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    xbox 360 controller mod

    Im looking to mod a xbox 360 controller to be used by a disabled person. I really need the internal board diagrams and voltage points. If anyone could assist me, i would greatly appreciate this. Will be drawing up a rough diagram of what the physical layout will end up being setup like.
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    PLED displays

    I have about 30 of these displays and was wondering if they could be used as part of a case mod to display system information. Information from the sticker on the back. 1602 MO3 PLED 339-30790-0002 06.34 511-20060403010
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    Audio woes with Onkyo 6.1 tuner

    Ive been using my home theatre tuner on my PC for many years. When i switched from XP to windows 7, i no longer have a option to select the appropriate channels for my reciever that XP used to give me. I have it connected with a toslink cable and the only thing i can select is 2 channels. Is...
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    Peace Love and Rockets, Arlington, Tx. 3PM 7-18-09

    Peace Love and Rockets will be holding our 14th event Saturday July 18th 2009 in Arlington, Texas. It will be held at the EZnet Cafe off of Cooper and Park Row in the Biomat shopping center. We host a tri-monthly LAN event year round. The doors to the event open at 3pm Saturday and will run...
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    3870 and CRT TV troubles.

    Trying to connect my TV as a second display for movie watching. I have it working but the BLUE color does not show up on the screen. I can see RED and Green but not blue. It was stuck in black and white. Im using component video input. IN CCC if i select it as a CRT TV (Which it is) then i can...
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    Cant decide i need opinions

    Im torn between the 790GX and 790FX chipsets with the SB750. Im looking at 2 boards in particular and i need someone to help me decide which would suite me best. I will be overclocking with air and will also house the Pii when they release them. I will most likely end up using crossfire with...
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    Worlds Best HTPC motherboard ever?

    Saw this board last night and was blown away at what these 780M boards are going to have in store for us.
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    Help me pick which one.

    Looking at some top contending 780GX boards. 90% of the time on the PC is Gaming and watching movies. I do some video encoding from time to time and i do plan to overclock. I have a 9850BE to use in the board that comes out on top. Also, i havent gotten a straight answer from anyone yet, but...
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    Memory Tweaking

    would anyone give me a hand in trying to tighten down my timings at their current speed so i can get every last drop out of them? I will provide Bios screen shots so you can see my options and ill give my SPD and memory model numbers and their current speed. Model number: OCZ2VU8002G...
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    G15 mods needed

    looking for a Company of Heroes G15 LCD app. I cant find one anywhere and was wondering if anyone knew where to find one?
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    My 690

    currently i have only painted part of the case, will later cut a hole for a 80mm fan to help suck out all the massive hot air from my 4850. Will post more pics later when the wife gets back from visiting her mother in another state.
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    Which board?

    Looking at these boards, which is the better one for overclocking a 45nm cpu and crossfire. - DFI LANPARTY DK X38-T2RB LGA 775 Intel X38 ATX Intel Motherboard - Intel Motherboards - ASUS P5E LGA 775 Intel X38 ATX Intel Motherboard - Intel Motherboards open box...
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    Looking for parts for a Pedestal system.

    Was going through my parts bin at home and stumbled across these. 2 Xeon processors: 3200DP/1M/533/ 1.525v Socket 604 I DO NOT want to build a rackmount. This is going to used solely for Folding while its at home and then a dedicated game host when it goes to LAN's. Any suggestions on...
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    4850 seems to be working very slow

    Last night i left my F@H going for about 8 hours while i slept and it only did 2 WU's and 192 points. My 3870 used to do 9 WU's per day and about 1400 points, whats up with that?
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    Everest Benchmark Results.

    Any recommendations on how i can really improve my memory latency and other speeds? 4x Phenom Black 9850 2800 MHz Gigabyte GA-MA78GPM-DS2H AMD780G Ext. Ganged Dual DDR2-1147 5-7-7-24 CR2 2.1v Memory Read: 8608 MB/s Memory Write: 5388 MB/s Memory Copy: 8847 MB/s...
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    Thermalright Cooling products.

    Ive been looking for some coolers for my Q-Pack case and components and im liking what im seeing over at ThermalRight. Ive got my eyes on a few of their products and i was wondering what you guys thought about these. Trad2 VGA cooler...
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    How Hot

    How hot are the HD4850's allowed to get before its really too hot?
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    How to enable Hybrid Crossfire

    I can not get my hybrid crossfire to enable. I have vista ultimate with sp1 installed and using the latest ati drivers. Am i supposed to have my monitor plugged into the onboard video or my 4850? Do i need to install drivers for the IGP as well?
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    My new SFF System

    I just got this thing put together the other day, havent really had much time to do some gaming on it but what i have observed thus far i am pleased with. Here are the specs. Gigabyte GA-MA78GPM-DS2H AMD Phenom x4 9850 2GB Crucial Ballistix 1066 ATi Radeon HD4850 150GB Raptor Drive...
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    Which is a better boost for performance in games

    I was curious, which would give me a better overall performance increase. Running my ram at Default timings and speed, or dropping it from 1066 down a little bit and having tighter timings?
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    Overclocking my e8400

    i seem to have hit a wall of some sorts on my overclock. I have pictures of my current bios settings. Can anyone take a look and see why i would be hitting a wall at this current speed? My motherboard is the P5K-E / Wifi-app
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    Sink your teeth into this bad boy

    Epower power supplies which is owned by Top Power, have their own manufacturing plant in taiwan. They are a sponsor for the Peace Love and Rockets lan events. Last month we raffled off their 950 watt power supply for the enthusiast gamer. Here is there 1050 watt PSU with 6 12volt rails each...
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    Serious question about the 3870

    I recently sold my 8800GTX because i needed the money to pay for bills, so i went and purchased a Diamond HD 3870. 3 months later i was at a LAN and won a Visiontek HD 3870. I have yet to find a side by side comparison, but i would like to know which one has the overall higher quality card. The...
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    Which is better?

    I currently have a Q6600 @ 3.8 Ghz. I have been seeing lots of people with these new 8400 processors getting over 4Ghz on air, and i have some water cooling. Which is better for gaming, an overclocked 8400 or my current quad?