible to receive a free upgrade to Windows 11 should Microsoft's analytics determine your PC is special enough. They say that all eligible PCs should...
  13. Armenius

    Samsung seemingly caught swapping components in its 970 Evo Plus SSDs

    Welp, seems like Samsung is joining in on the controller swapping fun like other manufacturers. A Chinese user documents how the new inferior controller found in the 970 Evo Plus results in half the performance of the original Phoenix controller found in the SSD. Once again, performance falls...
  14. Armenius

    Median XL - Diablo II remastered by the community

    I know this mod has been around for quite some time, but a big patch in version 2.0 that further refines the engine was just released. The mod makes improvements to the original engine, quality of life improvements, balance improvements, adds modern features, skills, and content to vastly...
  15. Armenius

    Collection of SaGa - Final Fantasy Legend

    The collection of the first three games in the SaGa series that came out for the Switch in December is coming to PC via Steam on October 21. These three games were originally released on Nintendo Gameboy. Unfortunately this does not include the 3D remakes made for the Nintendo DS and never...
  16. Armenius

    MDK on Steam has been updated

    A surprise update from Interplay for the 24-year old game adds a D3D wrapper and brings back the missing Glide files to improve compatibility with modern systems. You no longer need a separate Glide wrapper or fan patch to get the game running in Windows 10...
  17. Armenius

    You Suck at Parking

  18. Armenius

    NVIDIA DLSS for Proton + Linux with DirectX 11/12 lands in September

    DLSS was recently added for Vulkan when using Proton, but now NVIDIA has revealed at Gamescom today that it is also coming for DirectX 11 and 12 games very soon.
  19. Armenius

    Quake Remastered

    UPDATE 1900 UTC The remastered version of Quake went live on Steam and is included with the original game, so no additional purchase is necessary. It has launch options to choose to run the original version or the remastered version...
  20. Armenius

    Intel introduces new high-performance graphics brand: Arc

    After some leaks earlier in the day Intel has officially announced that the high-performance segment for their line of discreet GPUs based on DG2 is called Arc. Products are expected to launch Q1 2022...
  21. Armenius

    #BreakingTheBar 2021

    Join in and play Half-Life 2 starting at 15:00 UTC tomorrow August 14 to attempt to break the all time record for peak players!
  22. Armenius

    GeForce drivers, V-Sync, and Multiplane Overlay (MPO)

    Seeing the new drivers released today I came a couple of interesting KB from NVIDIA:
  23. Armenius

    Steam Deck officially announced by Valve

    A new handheld device to carry your Steam games with you starts sending out invitations to buy in December 2021 if you reserve starting today. The device starts at $399. You have to have made a purchase with your Steam account prior to June 2021 today and tomorrow to get a reservation...
  24. Armenius

    IndyCar Series Game (2023)

    Motorsport Games, who publishes the NASCAR Heat series, announced today that they are publishing a new game licensed from the NTT Indycar Series to come out in 2023. The last game to use the IndyCar license was in 2004 for the game IndyCar Series 2005. The same developers who worked on rFactor...
  25. Armenius

    Atari Gaming moving away from free-to-play and mobile games

    New CEO of Atari Wade J. Rosen recently announced that Atari is going to start focusing on "premium" PC and console games going forward. Atari is shaking up its business strategy once again. Today the company announced that its board of directors has signed off on a new approach centered around...
  26. Armenius

    Sony Interactive Entertainment acquires Nixxes Software

    Sony has announced its acquisition of Dutch developer Nixxes Software. Nixxes is known for their PC Windows ports of several Square Enix titles including the Tomb Raider reboot series. The press release mentions creating "unique content," although Nixxes founder Jurjen Katsman has said back in...
  27. Armenius

    Installing old games with Installshield

    I was playing around with some old games trying to install them on my PC and ran into an issue with those using Installshield. Apparently Installshield 5 and older use a launcher program to extract the setup contents and then start the install process in earnest. The issue is that this...
  28. Armenius

    Castlevania Advance Collection

    This was spotted on the Australian classification website. Possible incoming release of the games from the Gameboy Advance, which includes Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance and Aria of Sorrow. The original collection was released on all major platforms, so there should be a PC release...
  29. Armenius

    Metroid Dread

    Surprised to not see this one posted, yet. Officially the sequel to Metroid Fusion and dubbed Metroid 5 in the trailer, Metroid Dread follows Samus as she responds to yet another Galactic Federation distress call from a planet overrun by vicious aliens autonomous DNA extractor robots known as...
  30. Armenius

    NVIDIA is dropping support for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1

    Game Ready updates will no longer be made for Windows operating systems prior to Windows 10 starting in October 2021. Critical security updates will still be offered on these legacy operating systems through September 2024.
  31. Armenius

    Haunted Space

    A new immersive space flight sim from Italian Games factory that blends horror themes with space combat.
  32. Armenius

    Windows 11 leak reveals new UI, Start menu, and more (UPDATE - added source for Windows 10 retirement date)

    Despite being touted as the final version of Windows by Microsoft, Windows 10 has been given a sunset date of October 14, 2025. Microsoft is now set to unveil the next version of Windows soon, which the internet has naturally dubbed "Windows 11." The Verge has posted pictures from a version of...
  33. Armenius

    Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

    A surprise release for the 20th anniversary of the series, the 2014 Wii U entry in the Fatal Frame series is coming to PC on Steam. Unfortunately it's a Koei Tecmo game, meaning the PC version may not be great.
  34. Armenius


    Piranha Bytes released a trailer today for the sequel to their well-received sci-fi/fantasy action RPG ELEX.
  35. Armenius

    Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

    Square-Enix revealed a new collection of remasters of the original six mainline games in the Final Fantasy series, promising a "pixel-level" remaster for all of them to be released on Steam. We already have some ports of these games on Steam, but they are of questionable quality and suffer from...
  36. Armenius

    Lost Ark

    I had not heard about this up until now. Amazon Game Studios has another MMORPG coming out this fall that is free to play and features ARPG-style combat mechanics. Supporter packs are available to preorder on Steam. Still desperately trying to gain any success whatsoever from all the money...
  37. Armenius

    Tiny Tina's Wonderlands (Borderlands spinoff)

    Celebrity-packed cringefest, coming to a screen far away from you some time early next year.
  38. Armenius

    3080 Ti available at select physical Best Buy locations starting tomorrow morning (no online orders)

    Best Buy is making the 3080 Ti FE available at select retail locations across the country tomorrow morning. The page lists which stores the will be available. The staff will hand out tickets at 0730 local time and you'll be able to pick a card up at 0900. Better get there quick as I'm sure...
  39. Armenius

    Crysis Remastered Trilogy

    Will release sometime this fall. No word on whether this will still be an Epic exclusive yet, or if multiplayer will be supported.