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    Windows 8 Professional $50

    Requires a valid .edu e-mail address. Promo code - EMCXLWL225
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    After market, low profile, single slot GPU cooler???

    Hi, I'm looking for an aftermarket, low profile, single slot GPU cooler for a Radeon 7750. Anyone know if there's anything on the market like that? Thanks :)
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    Looking for a Mini-ITX case

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of downgrading my current desktop PC to something a lot more basic, but I'm having trouble finding a case. Basically, I want something as small as possible that will have reasonable ventilation, will allow me to use at least a half height video card should I want to...
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    Intel's Next Unit of Computing

    I know there are smaller systems out there, but this one would certainly pack a punch!!
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    i5-2500k in an M350?

    Hi everyone, I am considering downsizing my current computer to an ITX system. I don't game these days so I really don't need a dedicated video card, which I figure means I can go really small. I am currently looking at the M350 case from However, I also want to try to reuse as...