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    Samsung 850 EVO issues - can't read from drive in any OS

    I have an apparently dead-ish 850 Evo in my hands. This previously, in another system, was in use as the boot drive for a Win10 install. As far as I know it was GPT, and only partitioned however the windows installer would partition it (no manual partitioning). A few weeks ago, the computer...
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    Can we talk vmware books for a moment?

    Good evening, As I sit here running a P2V, I'm surfing amazon, blogs and [H]. As an avid reader, I like having books - fiction, non-fiction, technical and everything in between. At present, I have one vmware orientated book - geared mostly as a study guide for VCP5. I was hoping to get...
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    Second step getting serious about this (a continuation of a pervious post)

    Good evening everyone! A couple of months ago, I made a decision to again take more control of where my IT career was going. Here is that post for those that may have missed it: Spark notes version: I've been using ESX since version 3.5, though it's...
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    "stuck" VMs - looking for help, please

    Have an odd dilemma, and I'm trying to find the root cause of this instead of band-aid'ing it. Recently, my trusty C6100 died. After much troubleshooting, I decided to just buy a new, similar system off eBay. I found one, bought it, and received it yesterday. Of note, the C6005 I bought was...
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    Finally took the first step to get serious about this (VCA-DCV passed)

    Well, for a long time now I've been messing around in VMWare products. I cut my teeth on 3.5, worked with 4.1, and have kept up through 5.5 (just signed up for the 6.0 beta 2 actually as well). I've never had a job where virtualization infrastructure has been my core responsibility. It's usually...
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    Batman games from Humble Bundle

    I already own both, so I'll give mine away. This is for: 1) Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY - A15G! 2) Batman: Arkham City GOTY - Gabriel! I'll give these away to anyone who has been here over 6 months and has [H]ard|Gawd or higher status, only one per user. Post here, first come first served.
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    I would like jCarousel (JS image/video scroller) help please

    Edit: nevermind, got what I needed!
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    Without access to ESX server, is it possible... tell if a particular guest has been cloned? I only have access to the guest, not the host. We had Guest A and Guest B setup for someone. Guest B was a test system with some tweaks and such done. Customer wanted Guest A to have those. We have reason to believe they may have simply cloned...
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    Need some webdev help: multimedia "slideshow" type bar

    Hey everyone. I've been googling around and trying a few different things, but none quite do what I want, and I don't know javascripting at all, so trying to make one on my own isn't going to go very far. I can/do a lot with HTML, PHP and CSS, and that's about it. I do understand programming...
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    MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM) for an ESX VM NAS

    Title is a little obscure, but I'm not sure what else to put... I recently combined my NAS and my 2nd ESX host into one machine (for specs, see ESX Host2 in sig please). Basically, put the PERC6i and drives into that machine, passed through the PERC to a VM and voila, done - seems to work peachy...
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    nForce Professional 3600 MCP chipset for Opteron 24xx's - ESX PCI passthrough?

    It's late and I'm pretty tired... I'm very used to Intel where I can look up basically whatever I need right from - it seems AMD doesn't have anything similar (at least that I can find). I'm trying to figure out if I have an issue with ESX, or if it's just a hardware limitation. my...
  12. E - a new Microsoft service

    Seems pretty cool overall. New service from Microsoft that includes e-mail/Excel/Word/Powerpoint with "cloud" storage built in as well. I signed up, though I'm not going to transition to using it just yet.
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    Laptop consistently looses internet connection

    I'm not sure if this is the right subforum for this. If not, I apologize. I have a pretty new-ish laptop. Got it last Decemeber for myself. It's an MSI GT780DX with no changes in the hardware from factory at all. Connectivity for this laptop is usually one of two ways: Laptop --> Switch -->...
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    2p rig: Xeon 5420 versus Opteron 2419 EE?

    Hey, Have a chance coming up to buy one or the other for either a full time folder or yet another ESX host. With regards to F@H exclusively, which one would net more PPD on average? Both are dual socket rigs: Intel Xeon E5420 (quad core @ 2.5GHz) or AMD Opteron 2419 EE (six core @ 1.8GHz)...
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    N00b question time

    Hey again... more questions from me. So I'm folding on a VM on my ESX host. I was running a 2008R2 server and folding with that. Just to see if OpenSUSE would give me more ppd, I installed it and got the client up and running on it. Easy enough to do. What I want to know is... on my laptop, I...
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    Dead/dying harddrive: checklist of things I've done and options

    So I have a friend that has years and years of data on a SATA disk. When we plug it in, it does not show up in the BIOS and of course not in Windows either. Drive does spin up - no "click of death" or anything. I brought it home and popped it into an external enclosure. No dice. Spins up when...
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    WTB 2p or 4p folding rig?

    Just curious if anyone has parts or a whole system for sale. I just got into folding, and of course am folding for team 33 (user: Selta). I have my 2950 folding as much as it can when it's not doing other, actual work, and my laptop folds as much as it can as well. I wouldn't mind adding at...
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    Just turned in my 10th WU

    Hello! So I started folding in general (and, of course, for the [H]orde!) on the 5th, and just now turned in my 10th WU. I only have two machines folding, and they're not 24x7 folders. One is a VM on my ESX host and the other is my laptop. I'm waiting to see how much my power bill goes up, but...
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    Moving PERC 6/i from physical PC to ESX host. Questions inside

    Let me start by thanking you for reading this. A couple of months ago I posed a similar question on here and didn't get much in the way of answers. Hopefully someone out there can give me some pointers, tips and answers here :). I have a NAS that I built. It's getting long in the tooth, and I'd...
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    Moving PERC6i to new motherboard/system? Also ESX+PERC question.

    Good day everyone. I have a Dell PERC6/i card running a RAID5 array in a box, connected with currently 7x2TB drives. Pretty happy with it overall. I was a bit shortsighted when I first built it though. At the time, I had a dedicated ESX box, plus that NAS, and my gaming rig. The ESX box and...
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    Kingston SSDNow V100 $74 after MIR Seems like a solid deal - thoughts?
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    HTPC not working so well w/ HD content

    Hey everyone... looking to you all for some help here. I have my HTPC which up until lately has been doing me wonderfully well. The thing that changed? I'm watching 1080p content on a brand new 42" TV now. Before it was all standard def stuff on a 24". Here's the hardware: ASUS M3A78-EM...
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    Mass change of ODBC connections.

    All, I have about 18 computers I need to update current ODBC connections on. They're connections used for a SQL DB. I just didn't know if anyone knew of an easy way of updating these, rather than touching each machine and going through the config or not. The main things that need changed are...
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    WoW Armory, for my personal site

    So, I've been looking and reading, and apparently while possible, this is something difficult to do. Moving past the moral debate of stealing someone else's work (images, text etc.), here is what I want to do. I like my WoW Characters. For now, what I'm planning on doing is just using an...
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    Seems nice enough: 2TB drive, $144 w/ free 2 day shipping

    Here's the link to the deal: And for 10/16 only, use this coupon: J1DRH2J?0D1143 For another $16 off. (brings total to $143.99). While checking out, look at the shipping...
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    ESX build: Xeon X3323 or X3363?

    Building a new ESX server as my old one finally bit the dust. Well, not really. One proc seems to be dead, but, it's time to get some new gear in anyway. Just cos. So, instead of building my own, I'm being lazy and buying a "big box" Dell/HP/IBM/something. If anyone has any suggestions as to...
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    YAGI on WRT150N

    Ok, so we have a Linksys WRT150N router here at home. We want to shoot the signal roughly 150 yards to our 2nd house. The normal built-in antennas don't reach that far. They're about 25 yards short. I have a 13dbi YAGI here, and would like to use it, being directional and all. There's no...
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    Found my next power supply! Only $650 and 2kW :eek:
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    Cisco IPCC / CCM training?

    Hey guys, Just curious if anyone out there knew of any good programs available for Cisco CallManager, IPCC or general Cisco call handling? Basically our IT department is very lacking in this area. We have consultants that come in 3 days a week for it, but with them not always being here (and...
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    Yahoo! Rejects MS's offer Hm.
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    So, what's Nikon going to announce at PMA/CES?

    Just curious what everyone thinks Nikon is going to annouce, if anything, at PMA and CES this year? What I'm hoping for is a D90 - a direct D80 replacement. Something that sits nicely directly under the D300. If anything, I think this would be [i]announced[i] just not ready to buy for a few...
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    Step-Up runs out Jan 15; what to do?

    Ok, I haven't been on [H] much lately, so I'm probably going to ask a stupid question. I have 29 days left on my eVGA step up program. That leaves me until ~Jan 15th to start the process. I currently have a 8800GTS 320MB. Eyeballing the new GTS w/ 512MB. It'd cost me $70 to do this. Is now an OK...
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    What the heck... form works stand-alone, not in Joomla?

    Hey all. Looking for some savvy Joomla users out there hopefully, who can shed light on using forms within static content. Here's the direct link to the static content: You can test the form all you want, but hey, it doesn't work. I have no idea...
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    Core 2 Extreme QX9650, $999 per 1,000

    Since it's not on the [H], here you go: Taken from here: It's near the bottom. (right above "about intel", last paragraph in the article) I posted this in another Penryn thread, but it's on the...
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    Build Ray's watercooling system! i.e. spend my money.

    Ok, I'm looking at getting a watercooling system. This isn't for silent PC, but for better-than-air cooling. I'll start off by saying for now, I only want to cool the CPU/NB. Maybe RAM as well? I'd like it to be 3/8" tubing. I don't really have room to rummage around 1/2". Here's what my system...
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    Help me OC my Q6600 on IP-35

    Hey guys, Been working on my first real OC with a Q6600 (G0). I have an IP-35 (vanilla - no "E" or "PRO"). I think that's all the hardware you need to really be concerned with? Anyway. I tried finding my FSB max. I dropped my multi to 6 and just for giggles tried 400. This lead to me clearing...
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    General use: dual monitor. Gaming, one monitor

    Hey guys, Quick and easy one here, that I can't seem to find an answer on. When I'm using my computer for non-gaming (development, programming, graphics, audio work etc.) I'd like to use both of my 22" Acer's. However, the impending FPS hit would, in fact, suck terribly for me. I can't do SLI...
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    SpeedFan 4.33, AUX temp? A little help please (OC'd Q6600 content, ish)

    Hey all, Have the rig in my sig below... nothing "great" by means of the norm around here, but it gets me where I'm going. When I fire up SpeedFan after OCing to 3.2 (VCore is 1.32 in BIOS), it shows a nice red flame next to "AUX", with a temp readout of about 66C. When I Prime 95, this shoots...
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    Where the heck to get good 140mm fans?

    I've checked newegg, danger den, frozen cpu and they all carry the same ones. Just curious if anyone elsek knows of a place that sells decent 140mm fans. Thanks!
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    What games to buy for my new PC?

    Well, I'm finally going to have a system worthy of playing games again soon! Quad core, 8 GB RAM and an 8800GTS (didn't splurge here - waiting for nVidia's next "greatest"). So, the last game I played through I think was Halo or COD 2. I need some games to anticipate playing on my new compy...