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    Fish Tank PC ;)

    Found a good use for my old 27" 120hz glossy Samsung, fits perfect... Watch in HD:
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    1080p TN > 1440p IPS *PICS*

    Been testing out some new displays the last few weeks. Acer XB271HU - 1440p - IPS Asus MG279Q - 1440p - IPS Benq XL2730Z - 1440p - TN Benq XL2720Z - 1080p - TN Benq XL2430T - 1080p - TN The 24" XL2430T is the winner for me! (money isn't a factor in this decision) I'm not a casual gamer, but...
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    Massive Case - UV Galore - 19 Fans + Water

    This is by far the most extravagant air cooled UV case I've built. FINISHED PRODUCT: There is not a single wire that's visible, only the cables that were meant to be shown off are visible. I took alot of time in making sure it wasn't too bright, this can happen easy when you start...
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    FATASS CASE AIRFLOW ? - 17 fans... (8)120mm, (3)140mm & (1)200mm - Core X9 *PICS*

    Hello [H], How does the airflow look? What would you change if anything? Please advise ASAP, I'm about to start this build soon. Thanks! Video on case.. Amazon link for case...
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    HT off for BF4 = amazing smooth performance!

    My friend and I were benching tonight and came upon an awesome find. I remember back in BF3 I disabled HT due to some shuddering issues and to my surprise, the issue is still here... While in game open up console and do a ~perfoverlay.drawgraph 1 in an empty server and check out the graph in...
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    450 DPI @ 500hz CULT - Pro Player Setup?

    When I come across really talented players out on the battlefield I like to do research on them, check out that players stats and see what kinda accuracy they have and see what kinda setup they are using. What I find odd is that almost all of them run really low DPI around 450-500dpi and they...
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    Stick of Butter on a HOT PAN mx518/G400 is still the best mouse IMO. I highly recommend this combo if you want a silky smooth mouse. This new Mionix Propus 380 pad is awesome, you can literally blow the mouse across the pad as shown in the youtube video above. I'm a...
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    Who want's to play some COD4?

    I just installed COD4, if anyone is interested in playing it with me add me to xfire, or PM me for Steam/Origin info... I like playing the FFA using sniper / shotty and mostly play on small map servers. Will be alot of fun.
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    Just hooked up my old Harmon Kardon AVR 135 via optical to my ASUS ESSENCE STX Powering a couple Polk RT35i Bookshelf speakers with a 12" Polk PSW505 Subwoofer inder the table and the sound is awesome!!! more pics here...
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    Hey guys, I plan on getting another Asus Matrix gtx580 and in order to fit it I will have to remove my PCI X-Fi Platinum sound card. I plan to purchase a PCI Express x1 sound card instead. The X-Fi has been a great card for me these last few years, especially in my COD2/COD4 cal/twl days...
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    BF3 GPU and CPU usage SCREENSHOT thread - 2600k@4.9ghz + gtx580@1gh ~120fps @ Ultra

    Post Your BF3 Screenshots: FPS w/ Settings CPU/GPU Usage Temps & etc. Setup Info: 2600k @ 4.9ghz w/ HT off 8gb cas8 @ 1600mhz gtx580 @ 1000mhz GPU and CPU Overclock & Temps... render.perfoverlayvisible 1... Graphics Settings: In Game FPS Screenshots:
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    BC2 / BF3 gtx 580 18c idle / 58c full load :) 107 kills Q9650 @ 4.3 vs 2600k @ 4.3

    Did some cooling upgrades to my case, how do the results look? Running BC2 with Max Settings 16xQ CSAA, HBAO ON and I'm getting 100% GPU usage :D I did have the card running at 1000mhz and it was peaking at only 64c on full load after 2 hrs in BC2, but had a CTD. Bumped it down to...
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    Need more fps in BC2 - Phenom II X4 840, what chip would you upgrade to?

    I'm strictly an Intel guy so I was hoping I could get some help from the AMD section of [H] My friend currently has a Phenom II X4 840, 64gb SSD, 8gb DDR3, and a gtx460 on a 120hz LCD setup. It performs decent, but he wants more fps and doesnt want to drop under 120fps. With using medium...
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    *PICS* BC2 from 60fps to 120fps with i5-2500k upgrade from Q9650 Benchmark

    Q9650@4ghz vs i5-2500k@4.2ghz both systems using a single ati 5870 1600x1200 4xAA, 16xAF DX11 All Settings on Highest HBAO off, Bloom off, fov=95 Full 32 person server i5-2500k... GPU usage is at 99%, CPU usage is ~70%... Q9650... GPU usage CPU bottlenecked at 60%, CPU is at ~85%...
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    2500k and Scythe SCNJ-1100P heatsink

    Will this heatsink work on a i5 2500k? It was previously used on a socket 775 E6750 setup. Scythe SCNJ-1100P
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    CRT>LCD going from a CRT to a 120hz LCD discussion

    I'm looking at purchasing a 120hz LCD. I'm interested in hearing the opinions of those who have done the transition from a high grade CRT to a 120hz LCD. Also let me know which model 120hz LCD you are using. I've ran in the past some really nice CRT's like a couple 21" Sony GDM-F500R FD's...
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    *PICS* 130" Elite Screen, Harmon Kardon & Polk

    What do you guys think, should I put the couches in the traditional L shape where directional sound imaging is only going to be good for a couple people or leave the couches stacked and build a riser for the rear couch giving everyone a optimal sound stage? Optoma HD20 1080p DLP Projector...
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    Need to order (7) 19"- 23" LCD's that can rotate 90 degrees

    Hey guys I need to order (7) 17"- 23" rotating displays. Want to spend around $160 per LCD. It rotates 90 degrees to use in standard landscape or portrait mode, this is all I've found...
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    E8500@4.5 bfg gtx 260/216 *PICS*

    Sup guys just put together a new build... The 10.6" long gtx260(216) is massive. It makes the 110mm Zalman 9700 look small. The CPU is getting great airflow, the (2)120mm and 80mm fans suck air in from the front of the case acorss the gtx260 and Zalman heatsink and exhaust it out the rear...
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    Just got an amazing deal...

    Last night I just picked up a E8500, Zalman 9700 heatsink, XFX 780i mobo, 2x2GB Kingston HyperX PC8500, Corsair 750watt powersupply, Black Lian-Li PC-6X Aluminum case and a BFG 260 GTX 216. Got it all for $550!!! I just sold my old amd 3700 asus sli deluxe, 1gb corsair xms3200 2-2-2-5...
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    COD4/5 1v1?

    Is anyone interested in having some 1v1 fun? hit me up on xfire...
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    COD5 Multiplayer Screenshots

    Post screenshots, it's ok to showoff so please don't discriminate that much. Also make sure to say what the gametype was and if it was Hardcore or Normal mode. Anyone who I see that looks like a really good player I'll add you to my in game freinds list so we can frag it up together...
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    $300 HELP by 7:00pm PST 11/21 *PURCHASE?*

    Hello [H], I need advise if I should by this PC on craigslist.Just talked to the guy on the phone and he is hurt for money and needs to pay a doctor bill which is why he is selling. $300 for everything... Antec 900 Intel E6600 150gb WD Raptor 3GB Corsair XMS DDR2 Asus (forgot model he...
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    $1800 CRT

    I just picked up two of the best CRT's ever made!!! They are Sony GDM-F500R FD Trinitron's. The 22mm dot pitch is freaking amazing. I've never seen image quality this good before. They retailed for $1800 each a few years ago. Nowadays there's a few on ebay going for about $1000 each...
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    *VIDEO* COD4 1v1 in HiDef Slow'd and Faded

    *Make sure to have the volume up for the 1st part, "Bloody Hell" sounds awesome* Click both the link and below and the pic of the video, then pause one... If you have a yellow vertical bar in the video you need to open up another stage6...
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    *2nd COD4 Video* Ownage with Winchester 1200

    This one is much better then the previous, def worth the buffer wait to watch. 1st place 78-37 against very good players, and a few noobs :P...,-Domination
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    *VIDEO* Winchester 1200 pump on Backlot, Domination...

    This is the 1st of 6 maps that I recorded 12/29/07 using only the Winchester W1200 Pump Shotgun with Stopping Power and Dead Silence. The rounds go to 300pts. This map I placed 2nd with 65 kills, but the other 5 maps are all 1st place. This isnt a noob server either it had alot of COD4's best...
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    MX518 FTL *pics*

    I've logged about 3900 hours of fps gaming by xfire since mid 2004. With this said you can call me a hard-core gamer, as you can see below I even have a mouse fan :P In 2004 started off using a mx510 and since the beginning of 2005 I've been using MX518's. My 3rd mx518 started to...
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    *COD4 VIDEO* ownage with M40A1

    COD4 M40A1 sniping video, this one has even better shots then the first one, let me know what you think... In the next few days I'll be making a video using the The Winchester Model...
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    Check out this dog ownage I did on the All Ghillied Up level where you come up on a wild dog eating a dead body, shoot it and about 15 dogs come charging at you, it's very hard to take them all out... Let me know what you think...
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    LCD's = crap because...

    Thanks for viewing my thread, below I have a couple questions regarding wide-screen gaming and field of view benefits that I need answered, if you can take the time to answer them I would greatly appreciate it. Ok so here is a little info on my past gaming experience with LCD's and CRT's...
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    COD4 Fraps 1st Impression

    *Please post some more Fraps of cool action scenes in COD4* I picked COD4 up last night and played from about 7pm to 4am last night and I'm hella tired today with only getting 2 hours of sleep :P For single player I only spent a half hour or so on and got up to the level where the dogs...
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    *Quality PICS* 8800 ?

    Hey guys, I believe it's been almost 2 years now since I've posted on any OC forums and I'm looking at doing few upgrades to my old, what used to be "Ultimate Setup". Here's the PC(Asus-A8N Deluxe, FX57@3.2, Raptors Raid-0, 7800gtx's, Corsair XMS 2-2-2-5)... Here's my 256mb 7800gtx's...
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    I†'s A L I V È *w/pics*

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    *PICS* 2 cubes @ 28hz / also pics of Bently GT & a Cat

    I had some extra mdf laying around the new home I'm building and decided to put it to use and make a couple of box's for some JL Audio 10's that I plan to use in a PC sound system setup. Here is the left over wood that I have to build with... Here is the new home that's being built, if...
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    § p e c s 3800 2.4 ~ 2.7 stock volts 1GB Corsair 222mhz 2.5 3-3-7 Z2300 THX 400 watts RX600 5760 x 1440 19" Viewsonic 460gb total 101gb of music - 22,399 songs60gb of Video - 854 videos10gb of pics - 15,200 pics Ï n t a k e (1) 120mm...
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    4pin Molex connection on board???

    My buddy want's to know what exactly this 4 pin molex connection does on his motherboard. Is it needed if you have a SLI ready powersupply? Should he supply power to it or leave it disconnected?
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    I†'s Alive *w/pics*

    ::UPDATE:: CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW THE SETUP LOOKS AS OF 04/24/06 ::UPDATE:: CLICK HERE TO SEE MY NEW 3DMARK03 SCORE Sup [H]ard | Forum people? These forums are pretty sweet I've used the search many of time here and also from OCforums to help me make choicses on what to get for this...